10 reasons to choose an AC cabin Tractors

Agriculture in India accounts for approximately 18% of the GDP and it plays a vital role in the Indian economy. With the shortage in skilled manpower, it is important to bring innovative technologies which improve productivity. The tractor industry in India is at the forefront of bringing affordable innovative technologies for the Indian farmers.

While air-conditioned cars have become the norm in India in the last couple of decades, air-conditioned (AC) tractors are only now becoming popular with progressive farmers. Currently, tractors equipped with air-conditioned cabins are popular in Punjab, where tractor use is on average higher due to large land sizes

Top 10 reasons to choose an AC cabin Tractors:

  1. Comfort of operator

Air-conditioned tractors will keep dust and sweat away and provides a cool and comfortable working environment.  It will totally shift the way at which farmers view traditional farming.

  1. Higher productivity

AC tractors generally have higher power engines and heavy duty aggregates which make them suitable for rmers who even cultivate 100 acres of land. Large area cultivation is made cinch with AC tractors.

  1. Long hours in the field

Hours of working will be drastically increased with AC tractors when compared with non-AC tractors. It is possible to work only for 6-8 hours with Non-AC tractors whereas AC tractors will make it possible for a single operator to work for up to 12 hours per day.

  1. Encourages Young Generation:

Air-conditioned tractors encourage the young generation towards a profession in farming. In the recent years, interest began to fade among the younger generation for farming because it requires hard labor and does not provide adequate returns.

  1. Addressing Labour Shortage Issue:

Labour shortage is the major problem which had elevated in recent days due to other avenues of employment and urban migrations. AC tractor reduces the need of labour drastically and attracts the best operators

  1. Generates Extra Income:

It can be used for non-agricultural purposes as well. Apart from agriculture, tractors are deployed in sand mines, brick-making sites, road construction, passenger transport, etc. This keeps tractors occupied throughout the year and generates additional income for owners during the non-agricultural season.

  1. Extra Mileage:

Air-conditioned tractors had new updated features like increased fuel tank capacity, toggle hook, lock ring type wheel rim and new air tank which gives you extra mileage and efficiency of work.

  1. Increased Production:

AC tractors will check the wages rates and input cost of farming and thus increases the production of farming.

  1. Overcome Harsh Conditions:

A major threat for farmers is to work in harsh conditions such as rain, heat and dust.  AC tractors help to overcome these harsh conditions and enhances operator productivity and safety.

       10. Essential accessories:

AC tractors contain all the essential accessories like three-point linkage, PTO and hydraulic controls and are convenient and easy to handle. Some AC tractors even come equipped with radio entertainment music system.

Some of the most popular AC tractors in India are Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 Di-I with AC Cabin, John Deere 5075E AC Cabin, New Holland TD5.90 and Sonalika Worldtrac 90.

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