Kubota Tractor – A Complete Farming Machinery

Kubota Tractor A Complete Farming Machinery Top 5 Kubota Machinery

Kubota tractor is a well-renowned and leading tractor and farm implement manufacturer in India. Ganshiro Kubota established the brand in 1890 and commenced its tractor business in 2008. Their tractor model offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio. As a result, they are prevalent among Indian farmers.

Moreover, Their tractor models are equipped with the latest technology. It’s innovative features and a powerful engine that delivers exceptional performance in the field. Considering these qualities, Kubota tractor models are very productive, which ensure high profitability in the field. 

The brand is popularly known as KAI, a Japanese company that is very popular also in international markets. Kubota tractor has an annual manufacturing capacity of 50,000 tractors approx*, which makes the brand very dominating in India. Furthermore, to know why Kubota is very much preferred in India? Follow this blog. 

Why are Kubota tractors most preferred By Indian farmers?

kubota tractor

  • Kubota tractors are very versatile, durable and can efficiently perform multiple extensive farming operations. 
  • The brand offers a host of tractor models available in various ranges starting from 21 HP – 55 HP. Moreover, the brand also manufactures mini and 2WD/4WD tractor models. 
  • Kubota tractor models come with many unique features. These features make the tractor very work efficient and ensure higher yield productivity and profitability to your farming business. 
  • Kubota is a quality brand that uses high-quality raw materials to manufacture its tractors. Hence, their tractor lasts long and needs relatively less maintenance.
  • Their tractor models come at a very aggressive price point. The tractor models is quite affordable even for a small and marginal farmer. Moreover, the specially engineered engine results in amazing fuel efficiency and higher mileage.
  • Kubota is a giant company that is not limited to the manufacturing of tractors and implements. The brand also manufactures combine harvester, transplanter, power tiller and engines.
  • kubota harvester price in India, Available at affordable cost. 

What are the Kubota machinery available in India?

As mentioned above, Kubota also manufactures combine harvester, transplanter, power tiller and engines. So here they are:

Kubota Tractor

Kubota MU4501 2WD is a feature-packed and advanced tractor model of the brand. The tractor model delivers exceptional performance in the field. This Kubota tractor equipped with many unique features, which makes this tractor model highly productive. Along with this, the low fuel consumption engine provides economical mileage in the field.

  • HP – 45 HP
  • Engine Capacity – 2434 CC 
  • PTO HP – 38.3 HP 
  • Gearbox – 8F+4R

Kubota Harvester

Kubota DC-68G-HK is a powerful combine harvester by Kubota. This is also among India’s best selling paddy harvester machines. This harvester machine delivers optimal performance in various conditions, such as deep paddies featuring wider crawlers, and it easily handles fallen crops.

  • 68 HP Diesel Engine
  • HydroStatic Transmission 
  • Large 1250 Litre Grain Tank 
  • 60 Litre Fuel Tank Capacity

Kubota Rice Transplanter

Kubota NSP 6W is the most popular transplanter. It offers outstanding operational efficiency and enhances profitability in your farming business. Kubota NSP is an ideal choice for Indian farmers. It delivers top-class performance and incredible durability. Moreover, this Kubota transplanter is very affordably priced in India.

  • Overhead Value Gasoline Engine 
  • Large Diameter Wheels 
  • Automatically Adjustable Height 
  • Seedling Friendly Transplanting Method

Kubota Power Tiller

Kubota PEM140DI is a pretty powerful power tiller. This tiller is highly capable of working continuously at high RPM. This tiller is equipped with mixed-curve blades. It can efficiently till the soil deeper up to 12 cm in dryland and 15 cm in the wetland. The pre-attached 80 cm width rotary helps to spread power during soil pulverization.

  • Better Land Optimization 
  • High Durability 
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Less Fuel Consumption

Kubota Engine

Kubota also manufactures engines for Industrial and generator purposes. They have an in-house engine manufacturing plant in which they manufacture highly advanced and efficient engines. Z482-E2B is the latest and greatest diesel engine.

  • 2 Cylinder Engine 
  • In-line Fuel Pump
  • 3600 Engine Rated RPM
  • Indirect Injection Combustion System

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  1. This infographic includes Kubota tractor, Kubota combine harvester, Kubota transplanter, Kubota power tiller and Kubota engine.  
  2. In this, we are going to show the key features of Kubota’s Machinery. 
  3. We are providing you with complete information about all the Kubota machinery in India. 

Top 5 Kubota Machinery

So these are the Kubota machinery available in India. We hope you get enough information about the Kubota machinery from this infographic. For more information, stay tuned with TractorGuru

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