Popular Sonalika Tractor Series Price List 2024 : Specifications & Mileage

The Sonalika Tractor Series is well-known worldwide for its advanced technology in agriculture. These tractors are tough and smart, helping farmers with tasks like plowing fields and moving heavy things. They’re reliable and loved by farmers for their durability and performance, making farming easier and more productive for a better future. 

The Popular Sonalika Tractor Series is known for its sturdy construction and advanced characteristics, which represent reliability and performance and are highly favoured by farmers worldwide. Sonalika tractors are prepared to handle any challenge, whether it be navigating difficult terrain or improving productivity on the farm, to secure a more promising future for agriculture. 

7 Most Popular Sonalika Tractor Series in India: Price & Engine Capacity 

Most Popular Sonalika Tractor Series in India

The Sonalika Tractor Series is popular among farmers. It has several models to fulfill a wide range of agricultural demands. This series offers a variety of possibilities, ranging from smaller yet strong solutions for small jobs to larger, more durable tractors suitable for major farming duties.

Every model is carefully designed with advanced technology and strong construction, guaranteeing dependability and effectiveness in the field. Whether it is the skill of the smaller models or the strength of the bigger ones, the Popular Sonalika Tractor Series has a solution for all farming needs. Let’s understand more about the popular sonalika tractor series in the below blog along with Sonalika tractor series prices and specifications. 

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1. Sonalika Mahabali Tractor Series 

Sonalika Mahabali Tractor Series 

The cost of Sonalika Mahabali tractor series in India varies from 6.64 Lakh to 7.59 Lakh, providing four efficient models compatible with different agricultural equipment. This selection consists of models with power varying from 42 to 50 horsepower.

The Sonalika RX 42 P Plus 4WD and Sonalika Rx 42 Mahabali P Plus, both with 45 HP, are popular choices, along with the Sonalika Rx 47 Mahabali, which has 50 HP and costs between 7.375 Lakh and 7.585 Lakh.

2. Sonalika DLX Tractor Series

Sonalika DLX Tractor Series

The Sonalika DLX Series Tractor hp range starts from 50 to 60 horsepower, priced from 6.43 lakh and 9.10 lakh. Seven efficient models in this series work well with farm equipment. Some popular ones include the Sonalika DI 745 DLX (50 HP, priced from 6.43 Lakh to 6.69 Lakh), the Sonalika DI 55 DLX (55 HP, priced from 8.7 Lakh to 9.1 Lakh), and the Sonalika DI 750 III Multi Speed DLX (55 HP, priced from 7.3225 Lakh to 7.795 Lakh).

3. Sonalika Tiger Tractor Series 

Sonalika Tiger Tractor Series 

The Sonalika Tiger tractor series is really popular. These tractors have strong engines and modern features. These Tractor Series hp range from 26 HP to 75 HP and Price range starting from 5.17 Lakh and going up to 13.68 Lakh.

The best Selling Tractor models are Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger Series, Sonalika Tiger 50, and Sonalika Tiger 47

4. Sonalika Mileage Master Tractor Series

Sonalika Mileage Master Tractor Series

This tractor series offers 18 to 55 horsepower and includes models like Sonalika MM 18 and Sonalika MM 35 DI. Furthermore, the 9 model series of Sonalika tractors is efficient in using all implements used in different types of agriculture.

The various features of the Sonalika Mileage Master tractor range demonstrate their effectiveness in completing tasks. The multiple features of the Sonalika Mileage Master tractor range demonstrate their effectiveness in completing tasks.

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Furthermore, Sonalika Mileage Master tractor variants with dependable engines and cutting-edge technology. Moreover, this series is equipped with various safety features that enhance the strength and effectiveness of each model. As a result, each model of the Sonalika Mileage Master tractor possesses numerous attributes, with variations across different models.

5. Sonalika Baagban Tractor Series 

Sonalika Baagban Tractor Series 

The Sonalika Baagban tractor series hp range start from 27 to 32. Some popular models are : Sonalika DI 32 Baagban, Sonalika Baagban DI 30, and Sonalika Baagban Super DI 30 etc.  Additionally, the cost of a Sonalika Baagban tractor in India is reasonable and within reach. The price for a Sonalika Baagban in India ranges from 4.33 Lakh to 5.59 Lakh. There are four tractor models in the Sonalika tractor Baagban series.

6. Sonalika Sikander Tractor Series 

Sonalika Sikander Tractor Series 

The Sonalika Sikander tractor series starts at Rs. 5.80 lakh and ranges from 39 HP to 60 HP. Some of its popular models consist Sonalika DI 50 Sikander and Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander.

These tractors are recognized for their efficiency in diverse tasks and benefit from features tailored to agricultural requirements. Moreover, Sonalika manufactures the Sikander tractor line, integrating dependable engines and cutting-edge technology for superior performance.

7. Sonalika Garden Track Tractor Series 

Sonalika Garden Track Tractor Series 

The Sonalika Garden Track tractor series offers models from 20 HP to 28 HP in India, priced between 3.28 Lakh and 5.40 Lakh. This lineup comprises four efficient models, including the Sonalika GT 28, Sonalika GT 22 4WD, and Sonalika GT 20, all compatible with various agricultural equipment.

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The Popular Sonalika Tractor Series features plenty of models to choose from, which are meant to satisfy various types of agricultural tasks. The Sonalika Garden Track Tractor is efficient, while the Sonalika Mahabali Tractor is strong and the Sonalika DLX Tractor Series is versatile. Every model comes with its characteristic to better the farming experience. Each provides distinct features for improved farming tasks. 

Furthermore, the highly praised Sonalika Sikander Tractor Series combines advanced technology with dependable performance. Collectively, these series exemplify Sonalika’s renown for supplying reliable, top-notch tractor solutions that are popular among farmers in India and other regions.

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