Top 10 Rotavator for Farming in India – Price and Features

Top 10 Rotavator for Farming in India - Price and Features

Top 10 Rotavator Company in india and their Rotavators

Want to buy a rotavator for the farming business? Rotavator are widely using farm implements, which generally use to plough farms by using a series of blades that cut, pulverize mixes and level the soil. Rotavator are economical and efficient farming tools that can replace for cultivators, disc harrows and levellers. Finding the right Rotavator for farming can be a challenging task. This blog aims to answer all your queries related to rotavators for farming and also read read types of rotavator. For your reference, we have also provided you with a list of the most popular rotavator for farming models among Indian farmers. So, without waiting any further, let’s get into the details about top 10 rotavator in india and most popular rotavator brands in india.

What is a Rotavator for Farming?

A Rotavator or a Rotary Tiller is a tractor-drawn implement designed for seedbed preparation within one or two passes for sowing seeds. It reduced the draft compared to conventional tillage operations. A Rotavator is a powerful piece of machinery used in gardens to break, churn and aerate the soil prior to planting seeds.

A Rotavator is one of the most efficient means of transmitting engine power directly to the soil with no wheel slip and offers primary reduction in transmission power loss. It is most suitable for removing and mixing residuals of maize, wheat, sugarcane, etc. Also, it helps in improving the health of the soil and saves fuel, cost, and time.

Top 10 Rotavator in India for Farming

Rotavator are ideally used for cash crops. These are divided into three categories: light, standard and heavy-duty. The division depends upon the weight and design of the material used. The list of the top 10 best rotavator for farming in India is given below.

1. Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 145

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 145

The Mahindra ZLX Gyrovator is equipped with Multi Speed Drive. It has various useful features including multi-depth adjustment, duo cone mechanical watertight seal which is very suitable for dry and wetland applications.

  • This soil master implement has 1.25 meters of overall working depth. This can easily works with 540 RPM tractor models.
  • It is generally comes with 36 – L type blades, has a 4-speed standard gearbox, and comes with advanced gear drive transmission.
  • It is most effective for pubbling due to better churning of soil and less slippage than disc harrow.

This implement is most compatible with 30 HP – 60 HP tractor models. Mahindra ZLX Gyrovator is available at a price of approximately Rs. 89,000* in India, making it very reasonable.

2. Shaktiman Regular Light

Shaktiman Regular Light

The Shaktiman garden rotavator is a widely used machine by Indian farmers. It is specially manufactured for use in wetlands, and to handle light and medium soil types.

  • Shaktiman Regular Light has a tilling width ranging between 1307mm – 2107 mm depending upon different variants.
  • It is manufactured using high-tech precision engineering, which includes CNC machines, laser cutting machines & robotic welding.
  • It has a maximum working depth of 190mm and is equipped with a Cat – II, 3 point hitch.
    The implement is easily compatible with 25 HP – 65 HP tractor models.
  • A Shaktiman Regular Light rotavator comprising of 48 blades costs approximately Rs 1.03 lakhs* in India.

3. Fieldking Regular Multi Speed

Fieldking Regular Multi Speed

Fieldking regular multi speed can loosen and aerate soil up to 7 inches deep. The heavy duty spring assembly in a plank ensures perfectly levelled and finished seedbed, which improves your farm’s productivity.

  • This rotavator model by fieldking has a tillage width ranging between 100 cm – 225 cm depending upon the variant.
  • Fieldking rotavator multi speed equips L, C and J types of blades with both Shear bolt/ Slip Clutch Gearbox overload protection.
  • It comes with advanced gear drive transmission and 4-speed gearbox.
  • It can efficiently work with 25 HP – 70 HP tractor models.

A Fieldking rotavator multi speed is available at an affordable price of approximately Rs. 90,000* in India.

4. Soil Master JSMRT C8 (8 Feet)

Soil Master JSMRT C8 (8 Feet)

Soil Master JSMRT C8 has been designed to work in both soft and hard soil conditions. The unique design allows the model to operate with minimal vibrations in the field and less operating load on the tractor.

  • Soil Master JSMRT C8 comes with 72 blades and has 151 cm of tillage width with 173 cm of overall width.
  • It is equipped with a sturdy rotor with flanges accommodating both C and L type blades and is compatible with Cat 1 and 2 tractors up to 75 HP.
  • Adjustable PTO Shaft with Torque Limiter avoids the mud and water damage during field operations.
  • The multi speed gearbox is compatible with both 540 and 1000 RPM.

