Tips for Buying Used Tractor – Tractor Buying Guide!

Tips for Buying Used Tractor - Tractor Buying Guide!

In the modern era, India’s agriculture industry has assumed great significance. There is a growing inclination among farmers to use more advanced machinery types. An example of such machinery is a tractors. Highly efficient tractors are a considerable investment. It can sometimes be difficult for small and marginal farmers to invest in a new tractor due to the high costs involved. In such cases, buying a used tractors can prove to be a smart choice. Many used tractors dealers operating in the market offer lucrative deals. However, one must exercise the utmost caution as buying a tractors are a significant investment.

We have come up with a list of factors to consider while buying a used tractors. If you keep these in mind, you will surely not regret the purchase. This blog helps you choose the best second-hand tractors based on your requirements. Let us get straight into the discussion without wasting any time.

Tips For Used Tractor Buying Guide in India

When opting to buy a used tractor, buyers must remember that they are not buying a car and should not think from that perspective. A car may hold good for only 10–15 years, but a tractors can be useful for 30 years. The section below lists some important points to be kept in mind while buying a used tractor. Check out the below used tractor guide and tractor buyer guide also read the factors to consider when buying a tractor.

Essential Things To Remember Before Buying A Used Tractor :

Essential Things To Remember Before Buying A Used Tractor :

Decide the Type of Tractor You Need

The first and foremost factor to consider is the type of tractor that you need. There are 4 types of tractors that are available in the market:

  • Row Crop Tractors: If you have a large crop production business, you should opt for it. These tractors have taller tires, which offer higher ground clearance. Their robust designs enable them to haul various farm implements with ease.
  • 4WD Tractors: These tractors are efficient in pulling planting and tillage implements. They are general-purpose tractors, mostly used in levelling the land.
  • Utility Tractors: They are significantly bigger and packed with more power. These tractors help to execute chores such as hay production, excavations, livestock.
  • Mini Tractors: These tractors are considerably smaller in size than conventional tractors, making them suitable for nursery work and landscaping.

Size of Farm

The size of the farm is a crucial factor in deciding which tractor to buy. The larger the farm, the more powerful should be the tractor. It is best to buy a tractors that can easily handle various farming operations.

Another critical question you should ask yourself is how much horsepower do you need? We would not recommend buying a tractor with an engine power below 25HP because of their inability to perform heavy tasks. If you want a machine that can perform basic mowing operations, go for a tractor with engine power ranging between 25 – 30 HP, however, if you need something more substantial, invest in tractors in the 45 – 85 HP range.

Choose the Most Trusted Brand in the Market

Choosing a Trustworthy Brand helps you avoid a lot of hustle. It is essential to opt for a trusted brand that enjoys a good reputation among buyers. Brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, Sonalika, Kubota, Escorts have been tried and tested by users for years. They are reliable and offer easy availability of spare parts.

Check the Interior and Exterior

The actual physical condition of the tractor matters a lot. You would not want your tractor to look old, even if you are buying a used tractor. The following points are essential to note in this context:

  • Body of Tractors
  • Condition of Tires
  • Driver’s Seat
  • Rim Damage
  • Cabin
  • Indicator and Headlights

Along with this, the interior of the tractor is also essential. A good interior is a crucial factor in deciding whether to purchase a tractor. Buyers should pay utmost attention to factors like:

  • Engine Leakage
  • Steering Lock
  • Condition of Clutch
  • Enough Greased
  • Battery Health
  • Usage Hours

Make Sure to Test Drive

A test drive tells us a lot of things about the tractors. Therefore, it is essential to test drive a tractor before deciding to buy it. Buyers must look out for any signs of abnormal smoke from the engine and gear transmission noise. In case a buyer is not an expert, he/she should seek the help of an expert technician.

Proper Documentation

Even while buying a second-hand, a buyer should ensure that all essential documents such as original invoices, proof of insurance, tax payment receipts and registration certificate are in order. In the absence of valid documents, it becomes difficult to transfer ownership. Also, it becomes difficult to obtain loans if any of these documents contain anomalies.

Verify Dealer Support

The used tractor needs to be serviced by the verified dealer. The dealer support for parts and service is essential. Verify the model can be serviced by a competent dealer nearby. Check if the dealer has the trained technicians, special tools and spare parts available.

If you take care of the key factors listed above, you can ensure that you end up buying the most efficient used tractor for your needs.

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