Work From Office VS Work From Home – An Outlook of Covid-19

Work From Office VS Work From Home - An Outlook of Covid-19

Today, we are suffering from severe times which have badly affected our lifestyle and, most importantly, our health. This virus has a terrible impact on the World, and we lock ourselves in our houses because of it. To stop the spread of the virus, the government and we are finding many reasonable solutions whose effect is visible to the WorldWorld. Yes, this virus has introduced many new things, such as lockdown, work from home and many more. Some of which are good or some of which are bad. The solution to reducing the spread of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 has left a large part of the workforce unable to go to work. Check out work from office vs work from home pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons Of Working From Home During Covid

Pros and Cons Of Working From Home During Covid

Following are the working from home advantages and disadvantages:-

Benefits Of Working From Home During COVID – 19

Every new technique or new method brings some new excitement and benefits. Likewise, work From home brings some incredible and best benefits which encourage employees to use it. 

1. Commute

The most significant benefit of working from home is that this technique eliminates the long and tedious commute. According to a study, Indians, on average, spend 7% of their day commuting to the office. It equates to about two hours on the road per day. That’s a lot of time and a lot of tedious traffic, isn’t it?

It not only wastes time but also spends unnecessary money. Also, it disturbed work-life balance highly. When a person spends 7% of their day in traffic, he feels that he hasn’t worked outside of work, impacting his career and productivity. Essentially all that time can be saved by telecommuting. Telecommuting simply means working remotely or from home, making full use of the Internet, email and phone.

While some people still enjoy travelling and want to separate home and office, others think differently. People would rather spend more time with their family or indulge in their hobbies than spend cursing traffic. As my choice to avoid these rush commute work from home comfortably is the best choice. So, it’s now your choice which you prefer, work from home or office. 

2. Make Balance Between Work & Life

It is imperative to understand that work is not everything, there is a life you have outside the workplace. Sometimes, when you spend almost half of your day in an office, then you don’t get time for yourself, and you can’t even think of anything other than work. These all things make your life boring and stressful. In addition, a rigid work schedule can quickly tire employees. Working from home online provides flexibility, which means with work from home, you can choose their working hours. 

The benefits of working from home during COVID is that workers can start and end their day as they wish, as long as their work is done and strong results are achieved. This control over your agenda is invaluable when it comes to meeting the needs of your personal life. Work from home covid provides the choice to work from anywhere in your house like bedroom, living room, balcony, etc., where you get good internet connectivity. In addition, you can choose your lunchtime, and there is no need for a well-groomed, formal look round-the-clock. 

3. Environment

A productive working environment is an essential thing. Obviously, when you get a suitable environment, working ability and capacity are increased, resulting in good outcomes. But when the environment is not favourable, then workability decreases, resulting in less production. The right work environment enhances productivity, whereas the wrong environment can be harshly harmful to it. At home, one has the option to customize their workspace as per their needs and preferences. Whereas working in the office does not give you a choice in the work environment or the office setting.

4. Productivity

Productivity is one of the benefits of working at home. In a popular survey, 47% of employees strongly agree that flexible work arrangements make them more productive. And we know that flexible work arrangements are highly obtained by working from home. And 31% of employees agree to some extent. Online work from home in India provides fewer interruptions, less stress from no commute, minimal office politics and a quiet environment, one of the great reasons for high productivity. Surveys also say that workers who worked from home usually log longer hours over office-bound counterparts.

5. Save Money

Work from home covid-19 technique saves a lot of money for both sides, the company and employee. The employee does not need to spend money on travelling, food and other things throughout a working day. On the other hand, the companies are also saving an enormous amount of electricity and other items which would have been indispensable in an up-and-running office setup. According to popular opinion, around 77% of executives believe that allowing employees to work remotely can reduce operating costs. Now we can say that working from home is best for your wallet. It is also a boon for the planet as it provides less traffic, which means fewer vehicles on the roads, which inadvertently contributes to cleaning our environment, which is desperately needed.

Disadvantages of Work From Home

If something has advantages then it also has disadvantages. Likewise, work from home India technique has some disadvantages which proved that in many ways this technique is not workable. Have a look. 

1. Disturbance

Main problem of working from home is disturbance. If you live alone far from family then this technique is quite good but when you live with family then work from home is quite disturbing. In India, more than 60% of people withstand the problem of children and family during the work from home. As when they work, family demands more attention from them and because of it they work late and not give their 100% attention towards work.

2. Difficult To Focus on Work

Another disadvantage of working from home during COVID-19 is that many people face problems concentrating at work and are constantly distracted. While the family is only one factor that disturbs their concentration, other concentration killers include noise from family or neighbourhood activities or being distracted by looking out the window and the beautiful view of their backyard or their children’s play.

