Top 10 Farm Machinery in India with Uses and Benefits

Top 10 Farm Machinery in India with Uses and Benefits

Farm machinery always connects to the agriculture mechanical structures and tools which are mainly used in farming. In the agriculture sector, countless types of farm implements are available from manual to power with tractors. But organic and non organic farming separates the different agricultural implements types. 

Agriculture sector is a vital part of India and also a primary source of income for many livelihoods. Nowadays, agriculture practises and modern agricultural technologies take a different place in the employment sector. With the development of many agriculture tractors and machinery technologies, farming methods took a good gap forward.


Farmers have also changed with the time and new technologies. Instead of harvesting grain manually, now farmers do with a fine blade and machines. Now they threshing the grains by machines instead of beating by the sticks. Agriculture machinery has several importance which are as follows. 

Importance of Farm Machinery in India

  1. Farm machinery and equipment comes with high end technology which helps to reduce labour work. 
  1. Agricultural implements or farm machinery works done in the stipulated time and reduced the unnecessary farming time. 
  1. Modern farm machinery and equipment helps to reduce the labour cost and increase the farming profit. 
  1. Implements used in agriculture can boost agriculture production and increase the market’s food production. 

Top 10 Farm Machinery and Equipment in India

After the importance and introduction of agricultural implements tools, here we are with the top 10 agricultural machinery categories. Because it will help you to make your work more accessible and profitable. Check the top 10 best agriculture equipment list with their uses and benefits.

1. Rotavator 


Rotavator is one of the popular agricultural implements. It is a tractor mounted implement and mainly operated to prepare a seedbed in one or two passes. This farm machinery is also known as the rotary tiller, with a series of blades that helps to cut the land, soil clods, pulverising, mixing and levelling the soil.

Rotavator is mainly used to mix and crush the soil before planting and also helps to remove weeds. In addition, it has a big spinning blades series, helping to break up the large pieces of soil, churn, etc., and help remove crop surplus.

  • Function of Rotavator

Rotavator is an agriculture machine designed for preparing land for planting seeds. It also provides the benefits of seed preparation and saves 30 to 35% time. In addition, it offers higher quality work and saves operational costs. The rotavator comes with wheels that operate with the blades behind. As we know the rotavator is a tractor mounted machine with a 3-point linkage system of tractor of 26 KW. Tractor Pto HP provides its power to the tilling unit. All rotavators performs almost the same function, but different models provide different capabilities. 

  • Advantages of Rotavator

  1. The rotavator’s main advantage is that it prepares the land and soil and helps to minimise labour intensive work. Turning the soil from the rotavator offers the maximum nutrients to the plants. The better soil structure makes the crops more productive and provides the highest profit. 
  1. Rotavator is one of the most valuable tractor implements. Its models come in the self-propelled category that can move backwards and forward. In addition, the rotavator farm implements a robust gearbox that allows controlling the speed of the rotavator tractor machinery. 
  1. It comes with a powerful engine and gearbox that makes the rotavator agricultural implements models capable of tilling large areas in a limited time. Owning a rotavator makes farmers self-efficient and confident. At a budget-friendly cost, a farmer can buy the rotavator farm machinery and equipment at TractorGuru. 
  • Rotavator Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy rotavator tractor implements models and check the rotavator agriculture machine price at our website TractorGuru.

1. Shaktiman Regular Light

Power: 25-65 HP

Category: Tillage

2. Swaraj Duravator SLX+

Power: 39 HP & Above

Category: Tillage

2. Cultivator 


Cultivator is a farm implement and mainly used to mix the soil near the crop to enhance the growth and helps to remove weeds. Its main use is to stir, pulverise and loosen the soil before planting the seeds. 

Cultivators, a popular farm machinery invented in the mid 19th century, which the horses pulled. In 1870, farmers used to cultivate their lands with 2 horses, and they could only cultivate around 6 hectares (15 acres). Then, in the 20th century, tractor power machines with rows were invented as a substitute for horses. Cultivator machine could cultivate the same capacity of multiple row planters. 

  • Function of Cultivator

Cultivator is a popular agricultural machinery with short, narrow, slightly curved, pointed steel pieces typical shovels. It also helps to dig into the soil in the same proportion. Its number of shovels used in a single mount depends on the soil types and crops. 

