Top 10 Straw Reaper Machine To Perform Best Threshing Operations

Top 10 Straw Reaper To Perform Best Threshing Operations

The agriculture sector is enhancing day by day with its technologies and methods. It adopts so many new technologies and many modern techniques also for reliable farming. As we know, conventional farming methods have been decreasing due to a rise in modern farming. So, the farmers prefer modern farming because of its energy-saving and also low time-consuming nature. They used many technologies and the Straw Reaper is one of them. Straw reaper makes the threshing process easier. So, let’s know about the Straw Reaper machine with its process also. 

What is a Straw Reaper Machine?

Straw Reaper machine is a kind of chopper that is use to cut, threshes and clean the straws and stalks also in one task. The uses of straw reaper leftover wheat stalks after harvesting are cut and also removes by the oscillating blade of the straw reaper. The straw reaper machine helps to cut the stalks into small pieces. 

How does the Straw Reaper work? 

The Straw Reaper attached by farm tractor PTO, which has a shaper bar reel, drill and also a swelling chamber like a harvester. The stubble left by the grain is reduced and gathered by straw reaper and conveyed to the chamber, slicing it into pieces and going through the auger. A shaper bar used for procuring the standing stalks and the part of the straw left whole by the straw reaper. It goes through the inward, which is suctioned by a blower and also covered on the backside by a wire net. A filtering framework is given under the inward to recover the left grains from the straw. 

After knowing the working process and definition also of the straw reapers, here we are showing the top 10 models of the straw reapers that will help you to choose wisely. The top 10 Straw Reaper models for better threshing operations, which we have mentioned below. You can also get the updated straw reaper price list with the model details. 

Top 10 Straw Reaper Models

1. Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra Straw Reaper

Mahindra Straw Reaper is an ideal straw reaper for farms that comes with a heavy-duty gearbox and double blower also. It comes with effective cutting width that makes the blades convenient to work properly. In addition, the Mahindra Straw Reaper price is also affordable according to its best technical features. Also, check the updated Mahindra straw reaper price at TractorGuru. 

Category – Post Harvest

Weight – 1870 Kg

Cutting Capacity – 2700 – 2900 Kg /hr

No. of Blades – 28 – 30

Blade Number – 37- 39

2. Jagatjit Straw Reaper 

Jagatjit Straw Reaper

Jagatjit Straw Reaper is a kind of straw reaper that also ensures 100% quality commitment. Its robust integrated body and design also offer a long life of straw reaper. It comes with a main gear drive and assembled patented auger and thresher also. Moreover, has a spring-loaded sheet for maintaining the shaft and exhaust pipe. In addition, it comes with a stone trap tray and also a safety cover on every moving part.

Moreover, the Jagatjit straw reaper 2022 model has many safety features that keep an operator alert while working on the fields. Furthermore, the Jagatjit straw reaper price in India is highly economical and low maintenance also. Here we are also mentioning some main features of Jagatjit reaper price. 

  • Category – Post Harvest
  • Implement Power – 50 HP
  • Weight – 1820 Kg
  • Cutting Capacity – 7 Ft.
  • Thresher Blades – 288
  • No. of Blade in Basket – 35 
  • No. of Blowers – 2

3. Swaraj Straw Reaper

Swaraj Straw Reaper

Swaraj Straw Reaper is a chopper machine that cuts, threshes and also cleans the straw of crops in one take. It is fitted with a heavy-duty gearbox and 288 Blades in the thresher drum. Its special hand lever adjustment for the stone trap also provides the 1-2 acre per hour working capacity. In addition, it has a 40-50 Kg grain tank capacity that use to collect from the leftovers. The Swaraj straw reaper price is also very reasonable according to the farmer’s budget. 

Category – Post Harvest

Weight – 2000 Kg

No. of Blade – 30

No. of Blades in Drum – 252- 320

No. of Blower – 2

4. New Holland Straw Reaper

New Holland Straw Reaper

New Holland Straw Reaper is ideal for wheat, paddy and other crops leftover for straw reaping. It has an extended capacity and high utility that also provides optimum production. In addition, it has a heavy-duty framework that helps to provide a better return and long life at low maintenance also. The New Holland straw reaper price in India is also available on our website which you can easily check. 

Category – Post Harvest

Implement Power – 40-50 & Above

No.of thresher blades – 574 – 646

No. of threshers – 3

5. Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper

Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper

Dasmesh 517 straw reaper is one of the best straw reaper brands in India. Because it comes with 45 Hp & Above implement power that makes it compatible with the suitable tractor. Moreover, the Dasmesh reaper all parts and components make it an efficient straw reaper that can use with suitable tractor power and save fuel. The Dashmesh reaper is demanding among the farmers due to the best quality, performance and durability. 

