India’s Top 5 Popular Brands of Tractor Tyres

India's Top 5 Popular Brands of Tractor Tyres

Science and modern technology have made everyone’s life easier and less complex, including the farming community. Furthermore, farmers no longer need to shed their blood and sweat to produce crops and harvest. One of the scientific inventions is the tractor, an essential agricultural tool that aids a farmer in agriculture. Moreover, Tractor tyres are the Tractor’s Best Companion as they ensure field safety. So, a good quality tyre is required to handle the weight of heavy equipment in contemporary farming.

Learn more about Tractor Tyres Brands and their History!

The farming industry uses different tyres for various agricultural tasks. Tractor Brands manufactures a variety of tractor-mounted tyre types for optimal field performance. The tyres are made with high-quality components and supplied everywhere in India. So, for various farm uses, farmers select tyres in a variety of sizes. These products come in a variety of pricing points and ranges.

So, for top tyre manufacturing companies in India, you can visit Tractor Guru to replace the tyres on their tractors. Following are the top five popular brands of tyres existing in the India Market Brand are mentioned-

1. Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres

The headquarters of the Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres Limited is in Gurugram, Haryana. After being incorporated, it opened its first facility at Perambra, Thrissur, Kerala, India. The company currently operates four manufacturing facilities in India, each in the Netherlands and Hungary.

Apollo Tyre, ranked as the seventh-largest tyre maker in the world, encourages farmers to continue working toward their goals and ambitions. Hence, the Tyre Company is India’s most popular tractor tyre brands among other Tractor tyres brands. Hence, Apollo Tyres are the most trusted brand for farmers and is leading the market with over 25% share.

The brand is the leading tyre manufacturer and has consistently produced tractor tyres that are favourable to agriculture. Similarly, they ensure that tyres operate smoothly and provide outstanding traction and safety on roadways and fields. In India, there are over 30 sizes of Apollo tractor tyres.

Popular model names for Apollo Tractor Tyres

Apollo Tractor Tires manufactures a wide range of tractor tyres with exceptional features and specs. Agrex85, FX 212, Apollo Farming, Apollo Krishak Gold, and FX 515 are a few of them. Check out followings. 

2. Good Year Tyres

Good Year Tyres

Frank Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tyres & Rubber Company, an American global tyre manufacturer, in Akron, Ohio, in 1898. Goodyear produces tyres for various vehicles, including cars, light trucks, motorbikes, commercial trucks, SUVs, race cars, farm machinery, heavy earthmoving equipment, and aeroplanes.

This popular tractor tyre corporation was named after the American inventor of vulcanised rubber, Charles Goodyear. Because they were simple to disassemble and required little maintenance, Goodyear tyres quickly gained popularity. Above all, good Year Tyre is a reputable company that offers products of standard quality for practical and effective use in the fields.

This is why, the ideal option for all farmers is the Good Year Tractor Tyre manufacturers. Tractor driving on the field made easy by the smooth ride of Good Year tyres. Moreover, good Year Tyres are specifically build to work on Indian terrain. Therefore, Good Year tyres are more affordable for all marginal farmers.

Since tyres are a crucial component of contemporary farming, India’s Good Year Tractor Tyre Price significantly impacts small farmers.

Popular model names for Good Year Tractor Tyres

Good Year Tyres are Agrimax Elos, BKT Commander, BKT Tyre Commander, and BKT Farm. 

3. CEAT Tyre


Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino was the name under which Virginio Bruni Tedeschi established the business in Italy in 1924. On March 10, 1958, CEAT Tyres of India was incorporated in Mumbai. The CEAT Tyre firm first worked in collaboration with the Tata Group.

The CEAT Tyres brand produces reliable and high-quality tyres at a reasonable cost and is counted among one of the best tyre company in India.

So that, CEAT tyres provides extreme comfort, whether operating a tractor on the road or in the fields. An excellent rubber creates CEAT tyres, which offer the best field traction. Lastly, the CEAT Ayushman Tyre is the best-selling tyre in the company’s line of tractor tyres. CEAT tyres are the ideal and best choice for all types of tractors.

Popular model names for CEAT Tractor Tyres

CEAT AAYUSHMAAN R1 and CEAT AAYUSHMAAN F2 are the top front and rear-selling models of the CEAT Tyre Brand, largest Tractor Tyre Company in India.

4. MRF Tyres

MRF Tyres

Mammen Mappillai founded Madras Rubber Factory in 1946 as a toy balloon manufacturing facility in Tiruvottiyur, Madras (now Chennai). The company’s current logo created in 1964, and in 1967 it exported tyres to the USA for the first time in India.

For farmers, the MRF Tyres brand produces durable, high-quality tyres at affordable Tractorble prices and made farming easier and increased output. The brand has now manufactured the best tyres for tractors in market.

MRF Indian Tractor Tyre company established business with a substantial distribution network across the nation. The cutting-edge features in the MRF tractor tyres brand will undoubtedly increase your farm’s output. So, farmers have a great demand for tractors manufactured by MRF Tyre. MRF Tractor Tyre Price in India is the lowest among all Tyre brands in India. Since its establishment company never turned back and always gained popularity with its extensive range. 

Popular model names for MRF Tractor Tyres

MRF Pehalwan, MRF Power Tiller (Shakti) 6.00–12, MRF Shakti Life 14.9–28, MRF Shakti Super 12.4–28, and MRF Trailer 707 are a few of the more well-known MRF tractor tyres in India (Shakti).

For farmers, the MRF Tyres brand offers durable, high-quality tyres at affordable prices. As a result, farmers’ workloads made more manageable, and their output grew.

5. Birla Tyres

Birla Tyres

Birla Tyres, one of the tyre manufacturers in India, was founded in 1991 as a division of Kesoram Industries Limited and Birla Tyres, a division of Kesoram Industries Limited. Thenceforth, it worked together to produce and develop its tyres with tyre producer Pirelli.

The Birla Company produces tyres for cars, motorcycles, trucks, farm equipment, and large earthmoving machines. Birla’s goal is to provide people with durable, high-quality tyres at affordable prices to protect and make their lives more secure on the road. 

Generally, Birla Tyres has evolved into a fantastic tyre manufacturing company due to its production and evolution. So, the ideal tractor tyre brand in India for farming needs is the BIRLA Tractor Tyre because it provides excellent traction on any surface.

With a fair BIRLA Tractor Tyre Price, farmers can purchase the best tractor tyre in India for their needs. Birla Tires has established a steadfast place in the hearts of its customers.

Popular model names for Birla Tractor Tyres

The best Birla tractor tyres brand for farm use are CHAKRA, FRAM HAUL PLATINA, and SHAAN series, among others.

Hence, these are the top 5 tractor tyre brands in India to choose the right tractor tyre for your farm. To give farmers the greatest and highest-performing tyres at reasonable prices, tractor tyre companies in India manufacturers strive to deliver the goods. 

Above all, comparing the characteristics and doing a quality check before purchasing a tractor tyre for your farming operation is advisable. Additionally, on our website, you may look for the tractor tyres brand, the specific model and the tractor tyre price list in India– the prices, specifications, and complete details of each tractor model presented.

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