Top 5 Swaraj Mini Tractors Models in India: Price & Specification

Top 5 Swaraj Mini Tractor Models in India

If you’re searching for a mini tractor, you would not want to miss our top 5 picks for Swaraj mini tractors with unbeatable deals! In addition, with different prices and specifications, our list covers the best options for every budget and farming need. Moreover, these tractors are built with durability and reliability, ensuring you can easily tackle any agricultural task. 

Popular 5 Swaraj Mini Tractor Model Price List in India 2024

From compact size to powerful performance, our list has it all. Below, we have covered a wide range of mini tractor models with prices and specifications. So don’t wait to discover the best deals on Swaraj mini tractors and take the first step towards enhancing your farming experience today!

1. Swaraj Code


The Swaraj Code is a powerful 11 HP mini tractor model with 389 cc engine capacity and 1 cylinder. It features a 2-wheel drive system and a smooth transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse gears. Additionally, the tractor has oil-immersed brakes for maximum safety and efficient stopping power. Moreover, the mechanical steering of the Swaraj Code makes movement simple—even in confined spaces. This tractor, which costs between Rs. 2.45 lakhs and Rs. 2.50 lakhs, is a long-run investment for farmers looking for a solid, flexible alternative.

2. Swaraj 717

swaraj 717

The Swaraj 717 mini tractor model boasts a 15 HP engine with an 863.5 cc engine capacity and a 1-cylinder design, offering reliable performance and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, it features a 2-wheel drive system and a 6-forward, 3-reverse gearbox, allowing easy manoeuvrability and control. In addition, the tractor comes equipped with dry disk brakes and mechanical steering for enhanced safety and comfort during operation. With a price range of Rs. 3.20 lakhs – Rs. 3.30 lakhs, the Swaraj 717 is cost-effective for small to medium-sized farming needs.

3. Swaraj 724 XM


The Swaraj 724 XM mini tractor model features a powerful 25 HP engine with a 2-cylinder and 1824 cc, providing excellent efficiency and performance. It comes with a 2-wheel drive system and an 8-forward, 2-reverse gearbox, enabling easy navigation on any terrain. In addition, the tractor includes Dry Disc / Oil Immersed brakes and mechanical steering, ensuring smooth and safe operation. With a price range of approximately Rs. 5.10 lakhs to Rs. 5.50 lakhs, the Swaraj 724 XM is a reliable choice for farmers looking for a medium-sized tractor with excellent horsepower and features.

4. Swaraj 724 XM Orchard 4WD


The Swaraj 724 XM Orchard 4WD mini tractor is a versatile machine designed for small and medium-sized farms. A 25 HP engine, 1824 cc engine capacity and 2 cylinders provide reliable performance. The 4WD wheel drive and 6 forward and 2 reverse gears ensure a smooth operation on all terrains. It has oil-immersed brakes and mechanical steering for added safety and ease of use. Furthermore, the Swaraj 724 XM Orchard 4WD tractor is competitively priced and an excellent investment for farmers looking to improve their productivity.

5. Swaraj 724 XM Orchard


The Swaraj 724 XM Orchard is a strong mini tractor, ideal for small farms. It has a 25 HP engine and 2 cylinders, providing efficient performance. Additionally, the 2WD wheel drive and 6 forward and 2 reverse gears ensure smooth operation in all conditions. Moreover, it has oil-immersed disc brakes and heavy-duty single-arm drop steering for added safety and convenience. The Swaraj 724 XM Orchard mini tractor lies between Rs. 4.70 lakhs to Rs. 5.05 lakhs, making it a long-term investment for farmers looking to enhance their farming operations.


To conclude, Swaraj is a reputable farming brand offering a range of powerful mini tractors. The above-mentioned top 5 Swaraj mini tractors provide excellent value for small farmers and growers. Also, with prices starting from Rs. 2.45 lakhs to Rs. 5.50 lakhs, these mini tractors offer competitive prices for their impressive specifications, such as powerful engines, effective wheel drive systems, and other advanced capabilities. In addition, these mini tractors are versatile and suitable for various agricultural operations, ranging from basic farming tasks to specialised orchard and vineyard applications. Lastly, Swaraj tractors are ideal for those seeking reliable and efficient agricultural vehicles.

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