Top 10 Goat Breeds & Profitable Goat Farming Business Ideas

Top 10 Goat Breeds & Profitable Goat Farming Business Ideas

Livestock farming is also a prolific part of the agriculture sector. But, some of the farmers can’t prefer farming because of the high investment required. In that case, they are forwarding towards livestock farming, which comes in their budget and provides a good return also. In livestock farming, goat farming is the most prominent and most profitable livestock business in India. You can start commercial goat farming in a small capital and can open a small-scale bakri farm. But, you need to know about many steps regarding goat farming before starting the business. So, let’s start the goat farming tips with benefits and top 10 goat breeds to rearing.

Benefits of Goat Farming

Every farmer thinks twice thrice before starting any farming or business. Not even a farmer, every Indian citizen thinks multiple times before starting a business. That’s why here we are also showing some pros and cons of goat farming which will definitely assist you to provide the best goat farming business ideas.  


  • Goat Products’ Healthy & Easily Digestible: Goat products such as milk and meat are not only easy to digest but are also a major source of income for poor, landless and smallholder farmers.
  • Easy Maintenance & Less Capital: The investment rate is very good. As the goat business is very profitable, that is why many government and non-government banks lend money to start this business.
  • It only needs a small space: Goats do not need a lot of space because of the size of their small bodies.
  • Good Farmers: Goats are not only friendly by nature, but they are also excellent breeders. You will be surprised to learn that they reached sexual maturity during their 7-12 months and gave birth to babies in a short time.
  • Low Risk: Goats can be milked as often as needed. This also prevents refrigeration costs and milk storage problems.
  • Equal Price in the Market: Did you know that male and female goat have the same price/ value in the market? Yes Yes! True.


Compared to other businesses of livestock or agribusiness, goat farming is relatively easy and cheap to maintain. However, everything has some cons also, besides pros. Here are some disadvantages also which we mentioned below. 

  • Still following the Conventional goat farming system. 
  • Lack of Management & Practical knowledge. 
  • Difficulty to select a Right Goat Breed. 
  • Disease Attack. 

So, these are some Pros and Cons of goat farming which you should accept or cope up. So, let’s move to the goat farming business tips, which can make the goat business plan more manageable. 

Goat Farming Business Plan 

Goat Farming Business Plan

Little investment and High profit within a short time. Who doesn’t want to? As we know, the demand for livestock business is high across the globe and because of its popularity, it is growing rapidly. Goat farming is one of the prominent livestock businesses in India and provides better output.

Is Goat Farming Profitable? Such a question raises in every farmer’s mind. But the answer is constant, YES! The Goat farming business is profitable, and you can even start with low capital. But before starting a goat farming business, you should keep reminding yourself of some important goat farming tips. These tips can also be valuable to start goat farming for beginners. 

  • Land & Shelter
  • Breeding 
  • Feeding 
  • Health & Medication 
  • Management 
  • Investment Required 

1. Land & Shelter

The goat rearing business needs suitable land and shelter for better goat rearing. Goat farming needs a separate shelter to be nurtured and grow. A farmer should create a multi-purpose land or shelter, where goats can get all the required facilities. The shelter must be clean, healthy, and diseases free. Hygiene and good shelter can provide high profit, and you can also use a shelter for the long-term. 

2. Breeding

Selection of a goat breed is a necessary part of the goat rearing business. As a part of goat farming, breeding is important to choose and separate the male-female (Bucks & Does) ratio properly. 

3. Feeding

As we know, goats are ruminants, and they eat almost all green herbs, crops, leaves and corn. To feed them better, the goat farming food area or grazing area should be quite spacious and clean. So, there goats can roam freely and eat easily. With the help of the natural grazing system, you can reduce the other goat farming food cost. 

4. Health & Medication

Your goats may suffer from various kinds of diseases. So, you should raise your goats hygienically. Make sure their vet is available near you so that you can go there in an emergency. Keep adequate stock of vaccines and medicines related to goats, and always keep your goats vaccinated. 

5. Management

You need proper management for your bakri farm. To run your goat farming business, you should maintain a systematic way. Firstly, you should divide the management team to make the departments separate and to manage properly. 

6. Investment Required

To start a goat farming business, you need to set your budget and investment. You must know about your required capital and how many facilities you can get in this capital for goats. According to our perspective, the goat farming business is profitable, if you put in a good investment, you will definitely get a good profit in return. 

Top 10 Goat Breeds For Commercial Goat Farming

Top 10 Goat Breeds For Commercial Goat Farming

After getting a profitable goat farming business plan, you should be aware of the goat breeds. These goat breeds, which we have mentioned below, will definitely assist you to start a goat farming business. We have mentioned the top 10 goat breeds for profitable commercial goat farming. With the help of these choices, you can choose the suitable goat breed according to your business requirement. So, let’s check the top 10 goat breeds.

