Top 6 Selling 2WD Tractors Price In India 2024: Features & Mileage

Top 6 Selling 2WD Tractors Price In India

Tractors have a significant role in farming as they make crop production easier by reducing time and labour costs. However, any farmers possessing small or medium farms prefer tractors with 2-wheel drive, as they are more budget-friendly options. At the same time, these 2WD tractors in India maintain a consistent performance just like any other tractor.

Therefore, we are showcasing the best selling 2WD tractors in India, with detailed specifications and prices. Moreover, farmers using these tractors will achieve proper traction along with fuel-efficient working.

6 Best Selling 2WD Tractor Models Price List In India: Specification & Mileage 

This blog will analyse the best selling 2WD tractors in India and their specifications. Let’s look at these farming-friendly 2 wheel-drive tractors in India.

Swaraj 717


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The Swaraj 717 is one of the best tractors with a 2-wheel drive. It offers an efficient performance for operations such as ploughing or garden maintenance, leading to higher profits. This Swaraj tractor gives the desired power in every farming field.

It comes with a single-cylinder engine with 863.5 CC capacity, producing 2300 RPM at 15 HP. Moreover, the sliding mesh transmission gives easier gear shifting without less noise and vibrations. Also, its gearbox has 6 forward + 3 reverse gears.

It has dry disk brakes with mechanical steering for easier handling. The tractor’s 9-horsepower live single-speed PTO is made perfect for farmers who have small farms.

As a result, this Swaraj 2 by 2 tractor in India is one of the best investments for farming. However, the Swaraj 717 price is Rs. 3.20 to 3.30 lakh in India.

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT 


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The Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is a reliable tractor that provides good traction on all types of farming land. It effectively performs agricultural operations such as sowing.

The 15 HP, single-cylinder engine of this 2 wheel drive tractor produces 2300 RPM. This helps farmers to carry out crop production processes without any hassle. Fitted with mechanical steering, the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is a reliable tractor with smooth handling.

Moreover, the 11.4 HP PTO is useful for agriculture on mini-farms and orchard farming. Also, a fuel tank capacity of 19 litres allows this Mahindra tractor to perform effectively.

Also, this 2WD mahindra tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 778 kg to lift agriculture tools. Apart from its high performance, Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT 2WD tractor price in India is Rs. 3.20 to 3.40 lakh.

VST MT 171 DI Samraat


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VST MT 171 DI Samraat is also one of the popular 2WD tractors In India for agriculture. It has features, such as ADDC hydraulics, that help lift essential implements.

This VST tractor makes it easier to carry out agricultural tasks such as tilling on rough surfaces. It offers remarkable power for farming operations like garden maintenance, resulting in higher profits. As a result, this popular 2WD tractor is a profitable one-time investment.

The tractor has a 17 HP engine with a single-cylinder and a 746 CC capacity. It has mechanical steering, delivering proper handling over any field. Also, it has a constant mesh transmission to easily switch gears.

The 13 HP PTO of this 2WD tractor is ideal for farm implements such as plough or a trailer. This makes it an effective farming tractor with a 2-wheel drive.

However, VST MT 171 DI Samraat price in India is Rs. 2.88 to 3.00 lakh.

Sonalika MM 18 


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The Sonalika MM 18 is one of the latest 2WD tractors in India. It has a single-cylinder, 18-horsepower engine with 863.5 CC capacity.

It gives a brilliant performance for ploughing, sowing or fertilizer distribution. This makes it a dependable Sonalika tractor in India. Moreover, the tractor has a water-cooled engine with a dry-type air filter, ensuring a healthy engine performance.

The sliding mesh transmission of this 2WD tractor gives a seamless experience in agriculture. Also, the 28-litre fuel tank capacity enables farmers to operate this tractor on small farms without interruptions. With all these farming features, the Sonalika MM 18 price in India is Rs. 2.65 to 2.86 lakh.

Swaraj 825 XM


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The Swaraj 825 XM is also one of the best 2WD tractors in India for farming. Its single-cylinder engine offers a power of 25 HP. This tractor from Swaraj is trusted for hassle-free ploughing, tilling or hauling activities. Furthermore, the sliding mesh transmission helps the tractor to perform with fewer vibrations and shocks.

The dry disk braking system offers proper safety for the operator. At the same time, the 21.25 HP PTO is ideal for implements such as a cultivator or a seed drill. On the other hand, a mechanical steering column gives proper control on every farming surface.

Therefore, this 2WD swaraj tractor in India is one of the best choices for cost-effective farming. The price of Swaraj 825 XM tractor is Rs. 3.90 to 5.20 lakh in India.

Massey Ferguson 5118


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The Massey Ferguson 5118 tractor with a 2-wheel drive allows farmers to operate it with proper traction. Its engine with a single-cylinder offers a power of 20 HP. It performs efficiently with less fuel consumption, ensuring environment-friendly farming. Moreover, a sliding mesh transmission easily operates its gearbox, consisting of 8 forward + 2 reverse gears.

The oil-immersed braking system offers proper grip, ensuring the operator’s safety. Similarly, the 12 HP PTO can power essential farm implements, such as sprayers. A manual steering system handles this 2WD Massey tractor on every ground.

Therefore, with all these features, this tractor is one of the best choices for profitable agriculture. Moreover, Massey Ferguson 5118 price is Rs. 3.25 to 3.80 lakh in India.

The Ending Thoughts

The popular 2WD tractors in India, sharing details about their features and costs. Most selling Popular tractor models are – Swaraj 717, Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, VST MT 171 DI Samraat, Sonalika MM 18, Swaraj 825 XM, Massey Ferguson 5118. Each tractor has its own special features and advantages. Each has its own special features and advantages.

Farmers have the option to select from a range of tractors. These tractors come with different power, engine size, and cost. Farmers can choose the one that best suits their farm size and needs.

When choosing a tractor for farming, it is crucial to take into account various factors. These factors include engine power, PTO capacity, transmission type, and steering mechanisms. Considering these factors will help ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

For more updates about 2-wheel tractors in India, visit Tractor Guru.

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