  • Advantages of Cultivator 

  1. Along with the mix up the soil, cultivators aerate the soil and provide good moisture into them. 
  1. It saves the time and reduces the labour work, also ploughing the land. 
  • Cultivator Models With Technical Specifications 

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 1. Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

Power: 30-55

Category : Tillage

2. Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator

Power: 30-95 HP

Category : Tillage

3. Digger 


Digger is used to dig pits for plantation and farm fencing during land preparation. It can dig holes around 800-1300 mm depth. 

  • Function of Digger

Post hole digger is one of the farm tools and equipment that helps to dig the pits for plantation, land preparation and farm fencing purposes. It is ideal for small farms or orchards such as mango, coconut, pomegranate, lemon, etc. Digger is best suitable for all types of soils. 

  • Advantages of Digger 

  1. Post hole diggers are a kind of farm machinery with a small engine, and don’t need any gas to operate. 
  1. Farm implements diggers are easy to use. 
  1. Diggers are ideal for small tasks such as small fields, orchards etc. 
  • Digger Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy Digger farm machinery models and check the Digger agriculture machine price at our website TractorGuru.

 1. Mahindra Post Hole Digger

Power: 35-60 HP

Category: Land Preparation

2. Khedut Tractor Operated Groundnut Digger

Power: 35-55 HP

Category: Harvest

4. Sprayer 


Boom sprayer is the best sprayer farm machinery and most ideal for the same amount of spray over the crops. This sprayer comes with a good quality nozzle and pump for long term use. 

There are 5 types of Sprayers such as:

  • Low-pressure sprayers
  • High-pressure sprayers
  • Foggers
  • Air-carrier sprayers
  • Hand-operated sprayers
  • Functions of Sprayers 

Sprayer is mainly used to apply fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides on the crops. It can be the tractor mounted, which is fixed onto the tractor. A farmer can use the hydraulic motor attached pump sprayer for the farms also.

  • Advantages of Sprayers

There are some reasons you should buy a sprayer for your farms and some benefits that can help you make your farm more profitable. 

  1. Sprayers are more effective and provide maximum work in minimum time.
  1. Required less labour.
  1. It offers many different variations in spraying to protect crops.
  1. It can also cover a vast area in limited time, depending on the sprayer model.
  • Sprayer Models With Technical Specifications 

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Power: 18 HP & Above

Category: Crop Protection


Power: 24 HP & Above

Category: Crop Protection

5. Plough


Plough is used to turn and break the soil and help control weeds and remove the crop surplus. It is a tractor mounted implement, with a combination of fine blades. Helping to lose and cut the soil. 

  • Functions of Plough 

The main purpose of plough is to turn the uppermost soil and bring fresh nutrients to the surface at the time of sowing seeds. Plough is also used for cutting the trenches. Its main task is turning the soil from the upper 12 to 25 centimetres, where the plant roots grow. 

  • Advantages of Plough 

  1. Plough helps to loosen the soil and improve air circulation.
  1. Because of good ploughing, the roots can penetrate deeper into the soil, which can hold the plant firmly.
  1. Ploughing also improves the water supply capacity of the soil.
  • Plough Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy Plough farm machinery models and also check the plough agriculture machine price at our website TractorGuru.

 1. Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB

Power: 45 & HP Above

Category: Tillage

2. Lemken Spinel 200 Mulcher

Power: 50 & Above

Category: Tillage

6. Tractor Combine Harvester

Tractor Combine Harvester

Tractor Combine Harvester performs the harvesting, which includes reaping and threshing and helps to winnow grains.

  • Functions of Tractor Combine Harvester

The tractor combine harvester is a very popular farm machinery designed for efficient harvesting of huge quantities of grain. If you are planning to buy a modern combine harvester, you can cut more than 40 feet wide of a row of grass. Tractor combine harvesting comes from combining three major harvest functions such as reaping, threshing and winnowing.

  • Advantages of Tractor Combine Harvester

Tractor combine harvesters can get more work done properly and more efficiently. It offers the farmers a better productive farm at a lower cost. It can also be used on different areas, fields, dry as well as wet areas. 

  • Tractor Combine Harvester Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy tractor combine harvester farm machinery models and also check the tractor combine harvester agriculture machine price at our website TractorGuru.