1. Boer Goat Farming

The Boer goat breed was grown in South Africa and is the most popular breed globally. They have tremendous growth due to selective breeding. Boer goat farming is very popular and profitable because of its highly adaptable and resistant nature to heat and ailments. Due to their fast-growing and high fertility rate, they are in progressive demand across the globe. Boer goat rearing can be the reason for successful goat farming as their weight grows up to 45 Kg. It is ideal for breeding and meat rather than milking.

2. Barbari Goat

Barbari goat is grown in Berbera, Somalia of East Africa, but it has gained so much popularity because of its good adaptivity in Indian conditions. They are a kind of small breed with a medium-size compact body and look attractive. It is a kind of goat that is alert and attentive. They are commonly found in India and Pakistan and are ideal for their meat. Barbari goat rearing the main purpose is to produce meat and dairy products which can provide a lucrative goat farming business. The weight of the Barbari goat is around 38 Kg of Male and 23 Kg of Female goat.

3. Malwa Goat

Malwa goat originated in Madhya Pradesh. The maximum Malwa goats are reared to produce milk due to their ideality to produce large quantity milk. The weight of a mature Malwa goat is around 50 Kg with quality and good feeding. It is one of the best breeds to start a goat farming business in India. You can also raise the Malwa goat breed and get double income by selling for a festive time, mainly for Durga Pooja and Eid (as per the Indian rituals). 

4. Sirohi Goat

The Sirohi goat breed originated in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan. Due to their highly adaptable nature, you can find them in many areas of Rajasthan. The Sirohi goats have a small and medium-sized body with a total body weight of 50 kg of the male goat and 25 to 30 kg of female goat. Sirohi goats give birth twice a year, of which 40% of lambs are singles, and the remaining 60% are twins. Therefore, these goats are ideal for breeding and meat purposes. The Sirohi goat price depends on its gender category, which is around Rs. 150 /kg on females and Rs. 175 to 200 /kg on male goats.

5. Tellicherry Goat

The Tellicherry goat breed was grown in Kerala and raised in Tamilnadu also. It is also commonly known as the Malabari goat breed, which is famous for its high multiple birth rate compared to other goat breeds. The Tellicherry goat grows with around 45 to 50 kg weight of male goat and 35 to 40 kg of female goat. The Tellicherry goat rearing business can be profitable goat farming for beginners because this breed can produce 1 to 2 kg milk/day. They are ideal for meat, skin and milk.

6. Black Bengal Goat 

The black Bengal goat breed is grown in West Bengal and also raised in Bangladesh. It is one of the most prominent goat breeds in India, which has a high demand for the goat farming business. The weight of Black Bengal goat is around 15 to 16 kg of male and 12 Kg of female. Because of its tasty and nutritious meat and milk, it is ideal for its meat and milk. Black Bengal goat price comes into your budget that cannot be over the budget to start a goat farming business.

7. Jamunapari Goat

It is found in Uttar Pradesh and is the most prolific goat breed for profitable commercial goat farming. The weight of Jamunapari goat is around 65 to 75 kg of male 45 to 60 kg of female. The Jamunapari goat rearing for mainly meat and milk as they have a high commercial ratio. Its name is derived from the Yamuna river and is commonly known as Chambal Queen.

8. Osmanabadi Goat

The Osmanabadi goat breed is mainly grown in the Maharashtra regions and also in the parts of Andhra Pradesh. The weight of this breed goes up to 32 to 36 kg of an adult male and 30 to 32 kg of an adult female. They are mainly raised for meat and milk. The Osmanabadi breed produces average milk around 3 to 3.5 kg/day/goat.

9. Saanen Goat

The Saanen goat originated in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. It is the most popular dairy goat that produces high-quality milk in higher quantities a day. For commercial goat farming, Saanen goat would be the best option for rearing. They are highly adaptable in cold regions and ideal for producing milk. Saanen goat breeds are a good option for starting a goat farming business at a small scale level.

10. Beetal Goat 

The Beetal goat breed origin in Punjab but also raised in Pakistan. These goats are smaller in size but weigh up to 45 to 65 kg of an adult male and 35 to 45 kg of an adult female. They are ideal for meat and milk both. 

Facts Related To Goat

Facts Related To Goat

Goats and humans have a long, productive history together. The goat farming business started centuries ago and is a very profitable business in which many people start making healthy profits. Goats were one of the oldest animals that were domesticated. 

We’re not joking; that is utterly true, and on the other hand, goats have rectangular pupils. Even though we drink cow’s milk almost exclusively in the country, but around the globe, more people eat and drink meat and milk from goats than any other animal.

There are many benefits of drinking goat’s milk, some of which is it has more amount of Calcium and Vitamin A, and a human body can easily digest as compared to Cow’s Milk.


Top 10 Goat Breed Infographic 2022

We hope you find this content regarding the goat farming business informative and valuable. You can also get more livestock farming information and their business plan at our website TractorGuru. So be with us and grab more farming information. 

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