How to Buy Used Tractor in Safe and Simple Steps?

How to Buy Used Tractor in Safe and Simple Steps?

Hello farmers, we are back with how to buy a used tractor and save money? Buying a tractor is a very important financial decision for farmers, and if the budget is limited, you have to save money by purchasing a used tractor. Buying a used tractor is risky, so here we discuss how you can buy used tractors and save money. Mostly buying used tractors is dependent on budget, requirement, and demand. Here are some tips which can help to buy a used tractor and save your money. Check out the used tractor buying guide here:

Tips to consider when buying a used tractor

How to Buy Used Tractor in Safe and Simple Steps?


  • Find Top Brand Popular Tractor

When you buy an old tractor, you first find popular brands with a good reputation among the tractor brands. Like Mahindra, Swaraj, Eicher, and John Deere are reliable and most used brands since these have been tried and tested by many customers over decades, and serious problems are unlikely to occur. 

  • Know about the previous owner of the tractor

You have to know about your tractor’s previous owner, which gives you an idea about the tractor that it was maintained or if it sustained any massive abuse. If you know about the owner, then you can easily understand about the tractor and tractor system.  

  • Check the number of running hours of used tractor 

For buying a used tractor, you get to know about the hours of the tractor because it helps you to find whether the tractor is in good condition or not. The regular hours of the tractor are 9000-10000; if average hours of your tractor are more than the regular hours, it requires higher maintenance in the future. So by checking the number of hours, you can save money easily. 

  • Tyre condition 

Tires are costly, so carefully inspecting the tyre is a must. You have to check if there are any cuts, cracks or bubbles, and check if the tyre is remolded or original. Remoulded tires have lower life as compared to original tires. Original tyres give tractors a long life and save money. 

  • Do a test drive of used tractor

What to look for when buying a used tractor, When you buy a used tractor, you have to do a test drive because this helps you to find any problem in the tractor, any unlike sound, or any abnormal smoke in the tractor. All electricals and any leaks should be inspected. 

  • Check all documents of tractor

You have to check the original documents of the tractor like RC, insurance proof, proof of taxes, and the original invoice. If the original documents are not available, then the buyer will not apply for a loan. Also, transferring ownership is very difficult for buyers. Tractor dealers have to verify the original documents of the tractor. When you sell a used tractor, you must have to remember this tip.

  • Dealer support 

When buying, you have to require dealer support for parts and service, similarly used tractors will have to be serviced by the near dealer. Check there is a perfect dealer for your tractor near you. If your dealer is not near to you, then it can be costly for you. So verify the dealer support near and save money. 

  • Physical Inspection of the tractor

When you buy a used tractor, you must check the body of the tractor. Check that body not to require any extra money, the body should be strong or not damage any part of the body. Look around the tractor; if it is dirty, then it has not been maintained very well. 


Buying a used tractor is the best decision to save money. However, it is a risk, but when you apply these tips, you have to minimize it. Keep these tips in mind while buying a used tractor. 

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