John Deere Launches New Products

John Deere, the world leader in Ag equipment manufacturing just launched a brand-new range of technology-powered tractors, harvesters, and implements in India. These new products are designed to improve farm efficiency and cater to a wide variety of agro-climatic zones, crop types, and implement usage practices.  

Amongst the seven new models of the tractor and a harvester launched today, JOHN DEERE 5405 GEARPRO 63HP tractor could be a game changer which takes ag mechanization in India to the next level.  It is designed specifically to cater to the increasing needs of the sophisticated Indian farmers.  It has advanced features such as tilt steering, 12F X 4R TSS transmission which allow a wide range of applications in farming, haulage, and commercial. JD Link telematic package is available as an option. 

The JOHN DEERE 5105 model in 40 HP category with a 4WD option is an Industry first. The Single and Dual Clutch, dual PTO and the SCV make it a versatile tractor for a variety of agricultural operations in dry and wetland applications.  It has a modern engine with a jet spray cooling system, planetary gear reduction with a best in class lift capacity. In the 33 hp 5005 model, a top speed of 34 kmph makes it suitable for haulage purpose.

“Over the past two decades we have introduced advanced product features such as power steering, Oil immersed disc brakes, planetary reduction, force feed lubrication, and high torque machines. John Deere was the first to introduce these features in India and they have now become industry standard,” said Satish Nadiger, Managing Director John Deere India.  Satish added “We continued to innovate and now introduce a new range of tractors and harvesters that empower farmers with technologically-advanced products. Our priority has been to offer a wide range of farm solutions, implements of international standard and quality, thereby adding value to their farming experience. These new range of tractors are reliable, high durable, exceed safety requirements and come with high-end features matching our global standards.”

“Our Product portfolio is based on research and knowledge of the agricultural sector in India. We aim to provide our customers with an effective value proposition, cost reduction in operations, quality operations have driven excellence and superior technology solutions. These new products shall serve individual farmers, contract farmers, and entrepreneurs who are in the business of custom hiring. Our financial services arm provides transparency, speed, and convenience, which is what our customers are looking for” said Rajesh Sinha, Director Sales, and Marketing. “The John Deere Philosophy of Performance, Uptime, and Cost of operations is reflected in this new range of products.  We reassure our customers with an industry leading five years warranty and easy access to parts and services” added Rajesh Sinha.

“The Indian Agricultural landscape is rapidly modernizing, giving way to an integrated approach and solutions in the farming sector. Precision and advanced technologies in crop value chains are becoming critical. It is essential that we support farmers by providing state of the art products that are powerful, innovative and bring modern technology to the Indian market” added Mukul Varshney, Director of Public Affairs.

John Deere is committed to pioneering technology and innovation for the Indian market.  John Deere tractor in  India has been at the forefront of enabling Indian farmers efforts to improve farm productivity.

Manas Kumar Sahu

The wide range of products will helpful to Odisha farmers. One education program should be at ground and local level.

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