Preet 4049
Preet 4049

Preet 4049

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Engine HP 40 HP
Driver Type 2WD
Forward Gears 8
Reverse Gears 2
Brake Type Dry / Oil Immersed
Price ₹ 4.80 - 5.10 lakh*


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Preet 4049 Features

No. of cylinder

No. of cylinder


Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg




Gear Box

Gear Box

8 Forward + 2 Reverse



Single Friction Plate



Mechanical / Power Steering

Preet 4049 Tractor Features

Preet 4049 is one of the popular tractor models from the Preet tractor brand in India. Preet is popularly known for its best-in-class tractors and engines in the tractor and commercial vehicle segment in India. This success has been due to the result of manufacturing tractors for many decades in India. These years of experience has helped Preet to develop value for money tractors for the Indian Market. Preet 4049 is widely used for agricultural and related uses by farmers. It is one of the leading tractors in terms of popularity and sales in the utility tractor range. Preet 4049 is priced at Rs. 4.80 Lakhs to Rs. 5.00 Lakhs. Preet 4049 tractor is preferred by farmers who have an average agricultural area and use farming implements like cultivator, trailer, rotavator, and seed drill regularly.

Preet 4049 is designed with classic elements to appeal to the users and give it a tough and rugged look. Also, the engine is engineered with modern elements to deliver maximum efficiency and the latest features. The powerhouse of the tractor is a 2892 cc diesel engine unit producing a total output of 40 HP. This engine is rated at an engine RPM of 2200 RPM. The powertrain on the tractor is attached to the transmission through a Single Friction Plate. A Combination of constant and sliding mesh type transmission is offered with this engine on this tractor. To deliver the optimum performance this tractor has a 10-speed gearbox with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. This combination of gears helps to achieve a maximum top speed of 12.32 Kmph in reverse gears and 28.34 kmph in forward gears. To control this tractor an equally good setup is provided in the braking system with dry/oil-immersed brakes. As this tractor is in the budget segment and used mostly in farms hence this tractor is offered with a 2-wheel drive setup. In order to achieve better control, this tractor is equipped with power steering. 


Preet 4049 is powered by a 3-cylinder engine having a capacity of 2892 CC. This engine is capable of delivering an engine output of 40 HP. With an engine rated RPM of 2200 RPM, this engine is considered to be a reliable engine by users. Preet 4049 has a 10-speed gearbox. Additionally, this tractor has a PTO HP of 34 HP at 540 RPM and a 6 spline PTO type. In order to deliver maximum efficiency, this tractor has a 6 X 16-inch tyre setup in the front and a 13.6 X 28-inch tyre setup in the rear. For long productive hours and better efficiency, this tractor has a 67-litre fuel tank.

Special features

Preet 4049 has a wheelbase of 2090 mm which helps to have better stability for on-road and off-road usage. This tractor has a total of 2050 KG of weight i.e 2 tons. The overall length of the tractor is 3700 mm, the width of 1740 mm, and a ground clearance of 350 mm. These dimensions make this tractor an overall balanced tractor. This tractor is available with additional accessories for design and aesthetics purposes. Preet 4049 is a 4 wheel drive tractor powered by all 4 wheels.

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Preet 4049 Full Specifications

HP Category 40 HP
Engine Capacity 2892 cc
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Max Torque -
No of Cylinder 3
Air Filter Dry type
Cooling System Water Cooled
Clutch type Single Friction Plate
Transmission type Combination of constant and sliding mesh
Gear Level Position -
Speed min-max 2.51 – 31.9 kmph
Reverse speed min - max 3.52 – 13.86 kmph
Forward Gears 8
Reverse Gears 2
Rear Axle -
Brake Type Dry / Oil Immersed
Turning radius with brake NA
Steering Type Mechanical / Power Steering
Steering Adjustment NO
PTO type 6 Spline
Fuel Tank Capacity 67 litres
Weight 2,050 kg
Wheelbase 2,085 mm
Overall Length 3,700 mm
Tractor width 1765 mm
Ground Clearance 410 mm
Lift capacity in kg 1800 kg
3 Point linkage Category - II
Hydraulic Controls ADDC
Front 6 X 16
Rear 13.6 X 28
Drive type 2WD
Warranty NA

About Preet 4049

Preet 4049 is priced at Rs. 4.80 Lakhs to Rs. 5.00 lakhs. These prices are the pan India ex-showroom prices of Preet 4049. The on road price of Preet 4049 tractor depends upon the model, options that are added with the tractor, road tax and RTO charges. At TractorGuru, you can find the price list of tractors in one place and compare tractors based on the price of the tractor. Preet 4049 ki kimat Rs. 4.80 lakh hai. Preet 4049 is the best tractor under Rs. 5 Lakh in India. Various tractor subsidies are also available from different state governments.


  • Fuel efficient engine

  • Popular tractor model

  • Affordable service and maintenance cost

  • Easy spare part availability

Preet 4049 Resale value/Buy and sell

Preet tractors are considered to be one of the best tractors in the tractor industry. As tractors are in growing demand the Preet 4049 retains a great resale value over the years. This is due to the reliable engine and the widespread service network and part availability. However, the resale value depends upon the condition and hours used. You can find the best resale value for Preet 4049 tractor which makes it a value for money tractor. You can find the best value for Preet 4049 tractors as we help you buy and sell tractors on our platform. People interested in olx Preet 4049 find the best value at TractorGuru.

Why TractorGuru for Preet 4049? 

At TractorGuru you can find all information related to tractors, mini tractors and farm equipment. We help you to find your next tractor by selecting a tractor from various tractor manufacturers and tractor brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Sonalika, Farmtrac and many more. We also offer information for tractor comparison, tractor price, tractor videos, tractor blogs, tractor news updates, tractors upcoming tractors, agricultural tractors and much other related information. You can also find the on-road price of the tractor in your district by contacting us or by sharing your contact details. 100s of farmers like you have found the best deals for their tractors at TractorGuru.

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FAQS - About Preet 4049

Ans. Preet 4049 has 40 HP for efficient farming.
Ans. Preet 4049 has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox.
Ans. The starting price of Preet 4049 is Rs. 480000 .
Ans. Preet 4049 has 67 litres fuel tank capacity.
Ans. Preet 4049 has Mechanical / Power Steering.
Ans. Combination of constant and sliding mesh transmission is available in Preet 4049.
Ans. Yes, you can finance Preet 4049 tractor at TractorGuru with many EMI options.
Ans. Dry / Oil Immersed are available in Preet 4049 tractor.
Ans. 2,085 mm' wheelbase is available in Preet 4049 tractor.
Ans. Best models of Preet tractor are Preet 10049 4WD, 9049 AC 4WD, 8049 4WD and many more.
Ans. The Preet 4049 model delivers the the 34 PTO HP.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get current updated of Preet 4049.
Ans. The good warranty is available on Preet 4049 .
Ans. The Preet 4049 model is available in 2WD.
Ans. The ground clearance of Preet 4049 tractor model is 410 MM.

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