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All About Compare Tyres In India

A tractor tyre is a ring-shaped rubber part that surrounds the rim of the tractor. A tyre helps to divert the mechanical rotational energy from the engine into the ground which in turn helps the tractor to move. Before buying a tractor, it is important to compare a tractor tyre based on various parameters like Tractor tyre price, Tractor tyre construction type, tread pattern, tyre size and many more. You can compare tractor tyres online at TractorGuru. You can compare krishak tractor tyres Vs Shaan tractor tyre, Commander tractor tyre Vs Ayushmaan tractor tyre, Vajra tractor tyre Vs Krishak. You can also compare popular tractor tyre brands like JK tractor tyres Vs MRF tractor Tyres, CEAT tyres vs Apollo tyres, and Birla tyres Vs BKT tractor tyres.

About Compare tractor Tyres

Tractors are widely used across India. Hence, it is very obvious that tractor tyres are also important. A Tractor Tyre is a very integral part of tractor mechanisation. It helps to deliver the power from the engine to the ground. Tractor tyres are available in various shapes and size for different applications in tractors. If a tractor is used majorly on roads and is used just for haulage then a radial type tyre with shorter treads will be more efficient as they are comfortable and provide maximum fuel efficiency. However, if the tractor is used majorly in off-road conditions and agricultural lands then a tyre with deeper treads will be more efficient. Hence, it is very important to know the use of your tractor.

As mentioned earlier tractors tyres are a wear and tear component. This means that they need to be changed after a set duration depending upon the use. Most commonly, tractor tyres are last for up to 3 to 6 years on average usage. If you use the tyres more and for long distances then the tyres may have a shorter life span. On the other hand, if you use your tractors very rarely then the tyres shouldn’t be used for more than 6 years. Timely maintenance and service of a tractor can help to keep the tyre for a longer time.

Hence, before buying a tractor tyre it is very important to compare tractor tyres and find the best option according to your use. At TractorGuru you can find and compare tractor tyres from various brands like JK tyres, MRF tyres, CEAT tyres, Apollo tyres, BKT tyres and Birla Tyres. By using the below parameters, you can compare tractor tyres.

Radial VS Bias Tyres

The tractor tyres are constructed in such a way that they offer maximum durability. The tyres are constructed on two methods known as radial tyres and bias tyres. Radial tyres are constructed to deliver maximum comfort and fuel efficiency as there is minimum power loss. Radial tyres have an independent tread and sidewall construction as threads are placed 90 degrees to each other. Bias tyres have an overlapping flap construction which leads to power loss and overheating. These tyres are stiff and hence deliver an uncomfortable experience. Bias tractor tyre prices are cheaper when compared to radial tractor tyre price. At TractorGuru you can buy both bias and radial tractor tyres online. 

Tyre Size

Before buying a tractor tyre you should consider checking the size of the tyre. If you have a 28-inch rim then there are various options available for the width of the tyre. Either you can choose a 16.9-inch option or an 18-inch option. Here the difference may of just 2 inches but when in action it can make a huge difference. If you choose a narrower tyre then you can get better mileage but reduced stability. On the other hand, if you choose the broader tyres then you will get good stability with reduced mileage. Hence, you have to choose the tractor tyre size as per your needs.

Tractor Tyre Brand

It is also important to compare tractor brands. A good and reputed tyre brand will offer a better product. This will help you in the long run. Make sure to check if there are any dealers available in your town or in neighbouring towns. As a dealer would help you to get a genuine product and warranty. If you don’t have a dealer near your town then you can choose TractorGuru as we help you buy the best tractor tyre online at affordable rates.

Tractor Tyre Price

It is very important to check the tractor tyre price list before buying any tractor tyre. You can fin the list of tractor tyre price in India. Tractor tyre price from a range of Rs. 3000. The most affordable tractor tyres are available in the price range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000. Comparing tractor tyre price will help you to get the best deal for your tractor tyre.

Additionally, you can also check the date of manufacturing, speed rating, ply rating, and many more factors while comparing tractor tyres. You can also find popular tractor tyres, and know more about tractor tyres at TractorGuru.

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Faqs - Compare Tractor Tyres

There are 7 tractor tyre brands available to compare here.

You should be focused on brand, size, type, ply rating etc. while comparing the tractor tyres.

At TractorGuru, you compare tyres prices online.

At TractorGuru, you can easily use the compare tyre tool by filtering your desired tyre brand and model.

At TractorGuru, you can compare 2 tractor tyre models simultaneously.

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