What is the Difference Between Garden Tiller and Cultivator

differences between garden and cultivator

Garden Tiller and Cultivator Importance in Farming:

Modern farming implements have efficiently replaced almost all traditional farming practices. Integration of advanced farming implements increases not only the quantity but also the quality of overall yield production. Conventional farming practices include the tiller and cultivator performed using these implements. Both these farming practices are simple but effective, which promote better production of yield. Farmers prefer machines over manual work; they use tillers and cultivators for respective farming operations. Most people are still confused between both these terms.

The Tiller and Cultivator are quite similar, they have some fundamental differences that you should know. If you want to resolve this confusion, you are in the right place. Today, we came up with this knowledgeable blog that includes detailed information like the difference between tiller and Cultivator and their types and benefits.

So, without delaying further, let’s begin the discussion. First, we talk about tillers then after will come to the Cultivator.

What is Tiller?

Tiller is a useful farm implement that generally comes in handy for tillage. They designed specifically to lift the soil, breaking apart the clods of dirt into loose, cracked earth that helps you grow healthy plants.

Tiller machines get power by the blades or sheer the through soil, which is much faster than by hand tiller. A tiller machine is much larger, more powerful and capable of turning larger swaths of the earth than conventional cultivators.

Types of Tiller

There are four types of field tiller available in the market right now for commercial purposes. Here they are,

  • Garden Tiller :

Garden tillers are larger machines that bring enough power to break ground, useful for soil stirring and ploughing. These are powered by gas and come in a range of different sizes, power level and cost. They are considered the best kind of tiller for tractors. Rotary tiller generally falls under this category.

  • Rear-tine Tiller :

They are excellent machines breaking hard ground, loosening hard or rocky soil, and digging extensive gardens or small farm plots. Rear tine tillers incline to be large, which can make them more challenging to push and steer. However, a rear tine tiller machine allows you to leverage the machine’s weight for more power. Power tiller generally falls under this category.

  • Front-tine Tillers :

They are handy in gardens with narrow rows. They’re best for breaking moderately hard ground, loosening firm soil, digging small to medium gardens. They fall in between cultivators and rear-tine tillers in both power and cost.

  • Vertical-tine Tillers :

Vertical-tine tillers are a relatively new option. These machines have potent tines that cut forward through the soil, rather than downward like front and rear-tine models. It makes them faster and easier to use. They work well both for breaking ground on new gardens and ploughing or stirring soil on new ones.

Benefits of Tiller in Farming

  • They are powerful machines designed to dig and mix hard soil into a loose nutrient-rich bed for the plant.
  • For a garden of appreciable size, an agricultural tiller — sometimes just called a rototiller works more efficiently.
  • Turning soil twice a year is a smart defence against weeds and other insects from invading and damaging your plants.
  • Electric hand tillers provide excellent work efficiency and a lot of ease to the farmer.

Popular Tiller models in India :

  • Vst Shakti RT 65: 6 Hp – 7 Hp


Vst Shakti RT 65

  • Universal Univator : 35 Hp – 65 Hp

Universal Univator

  • Shaktiman Regular Smart : 30 Hp – 70 Hp


Shaktiman Regular Smart


These are the most popular agricultural tiller models in India. They came with a robust build and innovative features. They offer a reasonable price to performance ratio, and tiller price very affordable to almost every Indian farmer.

Now, let’s talk about the cultivators,

What is a Cultivator?

A cultivator is an efficient farm implement used for secondary tillage. They are less potent than garden tillers. Field cultivators are not designed for breaking ground or loosening hard soil. Instead of that, they’re ideal for the tasks that keep your garden healthy.

The machines consist of teeth that pierce the soil as they are dragged through it linearly. These machines use rotary motion of disks or teeth to accomplish a similar result.

Type of Cultivator

Basically, there are majorly three types of Cultivator available in the market right now for commercial purposes. Here they are,

  • Spring Tyne Cultivator :

A Spring tyne cultivator consists of frame, tynes with reversible shovels, land rollers, and heavy-duty springs. Spring helps to keep the Cultivator’s tyne brittle when it contacts with a spade. They come handy for seedbed development in both wet and dry types, also used for puddling purposes. This type of Cultivator is the best kind of Cultivator for a tractor.

  • Rigid Tyne Cultivator :

A Rigid Tyne Cultivator is a tractor-mounted implement that consists of a mainframe made of box division, rigid tines, U clips and spades. Rigid Tyne Cultivator is a versatile implement for freeing and aerating the dirt and preparing seedbeds swiftly and economically. This soil cultivator is generally used in subsoil cultivation and breaking the soil too hard.

  • Bar Point Cultivator :

A Bar Cultivator consisted of a rectangular frame, tynes ​​of this Cultivator can be fixed vertically by operating in the clamp. Bar point cultivator cuts joined to the edge of tynes. This agricultural Cultivator is mounted and run by a tractor. You can call it a Tractor Cultivator Bar point cultivator for inter-cultivation in light and heavy soils preparation activity like seedbeds and subsoil cultivation.

Benefits of Cultivator in Farming

  • Cultivator machines churn soil into a much more refined mixture than tillers. It makes the earth perfect for putting final touches on your garden plot just before you sow your seeds.
  • Garden cultivators can be used to blend and aerate the soil before planting, stirring in compost and fertilizer and controlling weed growth.
  • Cultivators are generally easier to use than conventional tillers, as they’re both more lightweight and available in electric cultivator models, which require significantly less maintenance.

Popular Cultivator in India :

  • Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator: 30 Hp – 95 Hp

Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator

  • Sonalika 11 Tyne: 50 Hp – 55 Hp

Sonalika 11 Tyne

  • Universal Medium Duty Rigid Cultivator : 40 Hp – 45 Hp / 50 Hp – 55 Hp (optional)

 Universal Medium Duty Rigid Cultivator

These are the most popular garden cultivator models in India. They came with a rugged build and advanced features. If your gardening needs aren’t too extensive, they’re an affordable option for simplifying the amount of work you have to do. The cultivator price is very reasonable compared to tillers. Field cultivator price is much economical compared to a tiller.

We hope, from now onwards you will not be confused between tiller and cultivator and I hope you understand the what is the difference between tiller and cultivator.  What’s more about which one you should buy depends on your need. You must need the one that fits right for the kind of work you do. Consider your garden, your soil, and the types of uses you want your tiller to be able to take on. The right one can save you a lot of work and energy while helping you keep your garden well maintained and successful.

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