Popular Solis Tractor Models in India: Price & Specifications


International Tractors Limited (ITL) manufactures the popular Solis tractor models. These tractors offer durability, performance, and affordability for diverse farming needs. They also feature powerful engines, advanced hydraulics, and ergonomic designs. The brand’s models, like Solis 5015 E and Solis 6024 S, are designed to cater to various agricultural tasks. 

Furthermore, Solis tractor models provide excellent value for its owners by combining robust build and low maintenance. Farmers across the world trust the soil tractors. Also, the brand continues to innovate and expand its product lineup with changing farming requirements. Its versatile and reliable tractors are ideal for small—to large-scale operations. 

In this blog, we have listed the Popular Solis Tractor models. The listing includes best-selling Solis tractors in India, as well as their uses, features, and prices.

Most Popular Solis Tractor Price in India 

This section provides you with all Solis Tractor models in India. Compare the prices and specifications of these popular Solis tractor models and pick your ideal farming partner. 

  1. Solis 4215 E 4WD


The Solis 4215 E 4WD is one of the best Solis tractor models in India. It combines power and agility, making it perfect for a variety of farming tasks. In addition, its advanced features and four-wheel drive capability ensure optimal performance in diverse farming conditions. 

Furthermore, the Solis 4215 E 4WD has a 3-cylinder engine that delivers 1800 RPM at 43 HP. The Fully Synchromesh transmission, with 10 forward and 5 reverse gears, provides a seamless farming experience. 

Solis 4215 E 4WD has multidisc outboard OIB brakes and power steering for better control. The tractor’s 39.5 horsepower PTO is perfect for small to medium farming fields. However, this Solis 4215 E 4WD price starts from Rs 7,70,000 and goes up to Rs. 8,10,000. 

2. Solis 4215 E


The Solis 4215 E is a strong and versatile tractor that offers reliable performance and efficiency in diverse farming tasks. It is powered by a 3-cylinder, 43-hp engine that delivers 1800 RPM. Therefore, this popular Solis tractor provides consistent performance with better fuel efficiency. 

The Solis 4215 E offers 39.4 hp PTO power to lift and operate farming implements weighing around 2000kg. This Solis tractor’s price in India starts at Rs. 6,60,000 and goes up to Rs. 7,10,000. 

Moreover, this tractor’s fully synchromesh transmission with dual clutch allows smooth gear shifting. This popular Solis tractor has a gearbox configuration of 10 F and 5 R for seamless power delivery required for farming tasks. For safety and better control, this tractor has a multidisc outboard OIB and power steering. 

3. Solis 5515 E

5515 E

The Solis 5515 E is a high-performance tractor with a powerful engine and advanced features. It ensures optimal productivity and reliability on the field. Its 4-cylinder, 4087cc engine generates a maximum power of 55 hp at 2000 RPM, which is responsible for such outstanding performance. 

In addition, the power steering of this popular Solis tractor model offers control with higher precision on any farming terrain. The Synchromesh transmission with dual clutch and 10 F+ 5 R gearbox configuration ensures seamless power delivery. 

On the other hand, this Solis 5515 E tractor’s 49 hp PTO makes it ideal for various farming implements. Its price ranges from Rs. 8,20,000 to Rs. 8,90,000.

4. Solis YM 348A 4WD


The Solis YM 348A 4WD is a robust and versatile tractor, perfect for handling challenging farming tasks. Its four-wheel drive capability ensures superior traction and stability on various terrains. This popular Solis tractor has a 4-cylinder, 48-hp engine with a capacity of 3054cc. The Synchro-Reverser transmission with dual clutch provides smooth driving with fewer vibrations and noise.

Moreover, the Solis YM 348A 4WD features oil-immersed brakes and power steering for confident driving on varied terrains. The 41.2 hp PTO of this tractor allows the operator to use a variety of farming implements. This popular Solis tractor is priced between Rs 9,20,000 and Rs. 9,35,000. 

5. Solis 4415 E 2WD 

4415 2wd TG

The Soils 4415 E 2WD is one of the most popular Solis tractor models in India. It has a 3-cylinder, 45 hp engine producing 1800 RPM. The dry-type air filter with coolant cooling ensures the engine’s long life. 

Additionally, this Solis tractor model features a dual-clutch for smooth gear shifting while driving. Its gearbox configuration of 10 F and 5 R  ensures seamless power delivery on each gear. The Solis 4415 E 2WD can reach a top speed of 36.02 kmph in the forward direction. 

Furthermore, the Solis 4415 E 2WD features power steering for better control and oil-immersed brakes for efficient braking. This soil tractor model’s 37.8 hp PTO power provides compatibility with various farm implements. Farmers can perform diverse agricultural operations using farming implements weighing around 2000kg. The company offers a 5-year warranty on this tractor, which is available for purchase at Rs. 6,80,000 to Rs. 7,25,000.

