John Deere in India

John Deere was established in the year 1837 with the invention of a steel plow which was a one of its kind and the first one ever that could successfully the plow the prairie soils of the American Midwest without clogging.

The famous tractor company has been headed by a total of eight CEOs in the past. Most of those heading the company were from the Deere lineage.  It is one of the most successful family-led businesses that maintain its founder’s values, quality services, integrity, and commitment. The company has witnessed leaders from five generations of the Deere family.

The company was incorporated as Deere & Company in the year 1868. The present-day firm was consolidated in the year 1958 as John-Delaware Company. It adopted the present name of the company later in the year after merging into the old Deere & Company along with its subsidiaries.

The era of the 1960s and 70s was witnessing the technological advancement in agriculture that led to an increasing number of farmers opting for a cost-saving method to increase profitability. This impacted the growth of the Deere & Company to a great extent leading to a shift in focus to primarily manufacturing of the farm equipment such as balers, giant tractors, harvesting and seeding machinery.

However, the company wanted to maintain its production of the multiple ranges of the agricultural products required for small and medium-sized tasks along with the production of the large machinery, Deere & Company introduced flexible manufacturing system of production.

Under the system, Deere built a factory in the year 1981 costing over $1.5 billion that used  computers and robots enabling it to function effectively by running multiple small lines of assembly for diverse products simultaneously generating profits even at lower levels of output.

As a result of this flexible manufacturing system, Deere & Company became one of the largest farm manufacturers of America in the late 20th century. Along with the manufacturing of farm machinery, the plants in Canada, United States, Argentina, and Western Europe produced quality industrial equipment such as bulldozers, forklifts, industrial tractors as well as a wide range of consumer goods like lawn care equipment and chain saws.

John Deere in India

John Deere began its operations in India in the year 1998. The company started with the manufacturing and sales of tractors in India and for exports. John Deere continues to function in India effectively by dealing in agricultural equipment along with services managed by a network of 19 local offices, 6 regional offices, and approximately 900 dealer touch points. Deere has 4 training centers located across India and it exports to more than 110 countries worldwide. The John Deere Tractor headquarters in India is in Pune. The company has a total of eight facilities for effective manufacturing and providing services in India.

John Deere has managed to make a niche for itself and has catered to needs the Indian farmers well. The programs and products introduced by the company are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Indian farmers like harvesting, seeding and post-harvesting equipment. Following units are established by John Deere across India. 

The company has a history of manufacturing and designing quality products and providing world-class facilities. The John Deere located in Pune in India is known for its use of the latest technology, excellent product designs along with innovative ideas. This center in India plays a major role in supporting the company’s global business structure in the technical field, comprising of Information Technology, manufacturing engineering, product engineering, technical authoring, and embedded systems.

The company has come into partnership with many state governments (Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and others) to impart modern technology to the farmers who do not have access to such practices. This is an initiative taken by John Deere to help the small farmers increase their yield leading to an increase in their income level.

The company is associated with the small farmers and takes regular part in the betterment of the community programs. John Deere takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and engages in employee volunteer programs regularly.

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