Popular Swaraj Tractor Series Price List 2024: Specifications & Mileage

Are you struggling to achieve your farming goals because of your old tractor, which is holding you back? Well, don’t worry anymore! Take a look at the Popular Swaraj Tractor Series! These tractor series models are designed to support farmers looking for powerful tractors that perform all the tough farming tasks at competitive prices. These Swaraj tractor series are powerful yet affordable because they are filled with cutting-edge features and durable designs. 

All-New Swaraj tractor Series in India is the best option for harvesting crops and plowing fields, ensuring a prosperous harvest. In this blog post, we’ll learn how these popular Swaraj tractor series can transform your farming experiences. Its powerful engines and state-of-the-art technology promise an entirely new level of efficiency.

To help you make an informed choice about your farming requirements, we’ll also discuss the Swaraj tractor series price and specification. Let’s start this journey towards better farming together!

Most Popular Swaraj Tractor Series Model in India: Price & Features 

Most Popular Swaraj Tractor Series Model in India

In the blog below, we have listed the best Swaraj tractor series. These are specifically designed to improve effectiveness and output on agricultural land, enabling farmers to easily reach their objectives. 

Each model, ranging from 25 to 65 HP, combines both innovation and dependability. These tractor series ensure outstanding performance in all farming operations, from plowing to harvesting. 

The Swaraj tractor series offers choices for all types of farmers, whether they need a smaller but strong option or a larger model for bigger tasks. Let’s explore each model in depth, revealing the ideal choice for your farming activities.

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1. Swaraj FE Series

Swaraj FE Series

Farmers highly consider the Swaraj FE tractor models due to their dependability and excellent and advanced technical specifications. The Swaraj FE tractor series hp range starts from 25 HP to 65 HP. 

The Most Demanding Tractor Models are Swaraj FE Series:  Swaraj 855 FE, Swaraj 735 FE and Swaraj 744 FE, these tractors Price range between INR 4.80 and 11.25 lakhs in India. With 11 models for agricultural multiple tasks, the Swaraj FE series proves highly productive for farming needs.

Additionally, the upcoming Swaraj FE series, which will launch in 2024, will introduce safety features for efficiency. Each model, such as the 52 HP to 48 HP offers unique features with advanced technology to meet diverse farming requirements.

2. Swaraj XM Series

Swaraj XM Series

Swaraj XM Series Model Starts from Tractor range start 25 HP up to 52 HP. The Swaraj XM Tractor Series model Price range starts from Rs. 3.9 lakh up to 8.2 lakh in India. Most Expensive Tractor Model Swaraj 855 XM Price range start Rs. 7.9 lakh – 8.2 lakh and lowest model Swaraj 825 XM. 

These Best Selling Models are Swaraj 834 XM, Swaraj 724 XM, and Swaraj 843 XM OSM etc.  Furthermore, the Swaraj XM series tractors improve farming techniques by providing support for various equipment doing productive chores like harvesting and plowing.

3. Swaraj XT Series

Swaraj XT Series

The Swaraj XT tractor series stands out as the most demanding model in the Swaraj brand. These tractors come with advanced technology and powerful engines that range from 40 to 50 horsepower. The Best choice Swaraj XT Series models are : Swaraj 744 XT, Swaraj 735, and Swaraj 742 XT, Priced between 5.95 lakh and 7.50 lakh in India. 

The Swaraj XT series prioritises efficiency and safety to guarantee a top performance that you can depend on. Every model has unique benefits that address specific agricultural requirements. In general, these tractors offer strength, advanced technology, and excellent affordability, making them a reliable option for farming and commercial use.

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Usage Of Swaraj Tractor – 

Swaraj tractors can perform a multitude of functions on the farm. Here’s how farmers make effective use of them:

  1. Plowing: When it comes to loosening the soil in order to grow crops, Swaraj tractors are the preferred option. Their sturdy build and strong engines let them easily handle difficult plowing tasks.
  2. Cultivation: Following plowing, the soil is smoothed up and prepared for planting with the help of Swaraj tractors. Their adjustable features and compatibility with different cultivation tools make the job easier and more efficient.
  3. Precise Planting: Swaraj tractors are excellent for planting seeds or young plants. Farmers can use planters or seed drills with these tractors to guarantee correct and consistent planting, which increases agricultural output.
  4. Land Preparation: Throughout the growing season, Swaraj tractors assist with tasks such as pesticide application, fertilizer allocation, and field irrigation.

Their valuable contribution to maintaining crop health comes from their skill in using various types of farm equipment.

  1. Collecting crops: Swaraj tractors serve multiple purposes, including harvesting crops. When collecting vegetables or fruits, they can pull trailers or specialized attachments to help speed up and simplify the task.
  2. Transporation: In addition to working in the fields, Swaraj tractors assist in transporting items such as seeds, fertilizers, and equipment on the farm. They are similar to the reliable trucks on the farm, able to transport anything that needs to be carried.

In general, Swaraj tractors are essential instruments for farmers. They increase efficiency, reduce manual work, and guarantee profitable farming endeavors.


In conclusion, the Popular Swaraj Tractor Series provides farmers with a dependable and efficient option. With three main series – SWARAJ FE, SWARAJ XM, and Swaraj XT – there’s a tractor suitable for every farming requirement.

For instance, the SWARAJ FE Tractor Series excels in fuel efficiency, helping farmers save on costs while still achieving tasks effectively.  

SWARAJ XM Tractor Series is multipurpose so that it can be used for different farm tasks such as tilling, mulching and harvesting. Lastly, the Swaraj XT Tractor Series adopts advanced technology and safety systems, delivering a smooth and secure experience to the farmer.

Whether farmers prioritize fuel efficiency, versatility, or advanced features, the Popular Swaraj Tractor Series delivers. Upgrade to Swaraj tractors today and witness the positive impact on your farm operations!

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