Top 10 Best Tractor Attachments – Tractor Implements

Top 10 Best Tractor Attachments - Tractor Implements

Tractors have become an integral part of a farmer’s routine as this powerful machine. It’s helps perform the primary farm functions that were earlier performed manually. With developments in technology, tractor accessories and tractor attachments have also gained popularity in the agriculture industry. It becomes necessary for the farmers to use the best farm equipment to manage productivity efficiently.

Most Useful Tractor Attachments For Indian Farmers

From ancient times, farmers used to harvest the grains by hand, the substitute to electric power used to be some domesticated animal, and so on. With the advance in technology, Indian agricultural tools became famous for making the process simple and saving farmers’ precious time, money, and energy.

Agri implements are used to make the farming process smoother and enhance the efficiency and the productivity of the crops. These farm tools and equipment make farming more manageable and convenient. Some examples of farm implements are plough, harrow, trailer, rotavator, etc. check out below best tractor implements and attachments list:

Top 10 Tractor Attachments and Implements

Read further to learn in detail about the tractor implements and their functions, to make an informed decisin before purchasing these accessories.

  • Tractor loader

    Mud Loader

This is one of the best farm equipment used to gather unwanted material like sand, dirt, or gravel off the ground and move it to another place, without spreading the material on the ground. Tractor loaders are cost-effective agriculture tools that are used to perform a variety of functions like hauling rocks, planting material, etc. Without a good loader, your tractor is sure to lose half of its productivity. The Landforce mud loader is an excellent equipment that is used for post-harvest functions, ensuring improved farm yield.

  • Rotary tiller / Rotavator

    Rotary tiller / Rotavator

It is a small farm implement but a significant one. Its curved blades attached to a rotating shaft assist the framers in various functions like mixing the soil, breaking the hard layers of soil to level it up for sowing seeds, and making the soil suitable. It is powered by a tractor’s power take-off and might even be used for removing weeds or grass at times. These are highly useful to scrub a vegetated area clean in a single go. One of the best rotavators is the Bullz Power Double Rotor Duo+, used for proper tillage of the farmland. This powerful rotary tiller runs on 30-90 Hp and is sure to increase the efficiency of your produce.

  • Cultivator


This is one of the sought-after farming tools in India. This is mainly used in secondary tillage, i.e., to reduce the soil in fine particles by disturbing it in careful patterns, killing weeds, and properly mixing fertilizer or manure in the soil. However, active cultivators are used for primary tillage on light soils. Cultivators with teeth are used for efficient removal of the unwanted plants. These vary in size and shapes, so you may match them with your tractor. The Spring-loaded cultivator is a great option. Powered with 40-55 Hp, this equipment will make your work easy and smooth.

  • Plough


This tractor implement tops the list of farm tools as it is being used to enhance farmlands’ productivity since the beginning of the agriculture industry. It is used to break up the soil to bury crop residues and to control the unwanted weeds. The basic use of a plough is to clear the uppermost layer of soil to provide it with the required nourishment. There are three types of the plough: wooden, iron, and inversion ploughs. One great example of the plough is the Dasmesh 451 – MB Plough – a perfect pick to enhance the soil by tilling it right.

  • Harrow


This is one of the essential contributors to the tractor implements list. This is used to break up the lumps in the soil and provide a finer soil structure suitable for sowing seeds. Harrow disturbs the soil’s whole surface and is followed by the rough finish rendered by the ploughing operations. There are four basic types of harrow: disc, tine, chain, and chain-disc harrows. The Khedut Mounted Offset Disc Harrow is a powerful tractor attachment that can be used for a trouble-free tillage session.

  • Mower


This power tool is used to deliver groomed land. With its powerful blades and rotary cutters, this agriculture implement provides high-quality clean farmland. This tool is mainly used to cut grasses in order to collect hay. There are many types of mowers like a sickle mower, rotary mower, reel mower, flail mower, drum mower, and electric mower. The Fieldking Forage Mower is a great choice if you are looking to give your farm a clean finish.

  • Box Blade

    Box Blade

This useful tractor attachment is a variation of the rear blade and is attached to the tractor with a three-point hitch. This small farm implement is mainly used to scrape dirt from the ground, smoothen the soil and shaping the land according to the needs. However, this can also be used as a snow removal device. The Fieldking Box Blade is a powerful tool to scape the land to remove the malnourished soil and make it better for use.

  • Tractor Trailer

    Tractor Trailer

It serves as an attachment to the tractor and is used in carrying vegetated produce or farm residues from one place to another. This equipment helps the farmers in moving the loads easily and conveniently. The Khedut tipping trailer is one such Indian agricultural tool that is sure to minimize the trouble of carrying large produce and maximize the gains.

  • Posthole digger

    Posthole digger

This agri implement comes with two handles and clam-type blades and is used to dig deep holes in the ground to install fences, plant trees, digging deep wells, or for general land enhancement. This is one of the most essential farming tools that is needed by most farmers for performing routine functions. One of the best post hole diggers is John Deere Post Hole Digger. This powerful digger runs on 36-55 Hp and performs the digging functions efficiently.

  • Tractor seeder

    Tractor seeder

It is one of the best farming tools in India. A seeder is typically used to distribute the seeds evenly by spreading them in careful patterns. This tool positions the seeds in the soil and buries them in the ground with the optimum depth. It helps in eliminating the manual labour of putting a huge amount of seeds and saves time. The Maschio Gasparado Superseeder 205 is a great pick for you to increase your productivity in the farmland. Powered with 55-70 Hp, this tool will help you in sowing seeds with convenience.

Agricultural machinery is most importance in india. It’s always suggested to use these tools for performing the routine functions with ease. For more information about the tractor attachments, visit our website TractorGuru.

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