VST Series 9 Launched 6 New Mini Tractors In India 2024 – Price & Features

VST Series 9 Launched 6 New Mini Tractors In India 2023 - Price & Features

The world of agriculture is constantly evolving, and so are the tools that drive its progress. In this era of technological advancement, VST is a pioneer in agricultural machinery, consistently pushing limits to improve farming practices. The recent release of the 6 new VST Series 9 tractor models has positively impacted the farming community. These innovative tractor models promise to evolve the way farmers approach their work with cutting-edge technology and impressive specifications that cater to every agricultural need.

VST Series 9 : New 6 Compact Tractor Launched in India

Below are the 6 newly-launched VST Series 9 tractors in India with their complete specifications. 

1. VST 918: Trust of Decades   

VST 918 4WD tractor


The Series 9 VST 918 is engineered to handle farming tasks with ease. Equipped with a robust 18.5 HP, 3-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, it effortlessly ploughs through challenging terrains. This makes it suitable for both commercial and small-scale farms. Its four-wheel-drive system delivers better traction in muddy and uneven surfaces The VST 918 tractor’s 8 Forward + 2 Reverse/6 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox configuration helps with numerous tasks by offering desired speed option. Therefore, choosing this VST Series 9 tractor will be beneficial for farmers. 

2. VST 922: Legacy – Born Again

VST 922 4WD

For farmers seeking precision, the VST 922 Series 9 tractor model stands out. Its 22 HP engine ensures a balance between power and fuel efficiency. This model features a Sliding/Constant Mesh transmission for smooth shifting. VST 922 has an 8/6 Forward + 2 Reverse that enhances accuracy during different farming tasks. The 750/500 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity allows operators to adapt to a range of haulage operations.

3. VST 927: Legacy – Born Again

VST 927 4WD

With a 24 HP, 4-cylinder engine, Series 9 VST 927 offers a seamless farming experience. Its compact design and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears help with varying speeds during operations. This VST tractor’s ADDC hydraulics with 750 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. At the same time, it comes with a Dual PTO for conveniently carrying out farming operations. VST 927 comes with an oil-immersed braking system to ensure rapid stopping of the tractor on every terrain. 

4. VST 929: Dual Track Edition  


As the name suggests, this VST Series 9 tractor is manufactured with adjustable dual-track technology. To cater for the needs of sugarcane farmers with huge land and vineyards with narrow spaces, VST 929 delivers excellent performance. The track width of this tractor can be adjusted to make farming easier in different fields. Moreover, this tractor model offers 28 HP power with a 3-cylinder engine. Also, the 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears provide proper control on inclined surfaces. VST 929 makes farming easier with power steering and 24 litres of fuel tank capacity. 

5. VST 939: Max Tech Range

VST 939 4WD

The VST 939 is another farming tractor from the Series 9 lineup. With a 4WD technology and a 36 HP, 3-cylinder engine, this model is perfect for every farming field. This tractor flaunts VST’s first-in-industry 9 + 3 helical gearbox with synchromesh transmission for better gear transition. It has a 1250 kg lifting capacity and ADDC hydraulics with 3 PTO options– Independent/Mid/Reverse PTO. The VST 939 is ideal for boosting crop productivity with minimal effort, leading to higher profits for farmers. 

6. VST 932: Max Tech Range   

Vst 932


The VST 932 has a power-packed 30 HP engine to fulfil the requirements of every farming field. This Series 9 features ADDC hydraulics with a 1250 kg lifting capacity. Its Synchromesh transmission with double clutch offers the best-in-class gear shifting with precision. This VST Series 9 tractor is also fitted with an oil-immersed braking system. A 540 RPM PTO with power steering is effective for every farming activity. 

The Final Thoughts

As we have described the specifications of the 6 new VST Series 9 tractor models. it becomes evident that VST has truly redefined modern farming equipment. With power-packed models of the VST tractor, crop production will surely be easier. These tractors go beyond the current technology, integrating fuel efficiency to elevate productivity. The Series 9 tractors showcase VST’s commitment to modern agriculture and supporting every farmer for a better lifestyle. Whether you have a large field or a mini farm, there’s a Series 9 tractor waiting to boost your farming experience.

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