Massey Ferguson 1035 DI - India's Favourite Tractor


Massey Ferguson - a world-renowned premium brand offering a wide variety of tractors and farm machinery is an icon in the world of tractors since the past century. Recognized for its heritage, innovative features, and superior build quality, this eminent global tractor brand offers one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of agricultural and utility tractors in the industry. Massey Ferguson brand of tractors serves farmers every mechanization needs with premium and technologically advanced tractors. Manufactured under TAFE, India‚Äôs second-largest tractor company, the Massey Ferguson tractors are built to last. Massey Ferguson tractors manufacture the tractors with a power output range from 28 HP to 75 HP.  Massey Ferguson tractors use the best quality engines which have low maintenance requirements. 

The most well-known Massey Ferguson tractor model is the 1035 DI.  Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is one of the largest selling models in India.  It is known for its classic look and precision hydraulics.  The key specifications of the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI are below.



Models and Variants

It is available in four other variants, which are Mahashakti, Planetary Plus, Dost and Tonner.

The Mahashakti variant has the same engine but with higher HP.  It has Constant Mesh gearbox which is smoother and has an additional 2 Forward Gears. The 1035 Mahashakti has a smaller wheelbase which allows a reduced turning radius. 

The 1035 Planetary Plus has the same features as the Mahashakti but the rear axle is equipped with Planetary Reduction which enables higher torque.

1035 Dost variant is a low-price model which comes with all basic features of the Massey Ferguson 1035.

The Tonner variant is specially designed for haulage applications with a larger fuel tank and a rear flat face with hitch rails and elevated the hood.


Engine and Performance

Fitted with SIMPSONS S324 TIII A - 2400 cc 3-Cylinder Diesel engine, 1035 DI can easily produce 36 hp power @ 2,500 rpm. This power is, however, on the lower side, but the torque covers for that and makes the tractor move smoothly with high loads.

Coming to its performance, it has sliding mesh gearbox for better output and high efficiency with 6 Forward and 2 Reverse gears to drive at many possible speeds. Also, the 310 mm diameter Single Dry Plate Type clutch helps to make the gear shifting smoother and BS-III emission standard make it sustainable for the environment. It has a fuel tank capacity of 47 Litres which enables it to go long distances with ease.

The overall length and ground clearance of load body for all variants are same, 3,085 mm and 300 mm. This Massey Ferguson tractor is equipped with position and draft control with a lifting capacity of 1100 kg.

It has one of the highest lifting capacity of 1,100 kg in its class with kerb weight of 1,713 kg, thus making the tractor all-rounder.

The 1035 DI is fitted with a Water separator to separate water and dust from diesel. A key safety feature of this tractor is that it will only start in Neutral gear.

There are front tyres of 6 X 16, rear tyres of 12.4 X 28 and high strength material chassis structure, so the tractor can be used for many years.

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is known for its precision hydraulics applications, especially in Rajasthan.


Design and Comfort

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor has a robust and rigid design which is regarded as a classic in the world of tractors.

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI has all the extras such as headlamp and taillamps, large radiator grille and air inlet space, class-leading fuel efficiency, deluxe adjustable seat, raised the platform, mobile charging unit, toolbox, and a bottle holder.

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