It is built with a heavy-duty gearbox that can run efficiently without load. In addition, it has a special hand lever, providing concave adjustment and an operating stone trap tray with 216 blades of threshing drum. The Dashmesh straw reaper has tampered blades that are specially designed with high-quality steel and also it has a grain tank provided for grain storage from crop residue. The Dasmesh 517 straw reaper is loaded with every technical feature which should be in a straw reaper. Also, get the dasmesh straw reaper price by connecting with us. 

Category – Post Harvest

Implement Power – 45 Hp

Weight – 1800 Kg

Cutting Capacity – 1-2 Acres per hours

6. Sonalika Straw Reaper

Sonalika Straw Reaper

Sonalika Straw Reaper is a tractor-driven reaper operated by the compatible tractor PTO HP and hydraulic lifting capacity and also it is ideal for reaping wheat, paddy, millets, pulses, etc., The best straw reaper is use to cut the crop stalks. At the same time, it collects the leftover grains in the field while cutting and also storing them in the tray, having a capacity of around 40 kg. The Sonalika Straw reaper is able to cut crop straws 50 mm above ground level and also make them of different sizes with the help of adjustable concave. You can operate this straw reaper with a minimum 45 HP tractor. Sonalika straw reaper price is very budget-friendly which a farmer can easily afford and also it is reasonable for marginal farmers. 

Category – Post Harvest

Cutting Capacity – 1-2 Acre/Hr

Cutter Bar width – 2050 mm

Length – 3470 mm

7. Landforce Straw Reaper

Landforce Straw Reaper

The Landforce straw Reaper is the best straw reaper manufactured with many features that a farmer wishes for. Thus, it is an ideal straw reaper with many features like heavy-duty pipe frames, a straw discharger extracted by the blower and also it is fell into the trolley. In addition, it comes with a spacious toolbox, side belt cover, standard parking stand and the hitch also which is suitable for every type of tractor with a specially designs cutter bar. To check the updated and also fair Landforce straw reaper price visit our website. 

Category – Post Harvest

Implement Power – 45-65 HP

Weight – 2000 – 2200 Kg. 

Cutting Capacity – 1.5-2 – 2-2.5 acre/hr.

No. of Blades – 272 – 304

No. of Blowers – 2 Blowers Per Machine

No. of Blades – 4 Blades Per Blower

8. Kartar Straw Reaper 56

Kartar Straw Reaper 56

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 is an excellent straw reaper model designed to provide superior performance. It has a double blower that operates crop residue to the trolley and separates the dust particles simultaneously. The straw reaper of Kartar reaper 56 is a fully belt operate machine that comes with an adjustable cutting height. It has a 50-55 HP implement power that make it compatible and also it ideal for the suitable tractor model.

Category – Post Harvest

Implement Power – 50-55 HP

9. Malkit Straw Reaper

Malkit Straw Reape

Malkit Straw Reaper is the best straw reaper for agriculture. Because it comes with heavy duty gear and provides effective cutting bar quality. It is a 50-60 HP implement compatible with related tractors and also fits with a double blower and 30-32 blades with 15 fingers that help crop residue. 

Category – Post Harvest

Implement Power – 50-60 HP

Weight – 1950 – 2020 kg.

Cutting Capacity – 2-3 to 3-4 Trollies/Hr

10. Ks Group KSA 756 DB Plate Model

Ks Group KSA 756 DB Plate Model

Ks Group KSA 756 DB Plate Model straw reaper offers high performance at low fuel consumption and also it uses to combine the wheat stalks, which lefts after the harvesting. With the help of the Ks Group KSA 756 DB Plate Model straw reaper, wheat stalks are changed into the stalks used for cattle feed. 

Category – Post Harvest

Weight – 1900 KG

Cutting Capacity – 2-3 Trolley Per Hour

No. of Blower – 2


Top 10 Straw Reaper To Perform Best Threshing Operations-1

Now buy the compatible and best tractor for straw reaper and also mini straw reaper for agriculture at the best price. Therefore, we hope you find the details informative regarding the wheat and paddy straw reaper models which we mentioned above. To know more about farm Implements like straw reaper price and models with details, stay connected with TractorGuru

Straw Reaper FAQs

Que. Which is the best 50-55 HP tractor Straw reaper?

Ans. Kartar Straw Reaper 56 is the best 50-55 HP tractor Straw Reaper. 

Que. Which Straw reaper model provides the best cutting capacity? 

Ans. Landforce Straw Reaper provides the 1.5-2- 2-2.5 acre/hr cutting capacity. 

Que. Where can we get the Straw Reaper price in India?

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get the straw reaper price in India. 

Que. Straw Reaper is used for which type of crops? 

Ans. It is mainly used for paddy crops such as wheat and also helpful in rice crop. 

Que. What is the basic task of Straw Reaper?

Ans. Straw Reaper is used to cut and threshes the leftover straws (stalks). 

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