 1. Preet 987

Source: Self Propelled

Cutting Width: 14 FEET

2. Mahindra Arjun 605

Source: Tractor Mounted

Cutting Width: 11.81 Feet

7. Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill 

Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Seed Cum Fertiliser Drill is specially used to sow the seeds. It is a tractor drawn attachment, which is capable of sowing different types of seeds and can fertilise the surface at the same time. 

  • Functions of Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Seed Cum Fertiliser Drill keeps the seeds and fertilizer in separate portions. It works as an open furrow at uniform depths. In addition, we use it to deposit the fertilizer and seed in the furrows in a suitable and acceptable pattern. Seed Cum Fertiliser Drill supportable to cover the fertilizer and seed and compact the soil around the seed.

  •  Advantages of Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

  1. Farmers can sow the seeds in many queues together, with the aid to a seed cum fertilizer drill machine.
  1. It can sow the seed deep inside the soil.
  1. Farmers should keep an equal and reasonable distance when sowing the seed.
  1. Seed Cum Fertiliser Drill helpful in saving the labour cost.
  1. You can use it to sow the seeds and fertilizers together in a ratio.
  • Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill models and also check the seed cum fertilizer drill agriculture machine price at our website TractorGuru.

1. Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop -Inclined Plate)

Power: 35-55 HP

Category: Seeding & Plantation

2. Landforce Zero Till Drill (Conventional Model)

Power: 35-45 HP

Category: Seeding & Plantation

8. Baler


Baler is a tractor drawn attachment, used to make the hay and flax straws from crops surplus. 

  • Functions of Baler

A hay baler or baler is a piece of agricultural machinery. We can use it to compress a cut and raked crop (such as flax straw cotton, hay, salt marsh hay, or silage) into compact Baler that are compatible with transporting and storing.

  • Advantages of Baler

  1. Baler is helpful in lowering your waste costs.
  1. You can save space on-site while using the baler.
  1. Baler is also supportable in consuming the time on waste handling cardboard.
  1. It can Improve your green credentials.
  • Baler Models With Technical Specifications 

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 1. John Deere Compact Round Baler

Power: 35- 45 HP & Above

Category: Post Harvest

2. New Holland Small Round Baler

Power: 35-45 HP

Category: Post Harvest

9. Thresher 


Thresher is an equipment which is mainly used to separate the seeds from chaff, husks and straws. 

  • Functions of Thresher

A thresher or threshing machine is a piece of agricultural equipment that is helpful in Thresher grain. In addition, it removes the seeds from the husks and stalks. To do this beats the plant and drops the seed.

  • Advantages of Thresher

  1. Thresher is helpful in less physical labour and more efficiency (amount of grain thresher per amount of time).
  1. It is also useful in less seed breakage because it is opposed to stomping or beating grains.
  1. Thresher machines allowed farmers to clear large forests, remove the grass. It also break up the soil and prepare the site location for farming.
  • Thresher Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy Thresher models and also check the thresher machine price at our website TractorGuru.

1. Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher

Power: 35 HP Minimum

Category: Post Harvest

2. Ks Group Multicrop

Power: 25 HP of Above

Category: Post Harvest

10. Disk harrow 

Disk harrow

Disk harrow is a farming implement and tractor drawn attachment used to prepare the soil for planting and sowing the seeds. Its main use is to break up the soil clods and crusts to make the surface smooth. 

  • Functions of Disk harrow 

A disc harrow is helpful in cutting edges. This harrow is a row of concave metal discs, which can be set at an oblique angle. It is a farm implement; you can use it till the soil where crops are to planted. Disk harrow is also usable in chopping up unwanted weeds or crop residue.

  • Advantages of Disk Harrow 

  1. Disk Harrow breaks up clumps in the soil and surface crust.
  1. It also improves surface uniformity and soil aeration.
  1. Disk Harrow eliminates the weeds and also kills the emerged weeds.
  1. You can adjust the discs to any soil type
  • Disk Harrow Models With Technical Specifications 

Buy Disk Harrow models and also check the disk harrow machine price at our website TractorGuru.

1. Sonalika 6*6

Power: 30-35 HP

Category: Tillage

2. Landforce Trailed Heavy Duty

Power: 50-115 HP

Category: Tillage

These are all about the Top 10 Farm Machinery in India. We hope you like this blog and enjoy reading it. So, if you are planning to buy any farm machinery and equipment at an affordable price. Then you have to check this agricultural implements list for once at TractorGuru. Here, you can find the most popular agricultural machinery and tractors. 

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