Mahindra is India’s most attractive tractor brand

In a study covering 5,000 brands across sixteen Indian cities, Mahindra tractors, a part of the USD 20.7 billion Mahindra group, are recognized as India's most attractive Tractor brand by Trust research advisory (TRA) within the fifth edition of its report, titled ‘India's most attractive Brands' - India Study 2018. The study relies on TRA's proprietary ‘Brand Attractiveness Matrix’ that contains 36 attributes of brand Attractiveness.

On being presented the TRA award, Rajesh Jejurikar, President, Farm Equipment Sector, M&M Ltd. said. "The TRA award is a recognition of our work in building a worldwide client targeted brand, with

the widest range of tractors for each kind of farming application. At Mahindra, we tend to perpetually attempt to figure with the client and connect with their needs to drive success. whereas thanking TRA for this award, we'll still work toward the event of newer merchandise each in tractors, furthermore because the farm machinery house driven by our specialize in innovation and technology”.

Sachin Bhosle, research director, TRA research, said, “Mahindra Tractors communication plays a twin role in building brand attractiveness. Firstly, it enhances the inherent attractiveness of the brand, & secondly, it conjointly helps to speak this attractiveness to customers across the Indian farming sector. Mahindra is synonymous with tractors, and as a brand, it resonates extremely on recall among all Indian tractor brands. we tend to congratulate Mahindra on this action."

TRA’s 'Buying Propensity' index is a scientific methodology that gets to the foundation of the consumer’s shopping for a method to grasp and measure their buying keenness. It tries to understand this through the overt, covert and contextual buying drivers of consumer influences. making buying Propensity is to form a natural pull for the consumer toward the brand that's manifested on the premise of the consumer’s Trust (the transactional drivers to buy) and Attractiveness (the psycho-socio-cultural drives to buy).

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