How to Maintain Your Tractor

To keep your tractor running like new, it is important to take good care of it and perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of a tractor not only enables the machine to function well but also increases its life by many years and its also a good investment which returns the tractor price in no time. Typically, a well-maintained tractor in India can last almost 15-18 years in India.To maintain their tractor, one needs to follow some guidelines. Some of the guidelines to maintain tractors are as follows:

1. Visual Inspection: A regular visual inspection is the first and foremost step in taking care of a tractor. It is important one looks in and around the tractor to check for any leaks, dirt buildups or any sort of issues. It is important to ensure that the hazard lights along with the safety indicators are in a working position.

2. Abnormal noise check: After starting the tractor, the operator should observe the sound of the engine and note any abnormal noises like knocking or thumping.  Also, any grinding or gurgling noise in transmission on gear changes is also an indication that the tractor is due for maintenance or repair.

3. Radiator fluid level: There may be a gradual loss of fluid due to the regular running of the tractor. Usually, if there is a significant loss of coolant or any loss of such a liquid, there is an in-built indication that shows up. But, if due to any problem, the indication is not clear one should check for the sufficient amount of the liquid levels and fill in the required amount.

4. Air pressure: One should make it a point to check for the air pressure in the tires weekly. Usually, the air pressure reduces with the usage, therefore, it must be refilled to avoid tire damage and high fuel consumption.  It is especially important to regularly check the air pressure in the winter season as the tires lose their pressure faster during the cold winter months.

5. Tractor Fluid levels: All the oils that go into running a tractor smoothly need to be checked thoroughly.  Engine, Transmission, Hydraulic, and Brake oils need replacement at periodic intervals as advised by the manufacturer.  Contaminated oils can cause a lot of damage to the tractor

6. Air Filter: As the tractor is used in farms and construction areas, there is often an accumulation of dust that occurs over time. Dirty or clogged air filters can reduce tractor life. It is essential to check the tractor's air filter every 50 hours and clean it or even replace it if required. One should also wipe off the dust that tends to accumulate on the engine fan blades regularly.

7. Battery maintenance: When the tractor has not been running for a while, its battery is likely to be discharged. It may lead to burden the alternator or even may cause engine failure. The low battery can be revived with a high voltage battery charger.  Also, examine the electrical connections and check for any wire cracks. A healthy battery reduces the excess load on the alternator.

8. Regular Servicing: Tractor should be regularly serviced at the hour and time intervals specified by the manufacturer.  Always get your tractor serviced at the authorised dealership and service centre where you can get genuine parts and quality service.

If the above steps are followed, then your tractor will perform like new over many years and you can save on repair costs in the long run.  Note that these steps are required even when the tractor is not being used in the lean season. 

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