Popular Kartar Tractor: Price & Specification

Popular Kartar Tractor: Price & Specification

Popular Kartar tractors are highly valued by farmers worldwide for their strength and reliability, making them an indispensable choice for agricultural tasks. Whether managing a small or large farm, Popular Kartar tractors excel in various jobs such as plowing fields or transporting heavy loads.

These tractors stand out for their affordability. They offer impressive features at a reasonable price that is accessible to a wide range of farmers. Moreover, their simple maintenance requirements help farmers save both time and money.

In this blog, we delve deeper into Popular Kartar tractors, exploring what makes them exceptional and why farmers should consider them. Join us as we discover how Popular Kartar tractors are simplifying farming with their durability, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

Popular Kartar Tractor Models

Kartar tractors have farmer-friendly features for crop production, which give them high
performance and efficiency. Let’s look at the Popular Kartar tractors.

1. Kartar 5936


The Kartar 5936 tractor features a 60 HP engine with 4 cylinders and a 4160 CC displacement. It comes equipped with oil-immersed brakes and power steering for smooth handling. Its 12-speed forward and 12-speed reverse gearbox, along with an Independent Clutch and Carraro-type transmission, ensure efficient operation.

This tractor supports farmers in various farming tasks, providing the power and control necessary to manage fields effectively. The Kartar 5936 HP tractor offers robust features and reliable performance, making it a valuable asset for farmers aiming to enhance productivity and simplify agricultural operations. Prices for the Kartar 5936 range from ₹10.80 Lakh to ₹11.15 Lakh.

2. Kartar 5136


The KARTAR 5136 tractor features a sturdy 50 HP engine that provides ample power for a wide range of farming tasks, including plowing and hauling. Its three cylinders ensure smooth and efficient operation, which boosts productivity on the farm. With a 3120 CC capacity, the tractor delivers robust performance, capable of handling tough terrain and heavy loads effortlessly.

For enhanced safety, the Oil Immersed Brakes offer reliable braking even in challenging conditions. Moreover, the power steering mode enables effortless maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue and improving overall efficiency during farming operations.

3. Kartar 5936 2WD

5936 2WD

The KARTAR 5936 2WD tractor comes with a strong 60 HP engine, providing 51 HP to the PTO, which suits a variety of farming activities. Its 2WD capability ensures superior traction and performance on different types of terrain. Equipped with a 12-forward and 12-reverse gear transmission, it offers flexibility and easy operation.

It incorporates oil-infused brakes for reliable braking under any conditions, emphasizing safety and precise control. Priced between ₹ 9,45,000 and ₹ 9,85,000, this model is a smart investment for farmers. The KARTAR 5936 2WD supports activities like plowing, planting, and hauling, serving as a versatile asset to enhance farm productivity.

4. Kartar 5136 Plus 4WD

5136 Plus 4WD

The KARTAR 5136 Plus 4WD tractor features a robust 50 HP engine, offering sufficient power for a range of farming activities, including plowing and hauling. Its three cylinders ensure smooth and efficient performance, enhancing productivity on the farm. With a capacity of 3120 CC, the tractor delivers robust performance, capable of handling rugged terrain and heavy loads effortlessly.

For improved safety, the Oil Immersed Brakes offer reliable braking even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the power steering mode allows for easy maneuverability, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall efficiency during farming operations.

5. Kartar 4536


The Kartar 4536 is priced between ₹6,80,000 and ₹7,50,000 and features a robust 45 HP engine with a 3120 CC capacity and 3 cylinders, delivering maximum power output. It is equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, and can lift up to 1800 kg. This model is distinguished by its combination of power and affordability, setting it apart from other series. It supports farmers by providing the necessary strength and versatility for tasks such as plowing, planting, and hauling, thereby enhancing overall farm productivity and efficiency.

6. Kartar 5036 4WD

5036 4WD

The Kartar 5036 4 WD tractor, priced between ₹8,85,000 and ₹9,20,000, is a powerful and versatile farming machine. With a 50 HP engine and 43 PTO HP, it efficiently handles various attachments. Its 4WD system offers excellent traction on all terrains, making it ideal for muddy or uneven fields. The tractor features 8 forward and 8 reverse gears, providing flexibility and control for different tasks. Oil-immersed brakes ensure smooth and reliable stopping power.

