Why Mahindra is India's favourite tractor brand!

Mahindra is India’s most popular tractor brand. This company has satisfied all the masses around the nation by setting a record of selling over 30 lakh tractors till date.  Mahindra has stood to be the most trustworthy and reliable company in the year 2019.  Mahindra is one of the finest companies that has started in the year 1963 and is continuing to show its powerful presence. Now here are some of the features and achievements that justify Mahindra’s position as India's favourite tractor brand.

1) Very fuel efficient: The key reason for popularity of Mahindra Tractors is their fuel efficiency.  For the farmers and other users, fuel forms a large chunk of their expense and buying a Mahindra Tractor minimizes this expense.   The DI engines used in Mahindra tractors are known for being highly fuel efficient.  The high fuel efficiency makes Mahindra tractors highly cost effective in haulage operations. A minor disadvantage of DI engine is low backup torque which affects some farming applications. 

2) Dual purpose master: Mahindra has produced tractors to all the farmers that serve a dual purpose. The first one is for farming and the second purpose is for haulage. The specialty of Mahindra tractors is that they work well in both the applications.  Mahindra tractors excel in operations such as harvesting, reaping, paddling and haulage. These operations clearly confirm that the farmer’s choice of choosing Mahindra is for a reason.

3) Affordable price: Mahindra tractors maintains prices that are a good balance between price and benefits.  As such, buyers perceive Mahindra Tractors to be good value and not as expensive.  Only a few brands are priced lower than Mahindra which makes it the preferred tractors for the average farmer. 

4) Largest service network: Mahindra Tractors has the largest service network in the country.  It has a network of more than 800 dealers which carry genuine spares and have trained technicians.  Also, there are 100’s of authorised serve points and techmasters who are nearby to service the tractors. 

5) Easy availability of parts: One of the key challenges for every tractors brand is to make parts available in every village of the country. It takes decades for any tractor brand to develop the trust of parts availability.  However, Mahindra has worked over the years to make their parts available at each village.  They achieve this through a multipoint distribution network comprising of dealers, branches, authorised service points, techmasters and bazaar retail shops.   Mahindra Tractors ensures maximum uptime due to this easy availability of parts

6) Best finance availability: No matter what the tractor model and the tractor size is, Mahindra has the most convenient and the best repayment option, best loan plans and quick disbursal periods.  Mahindra enjoys the highest loan LTV (Loan to Value) ratio amongst all brands in India. 

7) High resale value: It is always better to choose a tractor that is the most popular and has high population so that it can enjoy a good resale value.  Mahindra has built a sizable population over the years and thus enjoys a higher resale value compared to other tractor brands. 

The above factors make Mahindra Tractors India’s favourite tractor brand.

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