Domestic Tractor Sales : Sales Drop By 27.5% in December 2021

The total domestic sales were 44427 units in December 2021 against 61249 units in December 2020 which shows a clear drop of 27.5%. Following, we are showing a Manufacturer wise domestic tractor sales report. Have a look.


Domestic Tractor Sales Report December 2021

Mahindra Tractors domestic tractor sales registered 16687 units in December 2021 and in December 2020 it registered 21173 units which decreased by 21.2%. But, The company registered a gain of 2.86% of Market share this month.


The president of Mahindra's farm equipment segment, Hemant Sikka, said, "We have sold 16687 farm tractors in the domestic market during December 2021. Degrowth in December has been by a mix of variables, including high base of last year and both deferred and extremely weighty precipitation in certain geologies. We anticipate that momentum should recuperate before long because of good advancement of Kharif returns in the hands of farmers and Rabi giving indications of development over a year ago. We have sold 1582 farm tractors, a development of 27% over a year ago, in the forign market."


Tafe Group domestic tractor sales also declined by 26.5% in December 2021. 21173 units were recorded in December 2021 and in 2020 it was recorded 8157 units.


Sonalika Tractors hit the biggest fall in this month. In December 2021, sales were 4841 units and in December 2020 Sonalika tractor sales registered were 8538 units. In Dec’21 Sonalika’s market share decreased by 3.04%


John Deere Tractors domestic sales drop by 33.3%. John Deere domestic sales recorded 4663 units in December 2021, and it recorded 7315 units in December 2020. They also lost 1.48% market share during December 2021.


Escorts Group domestic sales decreased by 43.6%.  As in December 2021, their sales were 4080 units and in Dec’ 20 sales were 7230 tractors. Escorts also lost 2.65% of market share in December 2021.


Escorts Company said in a statement “As last year sales were high, the brand's wholesalers were affected, but on the other hand, rural cash flow began to improve, In December 2021. All macroeconomic variables, including water supply level, remain for the tractor industry. Therefore, we have taken a cost increment. However, rising expansion keeps on being a concern”


Kubota Tractor recorded the highest ever December 2021 domestic tractor sales with 1992 units, whereas, in December 2020, it recorded 1629 units, which is clearly 363 units more. This month, Kubota Tractor added 1.81% of the market share.


New Holland domestic tractor sales remain same as last year. They sold 1747 units in December 2021 against 1906 units in December 2020 of tractors which is a 8.9% drop. But, they added 0.82% of market share in December 2021.


Indo Farm Tractors sold 519 units in the month of December 2021, and in December 2020, Indo Farm domestic tractor sales were 412 units, which shows 26% growth in Indo Farm domestic tractor sales. This time the company also gained 0.50% of market share.


Preet Tractors registered a 8.9% drop in domestic tractor sales, from 472 units in December 2020 to 430 units in December 2021. However, its market share marginally increased from 0.97% to 0.77%.


VST Tractors reported a decrease of 10.5% in domestic tractor sales, with 407 units sold, against 455 units in the previous year. The total domestic market share increased from 0.17%.


Force Tractors reported a decent growth of 13.1% in domestic tractor sales. The company recorded its highest ever overall December sales figures, with 405 units sold in December 2021 against 358 units in December 20. Force tractor total domestic market share increased 0.33%.


ACE Tractor registered a 2.8% decrease in domestic tractor sales in December 2021. The company sold 211 units in December 2021 and 217 units in December 2020. However, the ACE tractor maintains a 0.12% market share. 


Availability of skilled labour might be one of the reason along with continuous rise in price of diesel.

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