What sets the Kartar 5036 4 WD apart is its combination of power and advanced features. The 4WD system enhances adaptability, ensuring consistent performance in diverse conditions. This tractor boosts farmers’ productivity by efficiently handling plowing, tilling, and harvesting tasks. Its robust engine and reliable PTO make it a valuable asset, while the 4WD capability ensures smooth operation in challenging conditions, ultimately improving overall farm efficiency and results.

7. Kartar 4536 Plus 2WD

4536 Plus 2WD

The Kartar 4536 Plus 2WD tractor is a reliable and cost-effective choice for farmers, with prices ranging from ₹5,78,000 to ₹6,20,000. It has a 45 HP engine and a PTO HP of 39.29, providing enough power for a variety of farming tasks. The tractor features a 2WD system, making it suitable for standard farming conditions. It comes with 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, offering flexibility for different operations. Additionally, it is equipped with power steering, ensuring easy and smooth handling.

What sets the Kartar 4536 Plus 2WD apart is its affordability combined with robust features. The power steering makes maneuvering the tractor effortless, reducing fatigue during long hours of work. This tractor is perfect for tasks like plowing, planting, and transporting materials around the farm. Its strong engine and reliable PTO enable efficient operation of attachments, enhancing overall productivity.

8. Kartar 4036


The Kartar 4036 is a utility tractor with a 40 HP engine, offering ample power and durability for various farming tasks. It features 3 cylinders for improved fuel efficiency and a robust 2430 CC engine that ensures optimal performance. Equipped with oil-immersed brakes for strong grip and manual steering for precise control, it handles well on the field.

The gearbox includes 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, providing flexibility and efficient power management. The transmission system features a single clutch and partial constant mesh type, ensuring smooth operation. With a 55-litre fuel tank, the Kartar 4036 can work for long hours without needing frequent refuelling.

9. Kartar 5036


The Kartar 5036 tractor is a robust and reliable machine with a powerful 50 HP engine and 3 cylinders. Its impressive 3120 CC engine capacity ensures good mileage on the field, making it highly efficient for farming tasks. This tractor is in high demand due to its durability and performance.

The Kartar 5036 features a Dual clutch with Collar Shift and Synchron transmission, providing smooth and easy gear shifts. Its speed range is 2.82 to 32.66 Kmph, allowing farmers to operate it efficiently for various tasks. With a 55-liter fuel tank, it can work for long hours without needing frequent refueling.

Priced between ₹8,10,000 and ₹8,45,000, the Kartar 5036 is affordable and offers great value for money. Its unique features, such as the powerful engine and advanced transmission, set it apart from other tractors.

10. Kartar 5136 CR

5136 CR

The Kartar 5136 CR tractor is a reliable and efficient choice for farmers. It has a powerful 50 HP engine and 3 cylinders. The engine capacity of 3120 CC ensures good mileage, making it economical to run in the field. The price of the Kartar 5136 CR ranges from ₹ 7,65,000 to ₹ 8,25,000, offering good value for its features.

What makes the Kartar 5136 CR different from other tractors is its combination of power and fuel efficiency. The 3120 CC engine capacity not only provides strong performance but also ensures better mileage, saving fuel costs in the long run.

This tractor helps farmers by being versatile and suitable for various tasks such as plowing, tilling, and hauling. Its powerful engine ensures that it can handle heavy-duty work, while its fuel efficiency helps reduce operational costs. Overall, the Kartar 5136 CR enhances productivity and is a cost-effective solution for modern farming needs.


In conclusion, Kartar tractors are highly regarded for their reliability and performance. Popular models like the Kartar 4536, Kartar 5136, and Kartar 5936 are designed to meet diverse farming needs. The Kartar 4536, with its 45 HP engine and 1800 kg lifting capacity, excels in tasks like plowing and planting.

The Kartar 5136, with 50 HP and advanced gear options, is ideal for hauling and heavy-duty operations. The powerful Kartar 5936, with 60 HP, is perfect for large-scale farming. These tractors help farmers enhance productivity and efficiency, making them essential for various farming implements.

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