Importance of tractors for Farmers in India

 A tractor can act as a best friend to a farmer. In a country like India where farming and agriculture is the leading occupation of the people, a tractor plays a vital role in the life of a farmer. It can deliver several advantages to the farmers and make the task of farming easier

Given below are some of the most important benefits of a tractor in a farmer's life.

It saves time and resources

For a farmer saving time and resources is a smart strategy as it helps to cut down the expenses of farming. The usage of tractor results in the reduction of human resources in terms of harvesting and planting. Moreover, some good time is saved by the farmer as he is able to cover a large area of land in lesser time.

Provides multiple farming uses

As the advancement of technology has happened, farming equipment has evolved considerably. Various farming implements are attachable to the tractors that help in processing the soil for plantation, planting, and harvesting. Tractors can also be efficiently used to provide fertilizers to lands of large areas.

Tractors as transport carriers

You should always consider tractors as multipurpose carriers. Most tractors are made hardy and rough as it can withstand the challenges that the farmers face while farming. They can use it as a goods carrier. A tractor can be used to carry seeds, fertilizers and other inputs to the field. Loading the harvest can be easily done in case of a tractor. As a farmer, you can easily carry the harvest to the market for sale with comfort. In the case of the absence of a tractor, you need to carry manually which will cost more in terms of time and money.

A tractor works like a family car

For many farmers, a tractor also acts as a family car. Apart from the transportation-related to agriculture, you can use a tractor as a car for short distance. Most tractors in India have efficient engines which can travel longer distances with low fuel consumption.

Tractors give opportunities for rental income

Apart from fulfilling own needs, a farmer can rent a tractor to other users to earn rental income. This is very important since farmland size is generally very small in India and a tractor is ideal most of the time. This increases the asset utilization of the tractor and provides income to the farmer.

Tractors provide social status

Perhaps the least understood factor for the importance of tractors is the gain in social status. As a tractor owner, the farmer is considered a sophisticated and well-off member of the community. Since a tractor is a large investment and because of the high tractor price, the farmer generally buys it on financing. Thus, a tractor owner is considered creditworthy in the local business and banking circles. Ownership of tractor also connotes superior knowledge of farming and leads to other farmers looking up to the tractor owner for advice and guidance.

So, these are some prominent reasons for the importance of tractors in a farmer's life in India. As an efficient machine, it helps the farmer to comprehensively carry out the various works related to the farming. Therefore, with a tractor, you as a farmer in India can expect good profits in the case of farming.

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