Tractor Buying Tips 2024: Tips While Buying Your First Tractor

Tractor Buying Guide

The value of technology and modernization in agriculture in the current period cannot be explained. However, due to the availability of various farming equipment, farming now involves less human labour and is more profitable. To optimize your search, below we present a tractor buying guide with tips for buying a new tractor.

Revolution of Tractors

Revolution of Tractors

The first assembled Tractor arrived in India on April 24th, 1959. After that, the first entirely produced Tractor was created between 1965 and 1974, and over time, tractors have gained popularity in India.

The Tractor now covers a large market in India and is one of the most precious assets of a farmer. Modern tractors are used for tilling, ploughing and cultivating fields, regular lawn care, landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertilizer and clearing bushes.

Without the use of tractors, daily fieldwork difficulty would gradually increase. Hence, tractors offer several advantages for farmers or cultivators.

Tractor Buying Guide 2024 – Choose the Perfect Treasure for Your Farming 

Tractor buying requires severe financial input. Therefore, you can only choose the ideal Tractor if you clearly understand farming needs, or you can take help from Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Tractor. Further, the buying option will help you in reaping a good crop and profit.

You can grade tractors based on numerous points, including horsepower, weight, size, and lift capacities. Thus, you must know all the factors before buying your first Tractor. Consider the following tractor buying tips while selecting a suitable tractor for your farm.

(If you are planning to buy Mini Tractor, we have a different section of the blog below stating the new tractor tips you should consider before making a purchase.)

How to Buy the Right Tractor?

At the time of tractor purchase, the consumer should keep specific Tractor buying tips in mind. Some tips for buying your first Tractor are given below-

buy the right Tractor

Decide the Type of Tractor You Need –

Take a look at your property size –

  • Firstly, while planning on what type of Tractor to purchase, focus on the size of your property. 
  • Choose a Tractor according to your need for implements and job. In addition, acquiring your preferred Tractor will be cost-effective, considering your property’s present and future needs.

Your Budget 

  • It is essential to state that tractors can cost you a severe amount, which makes them a substantial investment. 
  • You require a defined budget to assist you in getting what you want in a tractor.

Tractor Horse-Power 

  • A small tractor with very high horsepower (HP) can do better than a large one with a low HP. 
  • Lower horsepower, i.e. below 35 HP tractors, are powerful enough to handle tasks like mowing lawns but can’t perform heavy farming tasks like making hay. 
  • For primary farm duties using implements, it’s essential to understand that there’s another horsepower number to notice, Power Takeoff (PTO) horsepower.
  •  It refers to the power available to attachments or implements and is a measure of the capabilities of a tractor than engine horsepower.

The Engine

  • The engine confines the horsepower of the Tractor model and the kind of work it can handle. 
  • This is why the engine is an essential factor when buying a tractor.


  • The work of a tractor includes a lot of hauling and turning. The hydraulic system is what makes this viable. Before buying a tractor, make sure that the hydraulic system performs optimally.


  • Different agricultural tasks require other machines, so rather than spending heavily on your pockets, make a list of functions and choose the Tractor wisely.

Look Out for The Proper Hitches

  • You need to look for a tractor with the right hitch type for your work. 
  • Different hitch attachments are created to raise or lower any attached equipment quickly or for use with forklifts and front-end loaders.



  • There are 2 types of transmissions: Hydrostatic transmission and Mechanical transmission
  • Mechanical transmission is more power-efficient if compared to the hydrostatic transmission. However, the hydrostatic transmission provides the liberty to select any ground (or engine) speed from zero to maximum. Thus, it is more efficient in operation.

Lift Capacities and Front Loaders

  • We recommend getting a Tractor and loader from the same manufacturer for compatibility. 
  • A trade-off exists between actual lift capacity and speed. 
  • If a front loader lifts what seems like a lot of weight, it will have a prolonged cycle time. 

Resale Value

  • Let your present and future needs help you make a decision, go through the Tractor buying guides and take ample time to understand what makes an ideal tractor. 
  • The most crucial tip for buying a new tractor- It is recommended that you purchase your Tractor model from a manufacturer that ranks high spot in the market. 
  • This will not only guarantee that you get good service but also a more profitable resale value.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort and Safety

  • Look for the convenience and safeness of the Tractor while purchasing. A few everyday things on which you can focus are:
  • Adequate space between pedals & fenders
  • Suitable design of the operator’s platform
  • steering wheel and seat adjustability
  • Ease to controls from a standard range of reach
  • The acceptable shape of handholds
  • Panel light visibility

Test Drive and Then Decide

  • If you are going to buy a tractor, then it’s a significant investment. 
  • So, you should know every detail about the Tractor you are buying.
  • For that, take a test drive before buying a tractor to get to know every detail about the Tractor and find out whether it is perfect for your need. 

These were the tips for buying a new tractor which you should undoubtedly consider before making a purchase.

