Top 7 Mini Tractors Under 4 Lakh In India 2024: Price & Specifications

Top 7 Mini Tractors Under 4 Lakh In India 2024: Price & Specifications

India provides a variety of mini tractors under 4 lakh at small-scale farmers in the field of economical agricultural solutions. These cost-effective tractors deliver powerful performance without going overboard.

Moreover, they are excellent at handling challenging terrain and tight locations thanks to their powerful engines and small size. These small tractors have very low operating expenses thanks to their high fuel efficiency. These machines are dependable and productive for every operation, including ploughing, tilling, and hauling.

Best 7 Mini Tractor Under 4 Lakh Price List 2024: Know Features & Mileage

This blog will describe the best 7 mini tractors under 4 lakh in India with detailed specifications. Let’s explore the budget-friendly 4 lakh mini tractors in India to choose the best.

1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT 


The Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is a standout choice for Indian farmers looking for an affordable yet powerful agricultural mini tractor. This unbeatable mini tractor price point sets it apart, reaching under 4 lakh. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution for those with less budget. Despite its economical price, the Yuvraj 215 NXT does not compromise on performance.

It has a 15 HP engine with 864 CC capacity for various farming tasks. Its compact size and attractive design enhance its usability, making it excellent for small lands. Mini tractor under 4 lakh has a 778 kg lifting capacity and 12 HP PTO to help farmers perform different operations. With Mahindra’s trusted brand name, the Yuvraj 215 NXT mini tractor is available at Rs. 3.20 to 3.40 lakh in India.

2. Swaraj 717


The Swaraj 717 mini tractor is a game-changer for Indian farmers who want a reliable and budget-friendly farming tractor. What sets it apart is its remarkable affordability, as this mini tractor is price under 4 lakh. This makes it an ideal choice for those farmers who want higher returns in less investment, offering outstanding value for money. With a reasonable price, the Swaraj 717 offer a power-packed performance.

Fitted with a 15 HP engine, it easily performs different farming tasks. It features a sliding mesh transmission with 6 forward + 3 reverse. Moreover, this mini tractor has a 780 kg lifting capacity and equips a 9 PTO HP.

Moreover the Swaraj tractor brand, it is a profitable one-time investment for Indian farmers looking to enhance their agricultural productivity. This Swaraj mini tractor 717 price is Rs. 3.20 to 3.30 lakh in India.

3. Sonalika GT20


The Sonalika GT20 is another popular mini tractor under 4 lakh in India. Priced under 4 lakh, it is an incredibly cost-effective solution, offering remarkable value for money. This budget-friendly feature is a key highlight, making it an ideal choice for those with a fixed budget. Despite its economical price, the Sonalika GT20 RX does not compromise on power.

It comes with a 20 HP, helping to carry out every farming operation with ease. Its durable body and design make it a perfect fit for mini to medium farms. Moreover, this mini tractor has exceptional fuel efficiency, assisting farmers in saving on operational costs.

This Sonalika mini tractor under 4 lakh has an 800 kg lifting capacity and 17 HP Take-Off Power. Along with these features, the Sonalika GT20 mini tractor price is Rs. 3.28 to Rs. 3.59 lakh in India.

4. New Holland Simba 20 4WD


The New Holland Simba 20 4WD mini tractor is a revolutionary choice for Indian farmers seeking a budget-friendly tractor. It is price under 4 lakh, and it is an incredibly cost-effective solution, providing value-for-money performance. This budget-friendly feature is a standout advantage, making it an ideal option for farmers with low budgets.

With its 17 HP engine and 4WD capabilities, it excels in every farming task. The tractor comes with mechanical steering and oil-immersed brakes for better handling.

With Double PTO with 540 & 1000 RPM helps with different farming tasks, and it has a 750 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. Also, the New Holland Simba 20 mini tractor is Rs. 3.42 to Rs. 4.05 lakh in India.

5. Massey Ferguson 5118 


The Massey Ferguson 5118 is a best-in-class compact tractor under 4 lakh. This budget-friendly tractor can significantly boost crop production for every farmer. It has modern features and a fuel-efficient engine with remarkable power. For farmers with a low budget, this tractor is the perfect choice.

The Massey Ferguson 5118 has a 20 HP engine with 825 CC capacity. As a result, farmers can perform farming activities with higher mileage. It has a sliding mesh transmission to operate 8 reverse + 2 reverse gears.

There is a manual steering and oil-immersed braking system to ensure proper handling. However, the price of Massey Ferguson 5118 is Rs. 3.25 to Rs. 3.80 in India, making it a suitable mini tractor under 4 lakh.

6. Eicher 188


The Eicher 188 is a power-packed mini tractor model under 4 lakhs in India. This budget-friendly farming tractor for mini farms can be the go-to choice. As a result, it is a perfect mini tractor under 4 lakhs for crop production. Also, it has a robust body, ensuring durability in the long run.

It has an 18 HP engine with a 700 kg lifting capacity and 15 HP PTO. The Eicher 188 small tractor under 4 lakh with modern features for small-scale farming.

Moreover, the advanced technology ensures seamless performance, while ergonomic design offers comfort. Apart from these features, the Eicher 188 price is Rs. 3.20 to Rs.3.30 lakh in India.

7. Captain 200 DI 4WD 


The Captain 200 DI is a versatile and powerful farming mini tractor model in India designed for small-scale farming. With its compact build, it can navigate in tight spaces and uneven terrains. This best mini tractor 4 lakh, offers remarkable fuel efficiency.

This leads to savings in operational costs. Its advanced technology ensures seamless performance in various agricultural tasks. The easy-to-reach controls of this design prioritise operator comfort, reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.

This is one of the best mini tractors under 4 lakh for every crop grower. Featuring a 20 HP mini tractor, it boosts crop production under challenging conditions.

Also, the tractor’s 500 Kg lifting capacity and 17 HP PTO perform effectively. This agriculture Captain 200 DI mini tractor price is Rs. 3.78 to Rs. 4.21 lakh in India.

The Final Thought

This was the breakdown of the top 7 Mini tractors under 4 lakhs in India. The advanced features of these mini tractors make them effective for catering to different farming needs. As a result, selecting a mini tractor under 7 lakh will help the farmers to make higher profits.

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