Robust Testing for Tractor in India

A tractor is generally the most important asset owned by a farmer. Also, the livelihood of the farmer is dependent on a tractor to a large extent. Reliability and durability of tractors are very important for customers. With this background, all tractor models are required to undergo extensive testing before they can be sold to customers in India.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) prescribes the following tests for tractors sold in India.

Center of Farm Machinery Testing and Training Institute (CFMTTI), Budni (MP) is the government body charged with conducting tests on tractors and farm equipment in India. Tractor test is carried out in accordance with Indian Standard (IS):5994-1998 as amended from time to time. A tractor is subjected to the following tests & evaluation.

Laboratory Tests

Field tests

For Initial commercial tests (ICT) for 35 h and for the batch test of 35 h. (if there is any major breakdown during the ICT) of field tests with the following implements. Plough/ Rotavator (20 hrs. for I.C.T & 20 hrs for Batch Test)

Puddling test of 10 Hrs. duration under actual field conditions followed by Water Proof Test of 5 h for ICT and batch test if applicable.
Haulage test: This is done with 2/4 wheel trailers and the gross load recommended by the manufacturer. Components & assembly inspection is done to assess the wear, breakdowns, etc.
All these tests ensure that the Indian farmer is offered the most robust and proven tractors for their most important applications in the farming business.

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