Top 7 Tractors Under 10 Lakh In India 2024: Features & Mileage

Top 7 Tractors Under 10 Lakh In India

Are you searching for affordable yet reliable tractors in India? Look no further! We have handpicked the top 7 tractors under 10 lakh In India to assist farmers in making the right choice. We will explore each tractor’s specifications, performance, and cost-effectiveness. As a result, we ensure that farmers get the most value for budget tractors. 

Apart from this, we are providing the top 7 tractors under 10 lakh price list in India. As tractors are one of the crucial components of Indian agriculture, it becomes essential to analyse tractor price before buying the best one for your farm.  

7 Best Tractor Models Under 10 Lakh Price List 2024: Features & Mileage 

This blog will discuss the Top 7 tractors under 10 Lakh on road price and their features. Let’s have a look at these cost-effective 10 Lakh tractors in India.

Swaraj 855 FE 

swaraj 855 FE

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The Swaraj 855 FE is one of the best tractors under 10 Lakh in India. It offers brilliant performance in every farming activity, resulting in higher profits. This Swaraj tractor gives enough power in every agricultural field. It has a 3-cylinder engine with 3478 CC capacity, generating 2000 RPM at 52 HP. Moreover, the constant and sliding mesh transmission gives a seamless operation for farming with a gearbox which has 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. 

It has dry/oil-immersed brakes with power steering for easier handling. The tractor’s 46 horsepower PTO with 6-spline is made for medium to large agricultural fields. As a result, this Swaraj tractor under 10 Lakh in India is perfect for every farmer. However, the Swaraj 855 FE price is Rs. 7.80 to 9.89 lakh in India.

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx 


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The Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is a reliable tractor model under 10 Lakh that will elevate the farming experience for many farmers. It carries out every farming operation without any hassle. The 55 HP, 3-cylinder engine of this tractor produces 2000 RPM, enabling farmers to perform agricultural processes with ease. Fitted with Power Steering, Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is one of the best tractors under 10 Lakh. 

Moreover, the 49 HP PTO can handle most farming implements for crop production. Also, a large fuel tank of 60 litres allows this Farmtrac tractor to perform for a long period. This tractor under 10 lakh has a huge hydraulic lifting capacity of 2500 kg to lift essential farming tools. Apart from these farming features, Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx tractor price is Rs.7.92 to10.17 lakh in India. 

Mahindra Arjun 555 DI

mahindra arjun 555 di

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Mahindra Arjun 555 DI is another 10 Lakh tractor for farming purposes. It has several features that help boost the productivity of farms. This Mahindra tractor makes it easier to perform farming tasks such as ploughing on challenging surfaces. The Mahindra Arjun 555 DI offers excellent power for various farming operations, leading to higher earnings. As a result, this popular Mahindra tractor under 10 Lakh is a profitable investment for every farmer.

The tractor has a 49 HP engine with 3 cylinders and a 3054 CC capacity. It has an optional mechanical/power steering, delivering proper control on every field. Also, it has an FCM (Optional Partial Syncromesh) transmission. The 44.9 HP PTO of this Mahindra tractor is suitable for every farm implement, making it an effective farming tractor under 10 Lakh. However, Mahindra Arjun 555 DI price in India is Rs. 7.80 to 8.05 lakh. 

New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ 


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The New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ is one of the most trusted tractors under 10 Lakh. It has a 3-cylinder, 55-horsepower engine with 2991 CC capacity. It gives an eye-catching performance for a variety of agricultural tasks. This makes it a popular New Holland tractor under 10 Lakh in India. Moreover, the tractor has a dry-type air filter and water-cooled engine, ensuring longevity. 

 The Fully Constant/Partial Synchro mesh transmission of this New Holland tractor under 10 Lakh gives a flawless farming experience. Also, the 60-litre fuel tank capacity ensures a longer duration of operations without the need for constant refuelling. With all these modern features, the New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ price in India is Rs. 8.00 to 11.00 lakh. 

John Deere 5050 D 


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The John Deere 5050 D is also one of the best tractors under 10 Lakh in India for agriculture. Its 3-cylinder engine offers a power of 50 HP. This tractor from John Deere is famous for carrying out various farming activities, including ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Furthermore, the collarshift transmission helps the tractor to perform with reduced noise and vibrations. 

The oil-immersed braking ensures proper safety for the farmer. At the same time, the 42.5 HP PTO is suitable for different farming implements. On the other hand, an optional mechanical/power steering column gives smooth handling in every farming field. Therefore, this John Deere tractor is one of the best choices for various farming tasks. The price of John Deere 5050 D tractor under 10 Lakh is Rs.  7.99 to10.50 lakh in India. 

Massey Ferguson 245 DI 


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The Massey Ferguson 245 DI tractor under 10 Lakh makes it easier for farmers to produce high-quality crops. Its engine with 3-cylinder offers a power of 50 HP. Also, this tractor can define farming to a whole new level. It performs various farming tasks without high fuel consumption. Furthermore, a sliding mesh transmission helps ease gear shifting to obtain the desired speed. 

The dry disc braking system gives proper safety for the operator. Similarly, the 42.5 HP PTO can throttle various farm implements. An optional power/mechanical steering system smoothly handles the tractor on every farming surface. Therefore, this tractor under 10 lakh is best for cost-effective agriculture. Moreover, Massey Ferguson 245 DI price is Rs. 7.17 to 7.74 lakh in India.

Kubota MU4501


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Kubota MU4501 is a tractor which is available under 10 Lakh in India. This tractor is designed for farmers who want to earn higher profits from crop production. Moreover, it has a 4-cylinder engine that offers a power of 45 HP. This tractor from Kubota performs various farming tasks while ensuring less consumption. Speaking further, the synchromesh transmission allows the operator to transition from high to low speeds without hassle. 

The oil-immersed brakes give proper safety for every farmer. Also, a 38.25 HP PTO can handle a bunch of farming implements. A power steering system ensures a fatigue-free drive as it eliminates manual force to steer the tractor. Apart from this, the Kubota MU4501 tractor under 10 Lakh is available for Rs. 8.30 to 9.80 lakh in India.

The Takeaway

These were the Top 7 tractors in India under 10 Lakh. Featuring the best-in-class specifications and justified pricing, all these tractor models marked themselves in the list of top 7 tractors under 10 lakh. With the help of these power-packed tractors, every crop grower can fulfil the rising demand for high-quality crops. As a result, choosing any of these tractors will be a profitable one-time investment for farmers. 

Moreover, this analysis of the best farming tractors under 10 lakh will help numerous farmers to choose the best farming machine. For more updates about agricultural tractors in India, stay tuned with Tractor Guru. 

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