6. Solis 7524 S


The Solis 7524 S is a high-performance tractor that effortlessly performs heavy-duty farming tasks. Its exceptional power, advanced features, and ergonomic design make it ideal for maximizing productivity in the field. This popular Solis tractor has a powerful 75-hp engine. The engine consists of 4 cylinders and a displacement capacity of 4712cc, which produces 290 NM torque. 

Moreover, this Popular Solis tractor in India has a constant mesh transmission with a dual clutch for smooth operation. The Multidisc Outboard OIB brakes and Dual-Acting Power Steering provide a confident driving experience.

Additionally, the Solis 7524 S tractor offers 63 HP PTO power and a 60-litre fuel tank capacity. This tractor is compatible with various farming implements and has a lifting capacity of 2500kg. With all these farmer-friendly features, this Popular Solis tractor model price ranges from Rs. 10,50,000 to Rs. 11,42,000 in India. 

7. Solis 4415 E 4WD

4415 4wd TG

The Soils 4415 E 4WD is a reliable tractor available for purchase in India at Rs. 8,40,000 to Rs. 8,90,000. This popular Solis tractor model can help farmers increase crop production and perform diverse agricultural operations easily. The Soils 4415 E 4WD has a 3-cylinder, 44 HP engine that generates 1800 RPM. The dry-type air filter and coolant cooling ensure the tractor’s functionality for a long duration without hassle. 

Additionally, this Popular Solis 4415 E 4WD tractor has a dual-clutch type transmission with a 10 F and 8 R gearbox. This gearbox setup ensures seamless power delivery in each gear. Also, this tractor has a 37.8 hp PTO that is enough to lift and operate various farming implements. The operator can perform farming tasks like ploughing, tilling, and hauling with suitable implements that weigh around 2000kg. 

Popular Solis Tractor Price List IN India 2024

The table below shows other popular Solis tractor models for sale in India and their appealing features. These Solis tractor models in India cover different budget requirements. Compare their prices and features and choose your ideal tractor.

Model Name Key Features Price Range 
Solis 4515 E




  • Horsepower: 48 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Single/ Dual Clutch 
  • Engine rated RPM: 1900 RPM 

Rs. 6.90 – Rs. 7.40 lakh

Solis 6024 S




  • Horsepower: 60 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 4
    Clutch: Dual/ Double Clutch 
  • Engine rated RPM: 2100 RPM 

Rs. 8.70 – Rs. 10.42 lakh

Solis 5024 S 4WD




  • Horsepower: 50 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Dual/ Double Clutch 
  • Engine rated RPM :2000 RPM

Rs. 8.80 – Rs. 9.30 lakh

Solis 5015 E 




  • Horsepower: 50 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Dual/Single 
  • Engine rated RPM: 2000 RPM 

Rs. 7.45 – Rs. 7.90 lakh

Solis 2516 SN




  • Horsepower: 27 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Single  
  • Engine rated RPM: 2700 RPM 

Rs. 5.50 – Rs. 5.90 lakh

Solis 2216 SN 4WD

2216 SN 4WD TG



  • Horsepower: 24 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Single  
  • Engine rated RPM: 3000 RPM 

Rs. 4.70 – Rs. 4.90 lakh

Solis Hybrid 5015




  • Horsepower: 49 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Dual Clutch  
  • Engine rated RPM: 2000 RPM 

Rs. 7.30 – Rs. 7.70 lakh

Solis 5024 S 2WD




  • Horsepower: 50 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 3
    Clutch: Dual/Double 
  • Engine rated RPM: 2000 RPM  

Rs. 7.80 – Rs. 8.30 lakh

Solis 5724 S

SOLIS 5724 S



  • Horsepower: 57 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 4
    Clutch: Dual  
  • Engine rated RPM: 2000 RPM  

Rs. 8.99 – Rs. 9.49 lakh

Solis YM 342A 4WD




  • Horsepower: 42 HP
  • No. of cylinders: 4
    Clutch: – 
  • Engine rated RPM: 2500 RPM 

Rs. 8.65 – Rs. 8.80 lakh


Solis tractor offers a wide range of tractor models under different HP categories. These popular Solis tractor models feature advanced technology and cutting-edge features to fulfil modern-day farming requirements. Farmers with diverse farming and budget requirements can choose their ideal tractor from these Popular Solis tractor models in India. But before making a decision, checking their features, prices, and uses is important. This blog will help you buy your ideal Solis tractor. For more such top tractor listing blogs, visit Tractor Guru.