Top 5 Solis 4WD Tractor Models In India 2024: Explore Price & Features

Top 5 Solis 4wd Tractor Models in India

Solis 4WD tractors ensure higher crop output for farmers, leading to higher income. The Solis 4-wheel drive tractors have top-quality features and specifications, fulfilling the needs of modern farmers. They offer superior traction, control and precision for better operation.

As a result, they are best for both commercial fields and mini farms, as these surfaces are challenging. Moreover, the Solis 4WD tractor price list in India is according to the Indian farmers.

Best 5 Solis 4WD Tractor Price List in India: Features & Mileage

This blog will explore the top 5 Solis 4 by 4 tractor price list in India and their specifications to boost crop productivity. Let’s have a look at these power-packed Solis 4by4 tractors.

1. Solis 5515 E 4WD 

SOLIS 5515 E 4WD

The Solis 5515 E 4WD is one of the top-selling 4-wheel drive tractors in India. It gives high performance in every farming field for efficient crop production. This Solis 4WD tractor offers higher traction and power with both axles for agricultural operations.

It has a 4-cylinder engine with 4087 CC capacity, delivering 2000 RPM at 55 HP. Moreover, the dual-clutch transmission gives a seamless farming experience with 10 forward + 5 reverse gears.

It has a multi-disc outboard oil-immersed braking system with power steering for better control. The tractor’s 47.3 horsepower PTO with IPTO and reverse PTO is perfect for small to medium farming fields. However, this Solis 4WD tractor price in India suits every Indian farmer.

2. Solis YM 348A 4WD  

Solis YM 348A 4WD  


The Solis YM 348A 4WD is a tractor model that will significantly boost farming with higher production. Its 4-wheel drive flawlessly performs every agricultural operation on uneven surfaces. The 48 HP, 4-cylinder engine generates an output of 2100 RPM, helping farmers carry out production of crops faster. Fitted with power steering, this Solis tractor 4WD helps in smoother handling for farmers.

Moreover, the 41.2 HP PTO operates every farming implement for various tasks in the crop field. Also, a large fuel tank capacity helps farmers operate this Solis tractor for longer in the field. This best Solis 4 by 4 tractor has a well-functioning hydraulic lifting capacity of 1450 kg to lift farming machines. Along with these features, this Solis 4WD tractor on road price is economical for crop growers in India.

3. Solis 5024 S 4WD

SOLIS 5024 S 4WD

Solis 5024 S 4WD is a four-wheel drive tractor suitable for commercial to medium farms. It has numerous features to improve crop productivity. The 4-wheel drive of this Solis tractor makes it easier to perform farming activities such as ploughing on challenging surfaces.

The Solis 5024 S 4WD offers unmatched performance in every farming operation, leading to higher earnings. As a result, this 4WD tractor from Solis is preferable to perform effortlessly in wet farming fields.

The tractor has a 50 HP engine with 3 cylinders and a 3065 CC capacity. This tractor comes with power steering, offering control with higher precision on any farming terrain, and has a double-clutch transmission. The 43 HP PTO of this Solis 4×4 tractor is ideal for various farm implements, making it a cost-effective farming vehicle. However, this Solis 4WD tractor in India suits every farming field.

4. Solis YM 342A 4WD

Solis YM 342A 4WD

The Solis YM 342A 4WD is one of the most powerful tractors from the house of Solis. This tractor model has a 4-cylinder, 42-horsepower engine with 2190 CC capacity. It gives a remarkable performance in every farming operation. The 4-wheel drive of this Solis tractor is prominent for performing on slippery and uneven fields.

The synchro-reverse transmission gives smooth driving with less vibrations and noise. Also, the dry air filter of the engine of this Solis 4WD tractor model eases farming operations while ensuring engine health. However, this 4 by 4 Solis tractor price in India is according to the budget of farmers in India.

5. Solis 5015 E 4WD 

SOLIS 5015 E 4WD

The Solis 5015 E 4WD is another popular tractor in India with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. Its 3-cylinder engine generates a power of 50 HP. This 4WD tractor from Solis is suited for a wide range of agricultural applications. Furthermore, the dual/single clutch transmission helps in a hassle-free farming experience.

The multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes register proper safety for farmers. The 43 HP PTO is compatible with medium to large-scale farming fields. At the same time, a power steering column offers controlled steering in every agricultural land. Therefore, this Solis 4 by 4 tractor suits every agricultural operation.

The Final Thoughts

This was a detailed description of the top 5 Solis 4WD tractors in India. The technologically advanced features of the Solis 4WD tractors make them reliable for catering to every farming need. As a result, selecting a Solis four-wheel drive tractor will positively impact crop production.

Every 4×4 Solis tractor will take the farming experience to another level, ranging from a
Solis mini tractor to a for commercial farms. So, choose a Solis 4 By 4 tractor to earn higher profits with less investment.

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