3. Communication

Another biggest disadvantage of work from home is communication. As per the 2020 State of Business Communication Report, physical meeting means face-to-face communication is more effective. Most employees preferred face-to-face communication as it provides more clarity of meetings. It is something that can only find in office space. It also opens up immense networking opportunities. Apart from business planning, humans are social animals and crave active interaction. Sharing a cup of coffee or having a conversation during lunch can go a long way in building a lasting relationship.

Even for a company, communicating with the employees is very important, and many companies believe that Zoom calls can not be as effective as a round table conference. Even phone calls are ineffective as there is a lot of disturbance during phone calls or video calls, resulting in missing important matters or missing out on essential listening. Face-to-face conversations can often be more candid than phone calls. According to the communication rule, communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal. Non-verbal means body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%).

4. Lack of Office Equipment

Lack of office equipment is another disadvantage of working from home during COVID-19. As when working from home you don’t have necessary office equipment. About 33% of people who work from home do not have access to office equipment such as high-speed internet, fax/copier machines, or a high-end laptop, which adds to their distress when working from home. It is challenging to replicate your work environment at home.

Pros And Cons of Work From Office

Pros And Cons of Work From Office

Now it’s time to talk about work at the office. Working at the office is the oldest work technique, but because of Covid, we met with work from home. After the culture of working from the office has become effective due to Coronavirus, a new survey has come out, which shows that 59% of companies in India are not in favour of working from home. According to a survey by job site ‘Vastav’, 67% of large and 70% of medium-sized Indian companies are not favouring working from home in the post-pandemic situation. Do you think that working from the office is good or not?

Don’t take stress as we show some pros and cons of work in the office which help you decide whether work from the office is good or not or can we accept work from home.

Advantages of Work In The Office

First, we discuss the advantages of work from the office.

1. Time Management

The best and beneficial thing about the office is time management. An office environment can teach you time management as office hours are usually fixed. In-office hours of work, lunch and tea breaks are fixed. When you are in the office, you have to do all things according to the office timings, come to the office on time, have lunch on time, and teach you time management. Getting up in the morning at the right time, going to the office, sitting at the desk at the exact time, you can learn all this only by working in the office.

At the office, your mind has slowly begun to process according to the office working hours. It also helps you learn about maintaining punctuality. If you find it extremely difficult to discipline yourself, working in an office is a good fit. You will be taught how to start and finish on time.

2. Learn Personality Development

Working at an office helps you to develop your personality. You can understand how to behave with others, how to behave with yourself, and you can also develop interpersonal skills. When a group of people surrounds you, you automatically become self-conscious and alert. It is also an opportunity for you to learn about relationships with coworkers and how to maintain them. The office environment also helps to establish your reputation, and you must learn how to behave as a professional. Proper discipline is required so that you can handle interactions with employers, employees and subordinates.

3. Become An Experienced Person

Working in office culture makes you an experienced person. Work from the office helps you to learn something new regularly which excites you. Here, you will learn to be a diplomatic and experienced person. Good experience always helps you to reach the top as business sectors find experienced individuals trustworthy and responsible

Disadvantages of Work From Office

Following are the advantages of working in an office:-

1. COVID-19

Today, the biggest disadvantage of working from the office is COVID -19. Coronavirus cases are rapidly growing, which indicate that we should keep our distance from each other. In addition to masks and social distancing, employers can play a vital role in fighting the coronavirus by allowing employees to work at home, thus preventing potential infection while commuting, at work and out for lunch can be saved.

2. Make You Lazy

Another harmful disadvantage of work from office India is laziness. When you work in an office, then it encourages a sedentary lifestyle. You sit at your desk all day trying to complete a project. The process makes you a lazy person as you neither move around nor do any work. It doesn’t end here, working at the office also strains your neck and back. It is also one of the biggest reasons for obesity.

Future Scope

The debate of working at home vs office will continue like this because both have their benefits. But we can say that work from home will emerge as the best option for employees. An estimated 70% of the companies will be working remotely at least five days a month By 2025. And maybe in the future, work from home will be added as a new rule of office or made as work from home careers. What is your opinion? 

Work From Office Vs Work From Home 

Work From Office VS Work From Home

Whether it’s work from home or office, it is completely your choice. Do the work you like to do but stay at home for some time now and adopt work from home because it is beneficial for you and your family and people around you. Until then, stay home and stay safe, keep a mask on, wash hands for at least 20 seconds, use sanitiser and keep a distance of 2 meters.

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