Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Models in India – Price & Specifications

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Models in India - Price & Specifications

Sonalika is one of the leading and popular manufacturers of farm machines, including tractors. The company has a great presence not only Indian market but also World’s market. Sonalika tractor company started its journey in 1995. Since then, it has gained high popularity among farmers. Today, experts consider it a leader of the tractor industry. It provides the broadest range of tractors. Here we are discussing the top 10 Sonalika tractor models in India. 

How Are Sonalika Tractor Models Beneficial For Farmers? 

Sonalika tractor range is 20 hp – 120 hp, including every type of tractor, whether it’s mini or heavy-duty. Thus, they handle all the work, whether it’s a garden, small farm or large farm. These tractors complete all the tasks with time and without any extra effort. Therefore, Sonalika tractor models are the ideal choice for all farmers, old and new both. The company has the best mini tractor which are efficient. Mini Sonalika tractor price is also beneficial for small farmers. 

Another reason for these tractor’s fame is none other than the price range. We all know that price always matters, and Sonalika completely understands this. That’s why Sonalika offers tractor at a reasonable price range. To take agriculture to new heights, the company introduced a Sonalika electric tractor. Here we are discussing the top 10 trendy Sonalika tractor models in India. Let’s start and have an eye on these popular and ideally excellent Sonalika tractor models. 

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Models 

Following are the best top 10 Sonalika tractor models In India:-

1. Sonalika Tiger 50 Tractor 

The 1st Sonalika tractor on the list is Sonalika Tiger 50 Tractor. It is one of the efficient and powerful tractors belonging to the Sonalika brand. This potent tractor perfectly handles all the farming applications.

  • Sonalika Tiger 50 is a 52 hp tractor that comes with 3-cylinders and a 3065 CC engine. The durable engine generates 2000 RPM. 
  • The tractor model comes with single or dual-clutch and multi-disc or oil-immersed brakes. 
  • It has a 2000 Kg lifting capacity, which helps lift heavy loads like cargo, implement, etc.

Sonalika Tiger 50 tractor price is Rs. 6.70-7.15 lakhs*.

2. Sonalika DI 60 Tractor 

Sonalika DI 60 Tractor 

The 2nd tractor on the list is Sonalika DI 60 Tractor. It is a high-quality tractor and available at a low price range. 

  • It is a 60 hp versatile tractor, equipped with 4-cylinders, 3707 CC engine, water-cooled and oil bath with pre-cleaner. 
  • This Sonalika tractor has constant mesh with a side shifter and single or dual-clutch. 
  • Sonalika 60 tests all the safety standards. Also, it is loaded with an oil-immersed brake, ensuring the operator’s safety.

Sonalika Di 60 tractor price is Rs. 5.90 – Rs. 6.40 lakhs*.

3. Sonalika GT 20 Tractor 

Sonalika GT 20 Tractor

The 3rd tractor on the list is Sonalika GT 20. It is the latest invention of Sonalika for small and marginal farmers. Sonalika mini tractor has all the qualities to make it efficient for gardens and orchards.

  • It is a 20 hp tractor, equipped with 3-cylinders, 959 CC engine.
  • The engine generates 2700 RPM.
  • Sonalika GT 20 comes with mechanical steering and a 31.5-litre fuel tank.

Sonalika mini tractor price is  Rs. 2.85-3.05 lakhs*, which is fair for small farmers.

4. Sonalika WT 60 Tractor

Sonalika WT 60 Tractor

The 4th tractor on the list is Sonalika WT 60. It is one of the best Sonalika tractors that comes with an AC cabin. This tractor is a perfect example of comfortable working.

  • Sonalika Worldtrac 60 has 60 hp power and a 4-cylinders engine, making it the strongest for farming. 
  • This tractor is efficient as it is loaded with a double-clutch and power steering. 
  • It provides 62 Litre fuel tank and 2500 Kg lifting capacity.

Sonalika tractor price is Rs. 7.90-8.40 lakhs*.

5. Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander Tractor

Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander Tractor

The 5th tractor on the list is Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander. It is a 50 hp tractor which is made with advanced technology. As a result, it’s delivers exceptional performance and economic mileage in the farming field.

  • Sonalika DI 745 III tractor is potent and durable as it comes with a 3-cylinders engine. 
  • The tractor model comes with a wet type air filter, keeping the tractor’s internal system dust-free and clean. 
  • It has single or dual-clutch, mechanical or power steering and oil-immersed brakes.

Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander price is Rs. 5.75-6.20 lakhs*.

6. Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

The 6th tractor on the list is Sonalika Tiger Electric. It is the latest and innovative launch of Sonalika to increase farming growth. It is an electric tractor which has high qualities. 

  • Tiger electric is a 15 hp mini tractor that is highly advanced and powerful to handle all farming applications. 
  • The electric tractor price in India is perfect for all farmer’s budgets. 
  • Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor comes with oil-immersed brakes and a 500 Kg lifting capacity.

Sonalika electric tractor price is Rs. 5.99 Lakhs*, which is pocket-friendly for farmers.

7. Sonalika Tiger 55 Tractor

Sonalika Tiger 55 Tractor

The 7th tractor on the list is Sonalika Tiger 55 tractor. The tractor is a perfect example of reliability and durability. This tractor is the best in the Sonalika tiger series.

  • Sonalika tiger 55 is a 55 hp, equipped with 4-cylinders and a 4087 CC engine. The tractor engine generates 2000 RPM. 
  • It comes with dual or double-clutch and 12 forward & 12 reverse gears with 39 kmph forward speed.
  • Sonalika tiger tractor has multi-disc oil-immersed brakes and hydrostatic steering.

Sonalika Tiger 55 Tractor price is Rs. 7.15-7.50 lakhs*.

8. Sonalika Tiger 60 Tractor

Sonalika Tiger 60 Tractor

The 8th tractor on the list is Sonalika Tiger 60. It is a 60 hp tractor with a potent engine to complete all rough farming tasks. Along with this, Sonalika tractor price is fixed as Indian farmer’s demand.

  • Sonalika 60 hp tractor has 4-cylinders and a 4087 CC engine that generates 2100 RPM. 
  • It comes with constant mesh with side shifter transmission, dual  or double clutch and 12 forward & 12 reverse gears. 
  • A 2000 Kg lifting capacity helps to handle all the heavy loads and implements.

Sonalika Tiger 60 tractor price is Rs. 7.70-8.15 lakhs* in India. 

9. Sonalika 50 RX Sikander Tractor 

Sonalika 50 RX Sikander Tractor

The 9th tractor on the list is Sonalika 50 RX SIKANDER. The tractor model has all the quality and innovative features, providing high productivity.

  • Sonalika 50 RX SIKANDER is a 52 hp tractor and has a 3-cylinders engine. The engine generates 2000 RPM.  
  • It comes with a 55-litre fuel tank that provides economic mileage and saves a lot of extra money. 
  • This tractor is the best money saver and earner for farmers.

Sonalika DI 50 RX price is  Rs. 6.20-6.60 lakhs*.

10. Sonalika 42 DI Sikander Tractor

Sonalika 42 DI Sikander Tractor

The 10th or last tractor on the list is Sonalika 42 DI Sikander. This tractor model is incredible as it is fully loaded with high-quality features. Another best reason for its fame is the Sonalika tractor RX 42 price range is low and budget-friendly.

  • Sonalika DI 42 RX is a 45 hp tractor equipped with a 3-cylinder engine.
  • The1800 ERPM produced by a potent engine.  
  • It has a 55-litre fuel tank which helps the tractor to work for a long time.

Sonalika tractor on road price is Rs. 5.40-5.70 lakhs*.

Sonalika Tractor Price List




Sonalika DI 35 Rx

39 hp  Rs. 5.00-5.25 lakhs*.

Sonalika Tiger 26

26 hp Rs. 4.75-5.10 lakhs*.

Sonalika 47 RX Sikander

50 hp 

Rs. 5.75-6.20 lakhs*.

Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx 4WD 90 hp 

Rs. 12.30-12.60 lakhs*.

Sonalika DI 730 II HDM 30 hp 

Rs. 4.80 lakhs*.

Highlighted Points of Infographic 

  • This infographic is about the Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Models in India – Price And specification. 
  • It includes the horsepower, no. of cylinders, gears and price of the top models of Sonalika tractor India. 
  • The top 10 models of Sonalika Tractor list consists of Sonalika Tiger 50, Sonalika DI 60, Sonalika GT 20, and many more.

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Models

 These are top 10 Sonalika tractor models and their information. We hope this list will help to find the best tractor as per your requirement. To get a complete list of Sonalika tractors, visit TractorGuru. Here, get an updated Sonalika tractor price list 2021.

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