Comfort and Convenience of Modern tractors in India

Till a few years ago, tractors in India were synonymous with dust, vibrations, smoke, and heat.  However, in the last few years as labor shortage has increased, operator comfort and modern features in tractors is becoming more and more important.  Features such as power steering, side shift gear lever, comfortable adjustable seat and oil immersed brakes have become standard fitment in most brands and models.  Now, features like 4WD, smoother and advanced gearbox, higher PTO power as per field operation and multi speed PTO for variety of implement are being introduced to the customers.  However, sophistication in tractor technology is still at least 10 years behind the automotive industry. 

Operator comfort is very important in a tractor so that the tractor can be used for long hours without operator fatigue.  In the western markets, features like automatic gearbox, turbo charger, hydraulic brakes and clutch, CVT transmission, and convertible 4WD etc. are mainstream.  We have already seen the launch of AC cabin tractors in India in higher HP segment.  These provide car like comfort to the operator with music system and air-conditioning.  Also, it prevents dust and noise from interfering with the operations.  Modern safety features such as ROPs which was mandatory in western countries has now been made mandatory in India by the Government. 

Some of the most comfortable tractors available in India are Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-with AC Cabin, John Deere 5065E, and New Holland TD5.90

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