Hydroponic Farming System Setup With Methods And Facts

Hydroponic Farming System Setup With Methods And Facts

The hydroponic system is infrequent for Indian farmers due to many variable technologies. But, as we know, the technologies have changed, and the farming method has also changed. And the hydroponic farming process is one of them, a big and positive transformation in farming. 

Hydroponics farming is the first well-known example of soilless farming. Firstly, it originated from Babylon’s ancient city from the Hanging Garden of Babylon, which is one of the seven wonders. And this hydroponic system started in 600 BC.  

Not only the farmers but NASA has also experimented with growing plants in space with a hydroponic system. Due to its less space and resources usage compared to traditional farming, hydroponic farming becomes fruitful to grow plants in the space. After going through a lot of difficult phases, finally, the astronauts became successful in growing leafy vegetables in space in the year 2015. That was a great achievement by them with the upgraded farming technology. 

Even NASA has implied this hydroponic system in space, but exactly what is hydroponic farming & hydroponics system? Sort of questions are raised in every farmer’s mind, and they want to explore this farming system too. A type of technology that gives them an optimum profit and an option to grow vegetables without soil and make them upgrade. So, let’s start with further information regarding hydroponic farming. 

What is Hydroponics Farming?

Hydroponic cultivation is a part of farming and is very popular among farmers. Cultivation of plants in the hydroponic system is done without using the soil. The main hydroponic farming equipment is nutrients, oxygen and water by which a plant grows. These components provide fast growth, high productivity and the best quality products. Hydroponic plants require nutrients that come from various ways, such as duck manures, chemical nutrients and artificial nutrient solutions. It is done with different methods that help you start hydroponic farming according to your requirements. So. check the hydroponic method of agriculture.

Types Of Hydroponic Farming Methods

Types Of Hydroponic Farming Methods

We all heard about the vertical hydroponic system and indoor hydroponic garden but Did you know many hydroponic farming techniques show the 8 types of hydroponic system. In every technique, one thing is common, that is the hydroponic plant’s reservoirs. They are now grown in hydroponic pots & planters, glass, metal and concrete also. So, before starting hydroponic farming, you should know about the methods of hydroponic farming. 

1. Static Solution Method –

In this method, plants are grown in containers like pots, buckets, tubs or tanks also with nutrient solution. This solution should be aerated because roots require adequate oxygen. You have to make a hole in the container to keep them aerated with oxygen. You can start hydroponics at home by growing in the containers, glass or jars by keeping them aerated. But you have to cover the container with aluminium foil or black plastic to exclude light.

2. Continuous-flow Solution Method –

It is a method where the nutrient solution is continuously  assing and moving from the roots. Thus the roots are not submerged in water. It is commonly used in big tanks rather than small jars or tubs, where the water can easily flow.

3. Aeroponics Method –

It is one of the special hydroponic farming techniques where the plant roots only thrive in air and are directly sprayed by nutrients with water mix.

4. Fogponics Method –

It is a method where plants are grown from the pressure of foggers, that pressure helps to transform nutrients and water into humidity. This artificial fog creates a constant nutrient environment for the plant roots.

5. Passive Sub-irrigation Method –

It is a type of method where plants are grown with nutrients and water rather than soil.

6. Ebb and Flow Sub-irrigation Method –

This method uses a pump to provide water flow to the plant growth tray.

7. Deep Water Method –

It is a method in which plants are grown for the short term only in subtle oxygenated water.

8. Rotary Method –

It is a method that creates a circular frame that rotates continuously during the rotation cycle of the growing plant.

Hydroponics Setup Steps

The process of hydroponic farming is easy and highly profitable. Hydroponic agriculture system provides higher productivity because of its adaptability. You can begin a hydroponic grow system in any small place and in any type of weather condition. In addition, you can start a vertical hydroponic garden as well as can grow hydroponic plants indoors. To start hydroponic farming, you should know about the hydroponic setup steps in detail, which we have mentioned below. 

Hydroponics Setup Steps

1. Use a suitable container to set the hydroponic system

You should use deeper containers such as tubs and buckets to thrive plants hydroponically. The deeper the water reserves, the nutrients will be stable.

2. Drill holes into the container lid

Hydroponic plants grow in the plastic net, which builts in the container lid. To fix them, you should drill some adjustable holes for them.

3. Assemble air pump in container 

You have to keep in mind that the air pump must be outside the container, and it should be above the water level.

4. Reserve water in the container, add nutrients and adjust pH level

Fill the container almost full but leave the 2-3cm space above the top. Secondly, add the nutrients into the water and adjust the pH level according to the crop requirements.

5. Assemble the hydroponic container system

Finally, just plug in your system pump and put an air stone in the reservoir container.

Best Plants To Grow In The Hydroponic System 

There are some of the fastest-growing crops grown using hydroponics. Here we are showing such plants which you can harvest within a month. In addition, also check the most profitable hydroponic plants to grow by which you can earn a good profit. You can start this kind of hydroponic farming at home with ease. 

Fastest Growing Plant in Hydroponic System
Mustard greens Lettuce
Swiss chard Kale
Spinach Watercress
Bell Pepper Strawberries
Hot Peppers Green beans
Tomatoes Cucumbers
Most Profitable Plants To Grow in Hydroponic System
Basil Cilantro
Dill Mint
Chives Bay leaves
Ginseng Cannabis

Facts Of Hydroponic Agriculture

We hope you find this content informative which we have mentioned above regarding hydroponic farming. For more such information and knowledgeable content, please stay connected with TractorGuru.

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