Tractor Buying Advice 

Choose the most trusted brand in India

  • Choosing a Trustworthy Brand helps you avoid a lot of hustle. 
  • This is one of the vital tractor buying advice anyone should blindly follow. 
  • Opting for a trusted brand with a good reputation among buyers is essential. Brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, Sonalika, Kubota, and Escorts have been tested by users for years. 
  • They are reliable and offer easy availability of spare parts.

The Last Mini Tractor You’ll Ever Need- Mini Tractor Buying Guide

Before stepping out to buy a Mini Tractor, make sure to be clear on your requirements. The checkpoints of the guide to buying a tractor are given below-

Checkpoint to buy a mini tractor

Know Your Hitches

  • The utility of a tractor is defined by its features and hitch type.
  • There are 3 types of hitches: CAT-0, CAT-1, and CAT-2. 
  • All 3 hitches differ in the sizes of their pin, hitch arm & top link.

Check the Transmissions

  • Check if the Tractor you buy uses the latest standard: hydrostatic transmission or the old and inconvenient clutch-style transmission.
  • Note- tractors with hydrostatic transmission offer much better power supply, manoeuvrability and comfort in the drive. 

Mainstream Tractor Varieties

  • Sub Compact

Those who seek something powerful to maintain their lawns or extended gardens usually select these tractor types.

  • Compact

Meant to be worked on small private farms, compact tractors can attach a variety of professional farming implements such as rotavators, various cultivators etc. 

  • Narrow Farm Tractors
    Narrow Farm Tractors are innovated & designed to enhance the productivity of little farms such as vineyards, orchards etc.

Before buying a mini tractor, the consumer should first look at Tractor buying tips, specify the utility & possible utilities they require in Tractor, and then review all its specifications, especially hitch & transmission. Since a tractor is a long terms investment, it is best to go for a known brand.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Tractor

Questions to ask when buying a Tractor

It is necessary to make direct comparisons among the brands of tractors. Therefore, in the below guide to buying a new tractor, we have listed four questions you should ask dealers while choosing the perfect Tractor to meet your needs.

Que. How much horsepower do you need?
Ans. Not sufficiently horsepower can be a safety issue and mark out a tractor prematurely if the Tractor is asked to do better than it is rated for.

Que. Are you looking for two or four-wheel drive?
It would be better to decide what terrain you will be functioning on and how you will use your Tractor. 

Que. Do you want a cab?
Some people consider a climate-controlled cab a luxury that adds more cost to a tractor. However, farmers can be more productive and operate their equipment safer in a cab than in the elements, especially after many long hours.

Que. Do you like the Tractor?
Ans. Sit in the Tractor, look where the controls are placed, make visibility check from the cab, entry and exit and drive it.

Que. Why go for the particular Brand?
Ans. You should ask dealers why you should purchase their tractors and what one of their best-selling points is. 

Que. Post Purchase
Ans. Do you like the dealer? Are his services good? Converse with people who have purchased the Brand and get feedback about their experience with the dealer. Perhaps it’s wise to spend time on the quality type you want, who you should buy your Tractor from, and the kind of service they provide.

Hence, these are some question tips for buying a new Tractor.

Weekly Maintenance Checkpoints on Tractors

Maintenance Checkpoints on Tractors

We are all aware of how crucial equipment maintenance is to owners. Whether you use your Tractor sometimes or daily, following the first time tractor buyer tips and maintenance tips is essential.

After shedding light on ‘How to buy the right tractor’, we have highlighted some new tractor owner tips (service checkpoints) from an ideal Tractor Guide that you might not discover in your Operation Manual definitely keep you out of trouble.

Protocols for Preventive Maintenance

  • A simple check of any tractor maintenance you have to perform can prevent a pricey blunder.
  • Check the engine compartment before reusing your Tractor after prolonged inactivity. In addition, See if rodents, birds, or other animals may have moved in while you weren’t looking.
  • Use compressed air to clean the screens on your radiator. The radiator is how your tractor engine dissipates heat. Terrible things may emerge if the screens are clogged. Please keep all the screens in the positions, and never operate your Tractor without them.
  • Wheel bolts, referred to as lug nuts, should be checked and tightened.
  • Avoid mixing different grease formulations while lubricating the grease points on your Tractor. Unwanted chemical reactions can occur between incompatible grease formulations.
  • A winterized or anti-gel substance should be added to the gasoline storage tank of your Tractor before the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, choose the right kind for your diesel or gasoline engine.
  • Without the anti-gel chemical, your fuel may gel up during cold weather, preventing your Tractor from starting and making it challenging to rewarm.


Now, keep in mind to always observe all operating and safety recommendations. Most importantly, do not forget to read the tractor buying guide in India before purchasing or storing any massive farming equipment.

We hope the above-given Tractor Guide (included new Tractor buying tips and tricks, first time tractor owner tips and tips for buying first new Tractor) helped you filter your needs for your next buy.

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