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This type of machine is comparable to and derived from what's now called a TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe) Also called JCB Tractors, which is to mention, an agricultural tractor fitted with a front loader and rear backhoe attachment.

Whether you're loading, digging, back-filling or trenching, estimate the superior power, performance, and sturdiness of a tractor loader backhoe to urge the work done. Built with legendary JCB Tractor reliability, they're dependable, versatile and simple to work. Attach and detach implements quickly and simply – often without leaving your seat.

What is a Tractor Backhoe Loader (JCB Tractor)?

JCB Tractors have a really unique appearance -- they need components protruding every which way. It's obvious what a dumper does just by watching it; but what are the various appendages of a Tractor Backhoe Loader used for?

A Tractor backhoe loader (JCB Tractor) is a stimulating invention because it's actually three pieces of construction equipment combined into one unit. A backhoe loader is:

• A tractor

• A loader

• A backhoe

Each piece of kit is suited to a specific kind of work. On a typical construction site, the backhoe operator usually uses all three components to urge the work done.

The Loader

The loader is attached within the front and also the backhoe is attached within the back. These two components serve very different functions.

The loader can do several various things. In many applications, you employ it sort of a big, powerful dustpan or coffee scoop. you always don't dig with it; you always use it to select up and carry large amounts of loose material. it is also wont to smooth things over sort of a table knife or to push dirt sort of a plow. The operator can control the loader during operating the tractor.

The Backhoe

The backhoe is the main equipment of JCB. It's wont to obtain hard, compact material, usually earth, or to lift heavy loads, like a sewer box. It can lift this material and drop it during a pile to the side of the opening.

Basically, the backhoe may be a big, extremely powerful version of your arm or finger. it's three segments:

• The boom

• The stick

• The bucket

This arrangement is extremely almost like your arm. The arm has three segmental – The hand, forearm and upper arm move in just about an equivalent way as your arm. during a Bull backhoe Loader attachment, which makes a JCB Tractor, the boom is bent upward to form it easier to dig with obstacles within the way. This design also provides extra space for the bucket when the operator curls it in with a full load.

The design provides more circular/angular space.

The backhoe can dig all kinds of holes but is particularly fitted to digging ditches. To use the backhoe, the operator has got to park the tractor and switch the seat around.

So what do the tractor, loader, and backhoe (JCB Tractor) need to do with each other? The tractor component is for moving the opposite two components from place to put, and therefore the operator also maneuvers it when using the loader. The loader and backhoe components are a natural combination for all kinds of jobs. once you obtain tons of dirt to form a ditch or the other kind of hole, you generally need a loader to either move the dirt out of the world or to fill the dirt back in once you have the Cotton, Pipes, etc. in position. the foremost common application for a JCB Tractor is that this basic job -- digging a trench with the backhoe then back-filling it with the loader.

Now we'll see various sorts of JCB Tractor which are used for various operations:

JCB tractor is nothing but an extra attachment to the tractor for better productive digging and backhoe work in the field. These are attachments Bucket Adaptive system which is 6 in 1 JCB bucket system which is definitely detachable and attachable from the tractor within 8 to 12 minutes. it's specially designed to satisfy farmers day to day work and reduce labor dependency which can end in high productivity. JCB Tractors are often used for all kinds of agricultural material handling like manure, cereals, fodder, feed, harvested commodities, fertilizers, plantations, drip irrigation (trenching), exploitation, etc.,

1. Front end loader

Front end loader maybe a tractor attachment that's more suitable for heavy-duty applications in Agriculture, Construction and a number of other industrial segments. The loader is detachable then are the loader buckets. The loader comes with application-specific 40 + sorts of bucket options that are compatible with quite 140 models of Tractors. 

2. Backhoe loader & dozer

Both are ideal for exploitation, excavation, digging, dozing and demolition. Both work well even on hard and hard soils. The machines are proven and time tested with 84 equipment compatible tractors. 

3. V2 Sugarcane loader

The Bull V2 Sugarcane loader is right for the sugar industry. It can put/lift nearly 500- 900 kilograms in one go. it's a lifting height of 21ft and Dumping/unloading height of 16ft. Indicative Diesel consumption of tractor may be a maximum of 4 liters per hour in said application.

4. Ultra loader

The Bull ultra-loader can work with 500 – 850 kilograms and it's a lift height of 15 feet. 

5. HD Ultra sugarcane loader

As the name implies, the ultra-sugarcane loader is right for sugar mills. It grabs the sugarcane from the highest with no soil along. it's a lifting capacity of 1 ton.

6. Telescopic loader & unloader

Telescopic loader and Unloader is right for loading and unloading biomass like Husk, Cotton, etc. up to 17.5 feet from ground level. sorts of Telescopic loader & unloader:

• Telescopic loader

• Telescopic unloader

7. Radial loader

A radial loader may be a low-cost material handling machine, ideal for process industries. It is often mounted on the tractor also as on a stationary platform. it's utilized in garbage handling, transferring lose materials like sticks, logs, and sugarcane from one platform to a different with lifting height of up to 20ft & capacity 500 Kgs. sorts of Radial loader:

• Concrete Radial loader

• Dozer Radial loader

• Loader Radial loader

• Telescopic Radial loader

• Radial unloader 

8. Dozer

Dozer may be a leveling blade that's mounted on the front side of the tractor. Like all other bull attachments, an equivalent is additionally scientifically designed to stop damage to tractor housing even within the event of abuse.

• Heavy Duty Dozer


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