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New Customer Service Feature Added by Escorts for Farmtrac and Powertrac Tractor Range

According to Escorts, this is the best way to connect with their loyal customers. The feature claims to always be at the disposal of the customers and offer them valuable assistance when need be.

Escorts, one of the leading tractor manufacturing companies added a new feature to its range of Farmtrac and Powertrac tractors to enhance their customer service. On Monday, the company launched its latest feature, “24X7 Care Button” to ensure good customer service.

With this latest feature, the Escort customers can now seek the help of the company just by pressing a special button sitting on their tractor. They can ask for technical assistance or any other help at any time of the day and the company assures them to offer help within moments. On pressing the button, the customer can expect a call from a trained and professional Company Engineer within two minutes.

According to the company, this latest feature will help them remain in constant touch with their loyal customers and offer them immediate help when need be.

On occasion of the launch of this feature, Shenu Agarwal, CEO of Escorts Agri Machinery said that the company wants to be a trendsetter in Customer Service with this coming-of-age 24X7 Care Button. The company realises that the livelihood of many customers, driving Escorts tractors in remote areas of the country, depends on these tractors. Any problem in the tractor, especially during the peak season, can cause a severe delay in work resulting in long term damage. So, if in case, something goes wrong with the tractor, the company wants to provide help within moments. The company is also planning to provide a large fleet of Mobile Service Vans, as well as Bikes, to provide doorstep services to the customers.

The device, fitted on the entire range of Farmtrac tractors and Powertrac tractors, comprises of a speakerphone along with a microphone and a SIM card specially designed for this purpose. This helps the company to establish a direct, two-way, uninterrupted contact with the customer, as well as the tractor.

In the back-end, this latest feature is backed by 24X7, multi-lingual call centre. On pressing the button, the feature automatically connects the customer to the trained engineer of the company. The customer receives a call back within two minutes and gets valuable online assistance.

If the customer and company fail to establish contact on the customer’s phone, a direct call can be made via the SIM, microphone, and speaker of the device. If the need arises, the company sends professional and trained staff from the nearest Escorts dealership for further assistance. Once the problem gets resolved, the loop gets closed.

Agarwal further said that the standards of customer service in the Indian tractor industry as very low as compared to other automobile industries. This latest venture is an ideal way to bring some positive change. The company is extremely happy to launch this customer service feature and hope to change the poignant scenario of the service in rural areas.

Pankaj singh

Farmtrec is good trector

Sattu swami

मैंने फार्मट्रेक ट्रेक्टर t20 55hp लिया था एक महीना हुआ है 50 घंटे तक चल गया उसमें कलर की मिस्टेक हो गई और नेट एक्टर्स स्टार्ट हो रहा उसमें वारिंग मिसिंग हो गई कंपनी में बार-बार फोन कर रहा हूं कोई सुनाई नहीं हो रही इसका कोई उपाय बताओ

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