Top 5 Power Tiller Models 2024 in India – Know Price & Uses

Top 5 Power Tiller in India - Uses and Price of Power Tiller

A power tiller is a farm implement, well known as a walking tractor. It is the most beneficial and valuable farming tool, which makes farming work more efficient and comfortable. It is specially designed for rotary or revolving cultivation in the puddled soil. Power tillers are the best to operate on several farm implements such as leveller and thresher. For a small or marginal farmer, a power tiller is a perfect choice. Moreover, it replaces animal power more effectively and also provides employment opportunities in rural areas. Power tiller machines come with the powerful engine used to pull the backyard and forward other farm implements.

Buying the right power tiller for your farming business is quite challenging. To resolve this, today we can come up with this useful blog which includes the best power tiller available in the market right now. So that you can buy the most appropriate tiller machine to ensure more profit in your business, let’s have a look at them.

What is the Use of Power Tiller?

  • Power tiller machines generally help in preparing the soil, sowing seed, planting seeds, spreading fertilizer and irrigation. Additionally, it also helps in harvesting, threshing and transporting crops.
  • It is used for smooth functioning with rotary farm implements and comes in handy to work in mini areas.
  • Power tillers are ideal for sugarcane farming, paddy farming and wheat farming.
  • They are often considered multi-purpose tractors intended primarily for rotary tilling and other small farming operations.

Best 5 Power Tiller Models Price List in India 2024: Know Features & Uses For Farming

Following are the most popular power tiller models among the Indian farmers with their specification and price. These includes

1. Shrachi SF 15 DI

Shrachi SF 15 DI Shrachi power tillers are widely used for crop cultivation. This tiller machine is very versatile, comfortable and high performing. For instance, it packs a single cylinder – 4 stroke diesel engine. To maintain the engine’s temperature, it has an advanced water cooling system. Moreover, it is powered by a 15 HP engine that can handle any type of work that you need to be done. This tiller machine equips with many unique features that maximize work efficiency and minimizes fuel consumption. This power tiller price in India ranges between Rs. 1.76 – Rs. 1.82 lakhs* in India.

2. Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra

Vst Shakti 135 DI UltraVst Shakti power tiller is a feature-packed machine that provides exceptional performance in the field. Generally, it comes in handy for wet puddling, dryland cultivation, and many other activities. This tiller machine most suitable for the marginal farmer can also couple with a trailer with an average of 1.5 tons capacity. Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra comes with a 13 HP – 673 CC engine with 2400 RPM and a side-drive rotary type transmission. Apart from these features, this machine is quite affordable, priced somewhere around Rs. 1.00 lakh – 1.55 lakhs* in India.

3. Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL

 Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL
This is a versatile tiller machine and primarily used for the preparation of land for farming operations. This implement is able to work continuously at high RPM and has a rotary width of 600 mm. This is a high performing yet robust tiller machine which can easily handle multi-tasking operation. The Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL power tiller packs with a 15.4 HP diesel engine with 2000 RPM. Moreover, the 600mm rotary width and 942 CC displacement make this power tiller machine a great deal. The high quality blades are very beneficial to rough land. However, this machine is also very cost-effective, priced at Rs. 1.75 lakhs* in India.

4. Kubota PEM140DI

Kubota PEM140DI This power tiller is manufactured by Kubota, making this power tiller the most preferred choice for the Indian farmer. This tiller machine has mixed curved rotary blades with an 80 cm rotary width. Along with this, it packs a powerful and capable engine that can work continuously, even at high RPM. This also ensures better fuel efficiency and long working duration in the field. Regarding the on-paper specification, this Kubota power tiller comes with a 13HP engine and 6F+2R gearbox. This overall combination enables the machine to work well in both dry and wet fields. This tiller machine price in India starts from Rs. 1.6 lakhs*.

5. Mega T 15 Deluxe

Mega T 15 Deluxe

This tiller machine brand is a broadly adopt brand in India. This comes with a 15HP engine which ensures easy and prominent performance in the field. This tiller machine comes with many unique features which improve farming productivity. Moreover, this power tiller offers an adjustable wheel track most suitable for crops like rice and maize, specially designed for paddy fields. Looking towards the engine, it has 995 CC engine displacement with 2000 engine rated RPM. The Mega T 15 Deluxe price in India ranges between Rs. 2.00 – Rs. 2.03 lakhs*.

I hope this blog gave you much information about the best power tiller in India. For more information about the most popular farming implement in India, stay tuned with TractorGuru. Here you can buy them online at an affordable price.

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