Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series in India 2024: Price & Specifications

Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series in India

In the vast expanse of agriculture, Farmtrac stands itself as a dependable and robust tractor brand. Their diverse tractor series meets a wide range of farming requirements, from agile manoeuvres in small places to large-scale operations across large fields. Farmtrac is famous for using advanced technologies, which helps farmers work better and grow more crops.

Farmtrac tractors are the go-to choice for anyone trying to maximise their agricultural output. This is because they are packed with features that save time and fuel and enhance crop yields. 

Are you looking for the most affordable Farmtrac Tractor Series? This blog provides you with the information needed to make informed selections for your farm’s success. Check out the price and specification of the popular Farmtrac tractor series models provided and choose your ideal partner based on farming requirements and budget. 

Most Selling Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series Price in India: Mileage & Engine Capacity

Most Selling Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series

Farmtrac tractors are designed to increase production while remaining durable over time. The brand is known for its dependability in the agricultural market, thanks to cutting-edge technology that reduces downtime and maintenance issues.

In this informative blog, we will examine the complete Farmtrac Tractor Series available in India. This series includes compact, fuel-efficient models for small-scale farms and robust, high-powered models for large-scale businesses.   

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All in all, we want to help you choose the best tractor for your farming needs and budget constraints by investigating their horsepower (HP) and related pricing.

So be prepared to witness how these popular Farmtrac tractor series have the potential to revolutionise your farming practices, empowering you to achieve new levels of efficiency and success in your agricultural endeavours! 

1. Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractor

Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractor

Farmers across India, especially those who have small and medium-sized fields, rely on the Farmtrac Powermaxx tractor series. These tractors are designed to save fuel that help farmers cut costs without sacrificing power. Despite their strong performance, they’re simple to operate, making tasks like orchard work and rotary tilling much easier.

Other than this, the exceptionally versatile Farmtrac Powermaxx range, with its strong yet fuel-efficient engines, can easily deal with different farming undertakings. The horsepower range of this Powermaxx farm vehicle series begins at 50 hp and goes up to 60 hp. The series includes 6 models, each offering efficient options that work seamlessly with different farm equipment. Take, for instance, the rugged Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx – it delivers a robust 60 HP performance while remaining compact and highly manoeuvrable. Even with its impressive capabilities, it comes at an affordable price range of 9.3 to 9.9 lakh.

Moreover, farmers seeking a smaller yet powerful tractor can opt for the 50 HP Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx, a reliable workhorse priced at just 9.91 to 13.21 lakh. For those on a tighter budget, the 55 HP Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx offers exceptional value at 7.92 to 10.17 lakh without compromising Farmtrac’s renowned quality and reliability.

2. Farmtrac Ultramaxx Series Tractor

Farmtrac Ultramaxx Series Tractor

The Farmtrac Ultramaxx has gained a reputation as a reliable partner for farmers across the country. These rugged machines pack cutting-edge technology with long-lasting engines that can easily handle any challenging work. Whether it’s heavy ploughing, crop planting, or post-harvest work, the Ultramaxx tractor series can manage everything. The horsepower range of 47 to 65 hp of these efficient tractors made it possible. This is because the engine provides the optimal combination of power and adaptability. These are a few popular Farmtrac Ultramaxx models: Farmtrac 45, Farmtrac 6050, and Farmtrac 6065. These tractors have become popular among farmers because they can easily manage a variety of farming undertakings.

The Ultramaxx tractor series stands out because of its outstanding value. These tractors provide fuel-efficient performance, lowering operational costs while yet offering substantial capabilities at a reasonable price. The Farmtrac tractor series is an excellent alternative for Indian farmers with small to medium-sized businesses. These heavy-duty but manoeuvrable tractors work reliably and efficiently for all of your farming needs, including cultivation, haying, and general farm activities.

3. Farmtrac Champion Series Tractor

Farmtrac Champion Series Tractor

For countless farming seasons, farmers have relied on the Farmtrac Champion, an important part of the Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series. These hardworking machines, part of Farmtrac’s highly sought-after tractor series, may appear small in size, but they are incredibly versatile and dependable on the farm. The Champion series, with horsepower ranging from 35 to 45 and equipped with innovative technology and trustworthy engines, is ideal for preparing the soil for growing crops.

The Farmtrac Champion XP 41, Champion 37, and Champion 39 are famous harvesting models for fruits, vegetables, nuts, and different harvests. Farmers use these tractors for a variety of activities around the farm.

What distinguishes these tractors is their durability and fuel efficiency, ensuring they remain resilient and reliable. Whether it’s tilling the soil, mowing grass, pulling trailers, or powering equipment, the Champion series is user-friendly and can navigate tight spaces with ease. While every machine has its limitations, the Champion tractors offer exceptional versatility and affordability, with prices ranging from just 5.00 lakh to 7.70 lakh. This makes them an excellent value choice for farmers seeking a dependable partner to tackle the diverse demands of farming across India.

4. Farmtrac ATOM Series Tractor

Farmtrac ATOM Series Tractor

Farmers really like Farmtrac ATOM Series tractors because they have strong engines, ranging from 22 to 35 horsepower, and use new technology. These tractors are perfect for the vast majority of cultivating tasks, showing they are dependable and work well. Popular models like the Farmtrac Atom 26, Farmtrac Atom 22, and Farmtrac Atom 35 are particularly notable. Plus, they are not too expensive, starting at Rs 5.14 lakh in India.

One extraordinary feature of the Farmtrac ATOM Series tractors is their adaptability. There are 3 models available, and they can work with lots of different farm equipment. For instance, the Farmtrac Atom 35 features a 35 HP engine appropriate for minor work. The Farmtrac Atom 26 model, with 26 HP, is great for small —to medium-sized jobs, like working on small farms, orchards, and vineyards.

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Farmtrac Tractor Usage for Farming 

Farmers with a variety of requirements can rely on Farmtrac to provide suitable tractors, whether they require a versatile all-rounder or a budget-friendly workhorse.

  • Farmtrac Powermaxx tractors are the foundation of small and midsize farms. These strong machines, with engines ranging from 50 to 60 horsepower, can accomplish difficult duties such as ploughing, sowing, haying, and post-harvest operations.
  • Despite its versatility, the Farmtrac Ultramaxx series is priced affordably for farmers.
  • Farmers looking for an affordable yet reliable tractor will find the Farmtrac Champion series to be an excellent choice. With a capacity of 35 to 45 horsepower, these tractors offer fuel economy and reliability.
  • The Farmtrac ATOM models excel in soil preparation, harvesting, transporting loads around the farm, and general maintenance tasks. Moreover, their pricing is very reasonable in India, with ATOM tractors available for as low as 5.14 Lakh up to 6.85 Lakh.


The Popular Farmtrac Tractor Series offers farmers a variety of solutions to fit their agricultural needs. Farmtrac focuses on efficiency and reliability, enabling farmers to increase their yields with reliable capacity. Farmtrac tractors are the preferred choice for farms of all sizes regardless of tractor price or model selection. The Farmtrac tractor series has unparalleled popularity and reputation in the agricultural industry because farmers rely on Farmtrac for their mechanical needs.

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