Top 10 Brands in Tractors

Top 10 brands in tractors

A tractor is the most important equipment needed for agriculture.   The tractor is always the highest value equipment owned by a farmer, so it is critical that the right tractor is bought.   The leading top tractor brands in India provide good quality tractors which are high in productivity and provide a low cost of operation. 

The top 10 tractor brands in India are:

Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra tractors are manufactured by one of the prominent automobile companies of India known as the Mahindra & Mahindra. The company started manufacturing tractors since 1963 in India. Now it has multiple international subsidiaries in different countries like USA, Turkey, Japan, and Australia etc. It builds near about 200,000 tractors in the country thus being the highest producers.

Mahindra tractors manufacture range from 20 HP to 75 HP tractors which are known for their fuel efficiency and ease of operation. 

Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj Tractors has a very rich history of more than 40 years.  Swaraj is one of the first indigenous brands in the country. Formerly known as name Punjab Tractors Limited it is owned by the Mahindra & Mahindra Company since 2007. The company now produces tractors in the Punjab division staying under M&M.

It has an upright reputation amongst the farmers and the brand is symbolizes trust, power and reliability. They are low maintenance and every part used in manufacturing is thoroughly quality checked before fitment.  Swaraj tractors are easy to operate and come with distinct styling and unique identity at affordable prices.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson - a world renowned premium brand offering a wide variety of tractors and farm machinery is an icon in the world of tractors since the past century.

Massey Ferguson is a tractor company that provides technologically updated tractors in the country. It is in a joint venture with TAFE and you can expect exceptional service form the tractors. The tractors can play an important role in case of being the most utility farming vehicle.

Massey Ferguson tractors manufacture the tractors with power output range from 28 HP to 75 HP in which best quality and low maintenance engine is installed. Massey Ferguson tractor is known for the field tractors which give high profit at very affordable price range.

Eicher Tractors

The Eicher brand of tractors is one of the oldest names in the industry.  The Eicher Tractors are one of the leading variants of tractors sold in India. It came to the country in 1959 with the joint venture with Goodearth Company. Later the Goodearth sold the Indian part of the company to TAFE.

Nowadays, The Eicher tractors are produced under TAFE. These engines are robust, low maintenance, low price, fuel efficient and contribute to the revenue of farmers and other commercial operators. Most of the Eicher engines in this segment are air-cooled and can run for long durations at high ambient temperatures, thereby increasing the productivity and profits of the customer.

A reputed brand in the agricultural arena, Eicher tractors are well known for their high value for money offerings, low on price providing cost-effective products with some of the best global technology.

Farmtrac and Powertrac from Escorts

The Escorts group is a leading industrial group in India. It produces tractors and other agri machinery.  It is high performance, multi-application, rugged machine with maximum comfort for the driver at the most affordable price.

Farmtrac tractors currently provides a wide range of 12 HP to 80 HP tractors and is known for pulling heavier loads with greater engine efficiency.

Powertrac tractors produces tractors between 25 HP to 60 HP.  It is a high performance, versatile, rugged machine with maximum comfort for the driver. Powertrac tractors unique combination of power and efficiency is due to India's frugal engineering combined with European technology


Sonalika Tractors stands strong as 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company in the country

Also known as Sonalika International, the company produces tractors of outstanding quality. This is one of the oldest tractor making company in India. The headquarters is situated in Hoshiarpur Punjab. Lately, the company has expanded into Myanmar. It also has a global outreach.

The prices are generally more affordable than other brands with very low maintenance and efficient engine which gives higher power output.

Sonalika tractors are very known brand for highest selling brand and one of the best choice tractors by farmers with reasonable price.

John Deere

Tractors from John Deere are well-known for the technological benefits they provide to the Indian farmers. This company thrives in India from the US Company known as Deere & Company. John Deere has a footprint of eight facilities for manufacturing and services in India.

John Deere Tractors provides durable, reliable, and efficient diesel engines designed and built to keep you running.

Prices of John Deere tractors reflect the quality, power, and reliability that customers have come to expect from them.

New Holland

New Holland was established in the country during 1996. The main benefit the farmers get by the tractors from New Holland is an efficient bulk carriage. The customer service of the company is outstanding. As per the company claims, New Holland has sold over 3 lakh units in the country.

It is the first tractor company in India to offer most appropriate & advanced range of mechanization solutions to Indian farmers for improving crop productivity and profitability.

The New Holland tractor prices reflect the global quality in all their machines.

Force Motors

The tractors of Force motors are also known as Balwan. The Balwan tractors are on production since 1957.  Most of the Balwan tractors come with 45 HP units. The company is based in Pune.

Force range of tractors enjoys a high degree of commonality of parts which are easily available is thus easy to repair throughout the country. The Balwan and Orchard DLX now come with power steering and synchromesh gearboxes which feels just like a car. In summary, Force Tractors are low maintenance and low-price tractors.


Kubota started their operations in India in December 2008. Kubota is a Japanese company that has outstanding market hold in India, North America and eastern Asia. It delivers some of the best tractors of different HP categories.  Kubota tractors offer tractors from 21 to 55 HP with light weight design and efficient engine and affordable price.  It is Japanese technology helping Indian farmers with comprehensive product range starting from power tillers, tractors, trans-planters to combine harvesters.

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