The Importance of Tractor Insurance

We are all aware of how important agriculture is to our nation and that most of the rural households in India are dependent on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Agriculture and its related sectors contribute about 55% percent to the country’s gross domestic product and hence, play a pivotal role in the economy of the nation. And this is where the role of a tractor is important. Tractors have been in use in the agricultural sector since the 1950s but with the passage of time, they became more popular due to the ease of its operation and today, it is used by most farmers in various parts of India.

Since a tractor is quite an important asset for a farmer, it is of extreme importance to keep it in good shape. And since accidental damage to the tractor and third party liabilities are not uncommon, getting tractor insurance is key to the owners peace of mind. Tractors that are used for agricultural purposes are insured under Commercial Misc Class D category and tractors that are used for carrying goods are insured under Commercial GCV category.

It is important to get tractor insurance because standard tractor insurance acts as a shield for various damages like personal accidents, natural calamities, and even third-party liabilities. The different damages covered by tractor insurance are external damages, damages caused due to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone, flood, storms, landslide, etc. Unforeseen circumstances like a fire, explosion, etc. are also covered by tractor insurance. Accidents that are caused while the tractor is in transit on road, waterways, etc. are also covered by tractor insurance and manmade causes like theft and accidental damage are also insured. Along with covering these risks, there are insurance policies that also provide protection to the other farming machines like harvesters, rotavators, power harrows, threshers, etc.  A tractor insurance policy can also let you enjoy benefits like “No Claim Bonus Protection” where the cost of insurance is lowered on every claim-free year.

With a myriad of benefits and advantages, there is no reason for a farmer to not opt for tractor insurance.  However, data shows that due to the low level of awareness, the offtake of tractor insurance is low which exposes the owners to risks of accidents and damage to their tractors. To prevent such scenarios and to help our farmers do their work without worries, it is our endeavour to spread information and details about tractor insurance in rural India through our website

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