Soil Master JSMRT C8 is available at a very aggressive price point which every farmer can easily afford.

5. Indo Farm IFRT – 150

 Indo Farm IFRT - 150

Indo farm is a renowned Indian farm implement manufacturer. IFRT – 150 by Indo farm is a sturdy, and efficient farm implement that ensures your field’s high productivity.

  • This Indo farm rotavator has 150 cm tillage width and comes equipped with 36 blades depending upon different variants.
  • It has a gear side transmission with shear bolt gearbox overload protection.
  • Indo Farm IFRT – 150 is compatible with 35 HP – 45 HP tractor models.

Indo Farm IFRT – 150 is widely popular in India. Its economical rotavator price is the major reason for its popularity. It fits perfectly fits the farmer’s budget.

6. Sonalika Multi Speed Series

Sonalika Multi Speed Series

Sonalika is a well-trusted brand among Indian farmers and manufactures best-in-class, extremely profitable, and highly durable farm implements to help enhance your farms’ productivity.

  • The implement is available in 3.5 – 7 inches size models.
  • It offers 540 – 1000 high-quality blades, and gear drive side transmission.
  • Sonalika Multi Speed Series has 98 – 200 tillage width and is compatible with 25 HP – 70 HP tractor models.

Sonalika Multi Speed Series price starts from Rs. 1.11 lakhs* in India, which is very fair considering the brand name and quality it offers.

7. New Holland Rotavator RE 165 (5 Feet)

New Holland Rotavator RE 165 (5 Feet)

New Holland is a global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and is a part of CNH Industrial. They are popular for its premium and heavy-duty farm implements.

  • New Holland Rotavator RE 165 is a 5 feet implement, with 9 flanges which has a working depth of 1650 mm.
  • It comes with square L & C type blades which are 48 in number.
  • This Sonalika implement is equips a multi speed heavy duty transmission gear drive system, and the implement is relatively compatible with 40 – 45 HP tractor models.

New Holland rotavator RE 165 is available at a very reasonable price, making it very budget-friendly and affordable to every Indian farmer.

8. Landforce Vivo

Landforce Vivo

A Landforce Rotary Tiller is suitable for loose soil and is highly compatible with low HP tractors. It is beneficial and effective for puddling (paddy/rice field preparation with water).

  • Landforce Vivo is available in several 4-6 feet variants with 4 inches to 6 inches working depth.
  • The implement comes with a multi-speed or single speed gearbox and improved gear drive.
  • Landforce Vivo has with 30 – 42 blades that are fairly compatible with 25 HP – 35 HP tractor models.

The Landforce Vivo rotary tiller provides you with the best value for your money. Currently, this Landforce implement is available at a very reasonable price in India.

9. Dasmesh 642 – Rotavator/ Rotary Tiller

Dasmesh 642 - Rotavator/ Rotary Tiller

The company manufactures agriculture products as per the latest trends and requirements in the market. The company is the leader in the manufacturing of various other products like self/tractor harvester combines, Rotavator for farming, roto seed drills, and more.

  • Dasmesh 642 – Rotavator has a working depth of 1520 mm and working width ranging from 1520 mm – 3048 mm depending upon different variants.
  • The flanges vary between 7 – 13 and come with 36 – 72 blades depending on the variant.
  • It is a heavy-duty tiller board with adjustable height and depth. It prominently saves fuel and time.
  • The implement is compatible with 25 HP – 65 HP tractor models.

Dasmesh 642 – Rotavator is very budget-friendly, and costs approximately Rs 88,000* in India.

10. John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller

John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller

John Deere is a renowned brand of Deere & Company, an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, heavy-duty farm equipment, and lawn care equipment. It comes handy for efficiently cut field bunds, corners and crop stubble.

  • The John Deere implement has an adjustable 200 mm working depth and 227 mm working width.
  • It is most effective for pubbling. This is possible because of better churning of soil and less slippage.
  • The implement is highly compatible with 38 HP – 63 HP tractor models. Currently, the John Deere Green System Rotary Tiller price in India is approximately Rs. 1.08 lakhs* in India, making it quite affordable for farmers.

This was all about the best rotavator in india for farming. We hope the information provided in this post will help you buy the most suitable Rotavator for your farm. You can stay tuned with TractorGuru for more related information about farming implements. Here you can buy these farming implements online at an affordable price.

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