Role of Lifting capacity in tractors

A tractor is used as a prime mover.  It must be paired with various implements to be effective in the farm.  It can be used with cultivator to prepare the land, seed drill to plant seeds, sprayer for crop care, and then harvester to harvest the crops. For most applications, hydraulic system of the tractor is required to raise, lower and control the implement to the correct height.  Hydraulics are also utilized to sense and maintain implement depth during field operations.

The capacity of the hydraulics is measured in terms of lift capacity.  Lift capacity is the maximum weight of the implement that the hydraulic system can lift.  More the lifting capacity, heavier and larger the implement that can be used.  In general, lift capacity is directly proportional to HP.  This is because higher engine power is required to operate the hydraulic pump for heavier loads.

Of all the tractors available in India, John Deere 6120B has highest lifting capacity (3650 kg).  It is suitable for large and heavy advanced implements disc harrow, rotary tiller, and mold board plough.

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