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Sonalika signifies farm mechanisation by introducing the best-in-class farming machines for every crop grower. However, Sonalika specialises in manufacturing agricultural tractors for commercial farming. Also, the brand makes impressive mini tractor models, and choosing the desired one at a budget-friendly price is challenging. Therefore, below is the list of the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models. This list will assist you in selecting the best small-scale farming machine. 

Top 5 Sonalika Mini Tractor Price & Models In India 2024

We have mentioned below the top 5 Sonalika tractor models that marginal farmers highly recommend for regularly maintaining gardens and accomplishing other farm-related tasks. Let’s look at them before choosing the ideal one. 

1. Sonalika GT 20 

Sonalika GT-20

The Sonalika GT 20 is a power-packed mini tractor model in the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor segment, specialising in necessary small-scale farming tasks. This mini tractor has an excellent 20 HP engine, which delivers an eye-catching performance. Moreover, an effective 800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity makes farming easier. Apart from this, mechanical steering offers proper control and smoother handling.

Speaking about the operator’s safety, this mini tractor is equipped with an oil-immersed braking system. Offering ease of farming, the all new Sonalika GT 20 price is Rs. 3.28 to 3.60 lakh in India. As a result, farmers prefer this Sonalika mini tractor for effectively carrying out agricultural tasks. 

2. Sonalika GT 22


Sonalika GT 22 is another product in the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models. And it gives a boost to the necessary activities in crop production. Farmers highly recommend this Sonalika mini tractor to flaunt field operations for gardens and orchards. Regarding the tractor’s performance, it comes with a 22 Horsepower engine to generate a remarkable 3000 RPM.

Also, the tractor has a sliding mesh transmission, offering smoother gear transition for different speed options. This Sonalika mini tractor has mechanical steering and oil-immersed brakes regarding handling and safety. It is available for a reasonable price as the Sonalika GT 22 price is Rs. 3.70 to 4.01 lakh in India. 

3. Sonalika GT 26


Moving to a higher HP category, we have the Sonalika GT 26, which comes under the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models. It has a 26 HP engine and a dry-type air filter with a clogging sensor to keep the engine healthy. Moreover, the model can fulfil all the small-scale farming needs with the help of 850 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and 22 HP PTO.

It also has power steering to handle the tractor on challenging terrain effortlessly. This Sonalika mini tractor is an affordable agricultural machine. Because the Sonalika GT 26 price is Rs. 4.33 to 4.54 lakh in India. 

4. Sonalika GT 28


The Sonalika GT 28 is a famous model in the segment of the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models. It is fitted with a 28 Horsepower engine and 1318 cc displacement capacity. Thus, it can accomplish all the tasks needed in small farms.

We can use the tractor in garden maintenance as well. This Sonalika mini tractor price in India is Rs. 4.75 to 5.40 lakh, making it easily accessible for every farmer. 

Moreover, one of the noticeable features of this Sonalika mini tractor is a 24 HP PTO with a 6-spline shaft. This ensures effortless operation in every field activity. 

5. Sonalika DI 32 Baagban


As the name suggests, the Sonalika DI 32 Baagban is a 32 HP mini tractor under the list of top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models in India. It is an impressive machine for carrying out more than just small-scale farming. Despite being a mini tractor, this tractor can deliver high performance on large farms.

Also, a full constant mesh transmission helps easily switch the gears without noise and vibrations. Furthermore, this Sonalika mini tractor price in India is economical, as the Sonalika DI 32 Baagban starts from Rs. 5.27 to Rs. 5.59 lakh. 


In this way, we have explained the top 5 Sonalika mini tractor models, helping every farmer. Moreover, these tractors can effectively increase crop yield, leading to higher income. Also, all of these tractor models from Sonalika are budget-friendly, as Indian farmers cannot afford higher-priced agricultural products. 

To know more about Sonalika tractors and other models of this brand, stay connected with Tractor Guru. 

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