John Deere 5050D Puddling Special Tractor 2024 – Expert Review & Price

John Deere 5050 D Puddling Special Tractor

Indian agriculture highly focuses on the large-scale production of staple food crops, especially rice and wheat. However, rice cultivation is done on land which is submerged in water. Therefore, when it comes to carrying out farming operations in wetlands, a modern farmer looks for an advanced featured agricultural machine. This is where the John Deere 5050D puddling special tractor comes into play. It is an excellent tractor model for accomplishing challenging tasks in wet fields and slippery terrains. Moreover, as the name suggests, this tractor from John Deere is highly preferred for puddling activities. So, we bring you an in-depth review of this great tractor for an eye-catching performance in the toughest conditions. 

John Deere 5050D Puddling Special Tractor 2024 – Features and Price 

In the era of modern farming, crop production should be done with high-performing machines to reduce time consumption and labour cost. This is why farmers prefer the John Deere 5050D Puddling Special tractor, as it comes with all the farming features. So, let’s dive into the top features of this tractor model.

1. John Deere 5050D With Rear Oiled Axle 

John Deere 5050D With Rear Oiled Axle

This John Deere tractor comes with a rear oiled axle, offering several benefits. It provides better traction in slippery conditions and helps the tractor if it gets stuck in mud or snow. Along with this, a rear oiled axle benefits the durability of the tractor with proper and constant lubrication. Also, the John Deere 5050D mileage is efficient because the axle of the tractor requires less power for operation. Therefore, the John Deere 5050D engine with 50 HP consumes less fuel. By reducing the shock and vibration, it offers a smooth driving experience in every terrain. Overall, the rear oiled axle tractor helps in saving cost and seamless performance.

2. A Metal Face Seal For Protection

Metal Face Seal For Protection

The 5050D John Deere 4WD is fitted with a metal face seal, which has various advantages in farming activities. By preventing dust, dirt and contaminants from entering, the metal face seal helps the tractor’s longevity. Apart from this, the 4WD John Deere 5050D does not need much maintenance as the metal face seal gives long-lasting protection to the tractor’s parts. 

Moreover, in crop production activities, the 4WD tractor is subjected to harmful abrasive particles. Therefore, the metal face seal safeguards essential components such as axles or other mechanical parts. Hence, farmers can easily operate the John Deere 5050D under high temperatures, pressure and other undesirable conditions. 

3. Powerful Steering For Proper Handling 

John deere 5050 D Power streeing

Farming operations are exhausting, and using tractors for such tasks can also be tiring. However, steering the tractor in narrow spaces requires tremendous effort. Thus, the John Deere 5050D tractor has power steering for comfort with a 2900 mm turning radius with brakes. It helps in achieving a fatigue-free operation for farming. With the use of power steering, the tractor can be handled effectively in tight spaces such as rows of crops. As a result, the safety of the operator is also ensured with this steering system. 

4. Comfortable Seat For The Operator

Comfortable Seat For The Operator

The seating in a tractor has a vital role in crop production. If a comfortable seat is unavailable, the operators have to suffer from fatigue, and they cannot perform farming operations for longer durations. Thus, the new John Deere 5050D is equipped with a comfortable seat, which provides effortless operation in every crop field. Also, the operator can perform various tasks with the help of a 1600 kg hydraulic lifting capacity due to the comfortable seating. 

5. Bigger Size Tyres For Higher Traction

Bigger Size Tyres John deere 5050 D

The all new John Deere 5050D comes with bigger-size tyres as the tractor has a 4-wheel drive. As a result, it assists in higher traction in every farming field. Also, the tyres offer a better grip with the help of a large surface area of the tyres. However, as the puddling surface is filled with water, we must ensure sufficient friction between the tyres and the surface. This is where the bigger size of this tractor’s tyres comes into play. Moreover, the John Deere 5050D tyre size for the rear tractor tyre position is 14.9 x 28, and the front tractor tyre size is 8.00 x 18, making it easily compatible with popular tractor tyre brands. Therefore, we can easily overcome the slippage with the help of this tractor in water-filled crop fields. 

6. John Deere 5050D Tractor Warranty

John Deere 5050D Tractor Warranty

There is a 5000-hours or 5-year warranty on the John Deere 5050D puddling special tractor, which is ideal according to the features of the tractor. Hence, there is an assurance of easier serviceability. As a result, farmers highly recommend this John Deere tractor for the best services. In addition, the brand offers PAN India service centres for easier maintenance, and various tractor dealers provide the John Deere 5050D Puddling Special tractor for sale

7. Reasonable Price According To The Budget

The John Deere 5050D price is Rs. 7.99 to 10.50 lakh in India, which is according to the budgets of Indian farmers. Thus, it is a popular choice in the 50 HP category. However, it isn’t easy to choose such a powerful tractor at this reasonable tractor price that gives 42.5 PTO HP for effective farming. Therefore, the price of John Deere 5050D tractor is justified due to all these modern farming fields. 

The Final Words

Lastly, this John Deere tractor model is an excellent and reliable farming machine built to fulfil the requirements of farmers and the farming industry. However, the John Deere 5050D on road price can differ depending on the region, features, and the included accessories. Moreover, its high-performance engine, smoother transmission, comfortable seating, power steering, effective braking system and tyres can help boost farming productivity. We hope this blog has solved all your concerns regarding the specifications of the John Deere 5050D 4WD tractor. Stay tuned with Tractor Guru for more such reviews of powerful agricultural tractors. 

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