Top 10 Best Agriculture Thresher Machine With Price In India

Top 10 Best Agriculture Thresher Machine With Price In India

Agriculture has a separate base in the Indian trade industry. It is a foundation stone of India that provides sustainable livelihood to the farmers. Agriculture is an eminent part of India; also, we can say it is a backbone of India that plays a primary role in the economy, employment and trade. It is one of the ancient sectors of our history, and it has faced many transformations also. This sector has changed so much from conventional manual farming to modern technological farming. It depends on technologies now, rather than performing manually from planting to harvesting. Every method needs technologies and machines that can handle all farming tasks in less time. Farm machines save time, energy and provide efficiency to the farm with optimum results. So, here we have come up with another machine category, “Thresher machine”, that helps to perform tasks of post-harvesting. Let’s check the related about top 10 thresher machines and its details. 

What Is An Agriculture Thresher Machine?

Thresher is a primary farm machinery that is used to threshes grains and remove seeds from straws and husks. It is also used to threshes other crops such as wheat, maize, beans, soybeans, etc. This tractor thresher machine comes with many outstanding and advanced features which helps the farmers perform farming methods easily. It is a labour intensive machine that makes the threshing process easier, effortless and saves time also. 

To make your threshing process easier, here we are showing the top 10 thresher machines, which we have mentioned below. With the help of these thresher machine models, you can choose a suitable machine according to your requirements. 

Top 10 Agriculture Thresher Farm Equipment

Check all the top 10 thresher models and choose your suitable machine according to your preferences.

1. Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra Thresher

The Mahindra thresher is fitted with an M55 model engine that comes in a paddy thresher and spike tooth type. It comes in a post-harvest category with a 26.1-41.0kW (35 – 55 HP) power that makes it more compatible with the required tractor model. The tractor thresher machine unit is a semi-cylindrical type with oscillating concave and centrifugal type fan with No. of four blades also. It is a prominent agriculture thresher farm equipment in India and fitted with every feature. The Mahindra thresher machine price in India is cost-effective and built according to the farmer’s budget.

2. Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat)

Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat)

The Landforce Harambha Thresher is multi-functional and suits large scale farmers and lands. However, it is more demanding among the farmers due to its availability of customization. It comes under the post-harvesting category but especially for wheat crops. This is one of the modern threshing machines that is fitted with 2 to 3 no. of blades that help to remove the seeds from stalks. It provides 94-99.9% cleaning efficiency and profitable outcomes also. The wheat thresher machine price starts from an affordable range that suits the farmer’s budget.

3. Swaraj P-550 Multicrop

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop

Swaraj is a well-known brand in manufacturing farming equipment, and Swaraj P-550 Multicrop is one of the popular thresher implements. This farming thresher machine provides a high working ability and also enhances the productivity of the farms. It has a 40 HP tractor engine that demands the same HP tractor to be mounted. In addition, this machine is fitted with an Oscillating 3 stage Sieve cleaning system that keeps the thresher machine clean. It is a multi-crop type thresher machine that also has the capacity to threshes crops in tons such as Wheat – 1.2 tons, Blackgrams – 1.5 tons, Soybeans – 1.2 tons and Beans – 1.2 tons.

4. Ks Group Thresher

Ks Group Thresher

Ks Group Thresher is a paddy thresher that is tractor mounted and PTO driven that requires a 45 HP tractor model to be attached. It comes with an adjustable speed that helps the farmers work accordingly by putting in less effort. In addition, the Ks group thresher price is budget-friendly, and any marginal farmer can easily afford it.

5. Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher

Dasmesh 641 - Paddy Thresher

Dasmesh 641 is a Paddy thresher that comes in the post-harvesting category with a minimum HP of 35 HP. It consumes 2 Ltr. fuel per ton and provides 1.0 to 1.5 / Hours Metric Ton total output. This Dasmesh 641 – paddy thresher machine is durable and ensures good productivity on farms. However, it has many sterling features, which makes it more demanding. However, the Dasmesh thresher price is reasonable according to the budget of the farmers.

6. Landforce Multi Crop

Landforce Multi Crop

Landforce thresher machine is a multi-crop thresher that requires 35 HP and more to be mount with a related tractor model. It is a multi-functional thresher machine that has 1 cleaning blower with airflow adjustment also. Its superlative features make it demanding as well as the best thresher machine. This is the No.1 selling and popular thresher machine due to the affordable Landforce multi-crop thresher price.

7. Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher

Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher

Dasmesh 423-Maize thresher is one of the most popular thresher machines for maize crops. It comes with a minimum of 35 HP, requiring a compatible tractor model to mount. This Dasmesh thresher 423 has 2 number of blowers, and it has a capacity to produce an optimum output of 4000 to 6000 kg/per hour. The Dasmesh thresher machine price also fits into the farmer’s budget, and they can easily afford it.

8. Landforce Paddy Thresher

Landforce Paddy Thresher

The Landforce paddy thresher is ideal for paddy or wetlands that provide productive outcomes. Its bar type threshing drum comes with 1 blower, which has a fixed speed. It is a most powerful threshing machine which is durable and tractor-mounted with 35-55 HP implement power. This Landforce thresher price is affordable according to its distinctive and admiring features.

9. Ks Group Multicrop

Ks Group Multicrop

Ks Group Multicrop is a multi-functional and top thresher machine that comes in a post-harvesting category and can handle many crops. This implement has 25 HP and requires more to operate with a related HP tractor model. Ks Group Multicrop thresher machine is best suitable for GroundNut, Maize, Soyabean, Red Garm, Wheat, Green Gram & Black Gram also. This Ks Group mini thresher price is convenient for the farmers that they can easily afford.

10. Mahindra M55

Mahindra M55

Mahindra M55 is ideal for paddy fields and is commonly known as a paddy thresher. It comes under a harvesting category with a semi-cylindrical type and centrifugal type fan with four blades. It has 35 – 55 HP implement power that requires a compatible tractor model to mount. Mahindra M55 is an excellent thresher model, providing the best features also with productive outcomes. However, the Mahindra M55 paddy thresher machine price relies on the farmer’s budget. 


Top 10 Best Agriculture Thresher Machine

We hope these top 10 thresher models will help you to choose better. For more such information regarding implements, stay with us at our website TractorGuru

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