Benefits of 4WD tractors

 In India, we are increasingly seeing tractors being marketing as “4WD”. These tractors are generally priced at a premium and are marketed to modern and progressive farmers. “4WD” stands for Four-Wheel Drive. In this blog, we will explore what is a 4WD tractor, its advantages, and its role in farming applications.

Till a few years ago, all tractors in India were Two-Wheel Drive “2WD”. This basically meant that all the traction goes to rear wheels. 2WD technology is simple and affordable. It allows for a shorter turning radius. For these reasons, 2WD tractors are preferred in haulage applications. Farmers can achieve the required traction from 2WD tractors by adding ballast weights. Often, the rear tires are filled with water to make them heavy and achieve less slippage in the field.

The last few years have seen rise of 4WD tractors. In 4WD tractors all four wheels are supplied with power from the transmission which leads to less slippage and improves performance. In 4WD tractors front wheels "help" rear wheels to pull tractor forward and thus the rear wheels have better traction and reduced slippage. 4WD tractors are suitable for undulated terrain and slopes. It is especially useful for wet land puddling application because it avoids the need of cage wheels which damage the roads. It has heavier front axle which adds stability in haulage application and reduces front lifting when carrying heavy loads. A 4WD transmission system has longer life as load is distributed between the front and rear axle units. Modern 4WD tractors enhance productivity as they can operate larger and heavier implements like MB plough, Laser leveler, Large Rotavators, Disc Harrow, Power Harrow, Large cultivators, loader and dozer attachments.

In general, a 4WD tractor is more stable and versatile because all 4 wheels are functional in pulling it forward. Assume yourself climbing a hill using all 4 limbs, same power but delivered through 4 traction points.

As we can see above, 4WD tractors have numerous advantages over regular 2WD tractors and generally worth the premium price over the 2WD tractors. We are sure to see more 4WD tractors in India in the coming years.

Sandesh Gowda

4wd is better than 2wd now a days we seeing and 4wd is more better diesel congestion then 2wd even i heard, because of smoothly drive on the fild and no slip-on like 2wd, so work is also make in early timing.

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