Top 5 Oxygen Producing Trees in India – Know Top 5 Oxygen Trees

Top 5 Oxygen Producing Trees in India - Know Top 5 Oxygen Trees

As we all know, today we are going through a dangerous phase, an epidemic named Covid-19 has caused havoc all over the World. This perilous virus has caused death in the whole World. The main problem of this epidemic is that it affects the breathing system of any person and reduces the oxygen from the body. Today we will tell you about the top 5 oxygen trees, which give more oxygen compared to other trees.

Top 5 Oxygen Trees – Produce High Oxygen

Planting any tree is the best thing for the environment that we can happily do. In this Covid time, the importance of these trees increases further as trees produce oxygen highly. Trees are one of the rich sources of oxygen on earth, which absorb CO2 from the air and release back oxygen. They are also very useful to clean the air by soaking toxic elements. As already the air quality is decreasing because of ever-increasing pollution and now this Covid-19. These all things tell us that we highly needed the trees. They are very important for the environment and now for our lives. So, it would be best if you had to plant as many trees as you can at these times. 

Therefore, if you are planning to plant trees, then we suggest you plant an oxygen tree. In this way, you should grow all kinds of trees, but if you think of oxygen trees, this article is made for you because we are telling you about some special oxygen trees in this article. This blog will provide you with complete knowledge about oxygen trees, helping you during the tree planting. Some popular oxygen production plants are mentioned below.

Following are the best tree for oxygen which keep environment and lives healthy

 1. Bael Trees (Bel)

The top 5 best oxygen trees list starts with bael trees. This tree is a rich source of herbs. The leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers of this tree have medicinal values. The native of this plant in India and it is known as Bengal quince, golden apple, etc. This oxygen tree grows up to 40-50 feet above the ground and lives for about 30-60 years. The most praised quality of the tree is that it absorbs poisonous and all chemical pollutants from the atmosphere to neutralize the surrounding environment. This oxygen tree purifies the air and ensures a steady flow of oxygen in the existence of sunlight. Apart from this, the bael tree also consists of some godly and mythological aspects.

Bael Trees (Bel)

Benefits of Bael Tree:

  • It has excellent benefits for various medicinal purposes. 
  • This medical tree has fragrant flowers to maintain a soothing aura around it. 
  • Bael tree has nutrients, vitamins, protein, and many more healthy qualities.

2. Banyan Tree (Baragad)

The next three on the list is the banyan tree. This beneficial tree is a national tree of India that releases oxygen and absorbs CO2, and that is why it stands on the list of most oxygen-producing trees in India. The World’s largest banyan tree is in Kolkata, named is Thimmamma Marrimanu and Dodda Alada Mara. It is also known as Badh, Vat, Bargad, and Alai. The banyan tree is prevalent for its ability to emit a large amount of oxygen. If we look at it from a religious point of view, it is a very venerable tree because it has been considered as the first Tirthankara in religious texts. Under this tree, Adinath had attained knowledge. It is one of the best oxygen-producing trees and provides a large canopy of shade. 

Banyan Tree (Baragad)

Benefits of Banyan Tree 

  • At night, oxygen trees produce a large amount of oxygen. 
  • It contains a huge amount of medicinal and herbal properties. 
  • Banyan trees ensure air’s purity and decrease the existence of CO2 in the environment. 
  • The oxygen plant tree protects from many diseases and infections.

3. Peepal Tree 

The next coming is the Peepal Tree. It is the most popular oxygen-producing tree which emits oxygen in the air. This tree is also known as Pipal, Peepul, Bodhi Vriksha, Pippol, Ashwathama, Arayal, Plaksha, Arayal, Ravichettu, Pippalam, Piplo, and Aralimara in different languages. It has a great place in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. It is said that Lord Buddha has attained enlightenment under the Peepal tree. The plant can grow up to 60-80 feet above the ground. Peepal can emit oxygen at night also. It absorbs CO2 and emits oxygen round the clock to clean the air. The tree is a trendy environment-friendly tree. It is the most oxygen giving tree.

Peepal Tree 

Benefits of Peepal Tree

  • It is the best substitute for teeth cleaning and an Infallible medicine for toothache problems. 
  • It treats diseases such as constipation, asthma, blood-related issues, and diabetes. 
  • The leaves of the Peepal tree have asteroids, glucose, and phenolic. 
  • The bark of the tree has a high content of Vitamin K.

4. Neem Tree

The next one on the list is the Neem tree. It also known as Mumbai, Dhanujhada, Limba, Sengumaru, Veppai in various languages. Neem tree is the most valuable medicinal plant, which decreases the greenhouse gases volume through photosynthesis. By absorbing a massive amount of CO2 from the air, it cleans the breathing air and makes the atmosphere pure. Neem tree is a miraculous creation of Mother Nature that does not cost anything to pay. The seeds and fruits are the major sources of neem oil. Its leaves, bark, and stems are also widely used in Indian traditional medicines. The flowers of the tree are used as a vegetable. The planting of Neem trees is the biggest step for clean breath and healthy life.

Neem Tree

Benefits of Neem Tree 

  • It treats leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, stomach bug, skin diseases, heart-related problems, and liver issues. 
  • The plant is versatile and enriches the air around it, giving a strong scent of purity to its surroundings.
  • The neem tree is the highest oxygen producing tree. 
  • It considered a natural pesticide.

5. Arjuna Tree

The top 5 best oxygen trees list ends with an Arjuna tree found across the Subcontinent of India. This tree mostly grows around dry river banks or along river banks. Arjuna tree is also called Arjun, Nirmatti, Maiyokpha, Maruti, and the nickname is “Guardian of the heart”. Arjuna leaves produce the Tassar silk. It known as ancient heart medicine and very popular for its many ayurvedic properties. The tree is largely grown in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Mauritius. Arjuna tree plays a very important role in religious aspects, people believing that it is the favourite tree of Sita. These trees help to reduce air pollution by absorbing CO2 and polluting elements in the air. The berk of the tree is very useful. It has ayurvedic properties.

Arjuna Tree

Benefits of Arjuna Tree 

  • It acts as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory. 
  • The tree reduces the risk of heart-related difficulties.

These are the top 5 oxygen trees which we should plant more and more. We are aware of the current situation in which our planet is in an ailing position, and it should be our duty to help the planet rebuild its healthy self. With the help of these, we won with this epidemic and back to normal life. 

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