Top 5 Solis Tractors In India – Prices & Specifications

Top 5 Solis Tractors In India - Prices & Specifications

Solis tractors – the most powerful and durable tractor range!

Solis is the most common name in agriculture as it is considered one of the most popular tractor manufacturers. The company is a very important part of Sonalika Group (International Tractors Ltd). The foundation of the company was set in 1959 by Dr Mittal. Later, in 2005 Solis tied up with Yanmar, Japan. Today, this collaboration has high popularity and a special place in the Indian agriculture sector. Solis tractor brand manufactures many tractor models for farming purposes, ranging from 27 hp – 60 hp. These tractors are a dream partner for agriculture-related tasks. Solis tractors model deliver full potential in every kind of task and field. Therefore, for your convenience in this, we will show the top 5 Solis tractors in India with price and specifications.

How Are Solis Tractors Profitable For Agriculture?

As we know, Solis offers a wide range of tractors that are beneficial for agriculture. Also, we know that Solis is the first company that launched CRDi technology in tractors. That’s why Yanmar Solis tractors are more efficient and stronger to perform various farming operations. They deliver full potential to handle industrial as well as agriculture tasks. Along with this, the design of Solis models is mind-blowing, attracting almost every farmer, whether it’s an old or young age. They all are loaded with innovative and unique features that make them suitable for farming operations. In addition, Solis tractor price is low and affordable, ranging from Rs. 5.23 – Rs. 8.70 lakhs*. With these excellent features, it is one of the favourites in the Indian farmers community.

Top 5 Solis Tractor Models In India

As we mentioned, Solis produces the broadest range of tractors. Do you want to know about these tractors? If yes, check the below section as here we show the top 5 Solis tractor models in India with specifications and prices. So let’s start and have an eye on these popular and ideally excellent Solis tractor models.

1. Solis Hybrid 5015 E Tractor

Solis Hybrid 5015 E Tractor

The first tractor on the list is Solis Hybrid 5015 E. Solis Hybrid 5015 E is the most popular and finest tractor model. It is robust and durable to handle all the farming solutions. The Solis tractor delivers high performance and economical mileage. Solis tractor 50 hp price is fixed according to the farmers.

  • The tractor model has 50 hp power and comes with a 3-cylinders engine to handle rugged fields.
  • It has a dual or single clutch, which provides smooth and easy-to-use functioning. Also, it has a robust gearbox with 10 forward & 5 reverse gears.
  • Solis Hybrid 5015 E is loaded with power steering, which provides smooth handling and fast response.
  • In addition, it comes with multi-disc oil-immersed brakes to protect the operator from accidents.

Solis 5015 tractor price in India is Rs. 7.30- 7.70 lakhs*.

2. Solis 4515 E Tractor

Solis 4515 E Tractor

The second tractor on the list is Solis 4515 E. Solis 4515 E is a durable and reliable tractor model. This tractor has all the qualities which help in farming fields.

  • It is a 48 hp tractor that comes with 3-cylinders engines, making it robust and powerful.
  • The Solis Yanmar tractor has a 55-litre fuel tank and a 2000 Kg lifting capacity.
  • Tractor solis comes with a constant mesh single or dual-clutch and powerful gearbox with 10 forward & 5 reverse gears.
  • Solis 4515 tractor is loaded with multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes to prevent slippage. It comes with 2wd and 4wd variants.
  • The tractor comes with an advanced cooling system that prevents the overheating of the engine.

Solis tractor price is Rs. 6.30-7.90 lakhs*, affordable and cheap for all.

3. Solis 2516 SN Tractor

Solis 2516 SN Tractor

The third tractor on the list is Solis 2516 SN. It is the most efficient mini tractor in India as it has all the qualities to handle garden and small farm operations. Moreover, Solis compact tractor is fuel-efficient and known as a money saver.

  • Solis 2516 SN tractor is a 27 hp tractor with 3-cylinders and 1318 CC engine, handling unfavourable farming conditions like weather, climate, surface and soil.
  • It comes with a single clutch and power steering, which provides easy-to-use functioning and smooth handling.
  • This tractor has 28-litre fuel tanks, which provide high fuel efficiency and save extra money.
  • For protecting all tractor drivers, this tractor comes with multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes.

Solis mini tractor price is Rs. 5.23 lakhs*, which is economical and pocket-friendly for farmers.

4. Solis 4215 E Tractor

Solis 4215 E Tractor

The fourth tractor on the list is Solis 4215 E. It is the reliable and strongest tractor of Solis tractor company. This tractor has all the qualities which help in agriculture tasks. It provides a guarantee of high productivity which means profitable farming. Along with this, Solis tractor 4215 price is budget-friendly for them.

  • This tractor model comes with 43 hp power and a 3-cylinders engine, providing durability during task performance. The powerful engine generates 1800 RPM.
  • It has a single or dual-clutch with a robust gearbox with 10 forward & 5 reverse gears.
  • Solis tractor India comes with Multi Disc Outboard Oil Immersed Brakes to prevent accidents and slippage.
  • Solis tractor in India has power steering, providing smooth handling and fast response.
  • With a 55-litre fuel tank, it can work for a long time, resulting in high production.

Solis tractor price in India is Rs. 6.50-6.90 lakhs*.

5. Solis 5015 E Tractor

 Solis 5015 E Tractor

The fifth and last tractor on the list is Solis 5015 E. It is one of the best tractors which is made according to the farmers and farming fields. This tractor is made with CRDi technology and loaded with innovative features. Solis tractor 50 hp price is pocket-friendly for farmers.

  • It is a 50 hp tractor and comes with a 3-cylinders engine, handling rugged fields and sloped surfaces.
  • The tractor engine has the best cooling system and air filters, which keeps the internal system of the tractor cool and dust-free.
  • This tractor has power steering and multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes, which ensure fast response and safety.
  • It has a 2000 Kg lifting capacity to lift loads and farming implements.

Solis 5015 price is Rs. 7.20-8.10 lakhs*, which is reasonable and fair for Indian farmers.

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  • This infographic provides information about the top 5 Solis tractor models in India – Price & Specifications. 
  • It consists of horsepower, number of cylinders, fuel tank and price of the popular Solis tractor models. 
  • Top 5 Solis tractor models include Solis Hybrid 5015 E, Solis 4515 E, Solis 2516 SN, Solis 6024 S and Solis 4215 E. 

Top 5 solis tractor in india infographic

These are the top 5 trending Solis tractors in India. We hope this list helps you to get your desired Solis tractor. For getting a complete solis tractors price list, visit TractorGuru. Also here, you can get Solis tractor dealers, Used Solis tractors for sale, new Solis tractor, Solis series, Solis tractor review and Solis 4wd tractor.

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